: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Freljord Sylas!
Adding on those hood toggles options, and on top of that I would absolutely LOVE if you could add a white/red chroma. Obvious assassin's creed reference please?
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: Tyrant Swain robe colors
I think they did this on purpose to make him match the soul hunter skinline, seeing his passive now. I'd like to get the red back, but if they keep his theme with the green arm and all the other particules, it would look pretty weird to me.
: Hmm, thanks for the heads up on those FPS issues. I'll take a look into it. On the ravens, we are making some changes to the logic that determines when/where they will show on the map. I'm fairly certain that will clear up any instances of the birds all showing up on the exact same point. Should be in for tomorrow's PBE deploy. Thanks!
Oi, I've logged in and tried a game again, seems like it's fixed. Even went in practice tool, set no cooldowns and spammed my arse off on as much targets as possible, FPS didn't move at all. Keep up the good work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Hey man, we still have to hook up the parrots to his recall - we want all the birds to be consistent across each skin. We are still making some final changes to the material on Bilgewater's ultimate, not sure if in for today or tomorrow though.
Edit : He's not bright red anymore, wings are fine.
: 6 Tips about Swain's model in game (and particles) ^^
About 3, how would he do his Q without his hand? It would look like lightning comes out of nowhere. I wish it could have something like this to work, and not only for him but there's some champions like Ahri and Sivir, throwing their Q but keeping them in their hands.
: Swain Bug Thread
Hi there, I've got quite a major issue with his W, or pretty much when I collect more than ~3 souls, my FPS which is usually around 120 fps, locked at 60, all graphics set to very high, drop heavily to 30 and stay locked at it for a while, except if I tab out the game, but repeats again whenever I'll hit more than 1 or 2 targets with W or E. Also something about the ravens following him on the map, sometimes there is several ravens staying at one spot, so they mix up together and I once had 4 ravens on top of eachother. Excellent work on this guy otherwise, really hyped for it.
: im pretty sure jhin is a guy
http://i.memeful.com/media/post/VMV9BEw_700wa_0.gif Is this a bait or legit?
: Tweaks and prays for sweetheart xayah
Makes me sad seeing great edits like this that won't be taken into consideration anymore. Maybe there would be a slight hope, it would just be a color change. Pretty sure this is gonna make a bad buzz once it hits live servers. You buy a skin with this color, and you get another in game. With those colors she actually fits Rakan and the sweetheart line instead of having heartseeker colors. You may want to delete your other double post, though.
: Sweetheart Xayah and Rakan Splash Art.
How come your cosmic skins are so zoomed out? Custom edit? It looks beautiful this way.
: i thought it was always adc first so i tried it but thank you i gonna try in a matchmade pvp game
Ah excuse me, I got confused by their placement. Their places are correct, there is definitely something wrong with the splashes, they should be reversed.
: I tried to check the thread for Sweetheart Xayah but comments are disabled now... But the splashart is nowhere near of the skin, her chest piece is white, her dress looks light and soft and has boots (or some leggings), but the skin doesn't. Regarding Rakan's, his skin has no turtleneck but in the splash art he does.
Holy damn you're actually right. Xayah has so much differences from the splash and in-game. https://imgur.com/XQNapmL https://imgur.com/9FzRJjE She has boots on the skin but it looks like they're shorter and white on the splash, ***WHICH IS ACTUALLY BETTER***, same for the heart on the chest, while it's purple in game and the dress doesn't have any transparency. Someone to address this, please?
: loading screen Xayah and Rakan new skin's
Not a bug, you get the correct placement only in matchmade PvP games.
: Hi! The hair color is something we can absolutely discuss! Rakan not being shirtless was a conscious choice we've made because in this set of skins, Xayah and Rakan are meant to be the princess/prince. It wouldn't make too much sense to have a shirtless guy at a ball, would it? ;)
The hair addition is pretty cool. I dig it, I usually don't like pink but here, it's okay. Only one problem is, isn't it TOO pink on the side of his head? Wouldn't it be better if it was only 1 lock of hair instead of almost the half of his head? *Yes I am too picky and annoying, you can say it*
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Warwick!
Played a game with the skin to try it out. What a huge progress, it looks incredibly good now! Thanks for listening to the feedback. The glowing ring and his muzzle are way better. The only thing left to make this perfect is his Q SFX. It sounds inappropriate. Like he's biting in some cornflakes, while on other skins it sounds like a very powerful bite. Last thing I can report is when you select your chromas in choose your loadout, the "no chroma" option isn't showing Warwick's base color but actually a chroma. Check it out, it's easier to understand. Still, you've got a buyer thanks to these improvements!
: A question on new content
Most of the time it's because they datamine those things. They find the files, they're here on the PBE, but not accessible through the client for now. You could consider them hidden.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Rakan!
I'd like to comment on the cape, I don't see enough feedback about this. It looks blank, or empty, like textures are missing. It's so... flat. Compared to the beautiful feathers or textures on his base and cosmic dawn model, it's way too off. It almost feels like a custom skin compared to them, and League's general modelling quality. https://imgur.com/mVDV7u7 https://imgur.com/asAQO0W How the hearts shine depending on the angle (in game effect) is actually really good. It's disappointing to see a good effect like this, and then all this blandness from the cape. I feel like they're some parts of a napkin that were attached to his back. How to put it... It looks like the base models of the champions, when they don't have any color or texture and they are blank, like the cape has entirely been untouched. Like this : https://imgur.com/uyinK5j Anything that could be addressed on this? Maybe just make them look more feather-y, like the edit that got spammed kinda everywhere, and it wouldn't be out of the skin's context since Xayah still uses feathers as projectiles. And they're birds, that itself is pretty much enough...
: We discussed it again, and will be leaving them as is.
Knowing this gets my hype so much lower... At this point if I get the skin it'll only be because my girlfriend get Xayah's. Valentine's day is so far away, why not take this time to update the skin? Rakan's model is always beautiful and mesmerizing, why keep such a plain and kinda goofy theme for a romantic day?
: Sweetheart Rakan
Sadly, KateyKhaos already confirmed that they will keep it as it is, and won't update it to look the same. Heavily disappointed. Source : https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/fr/c/client-new-features-feedback/sZhXl3Zr-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-sweetheart-rakan?comment=001d00000000000000030000
: This one: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/aG96Psz9-featureqol-changeidea-generator-for-2018-and-beyond?comment=013f ? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Indeed it was, I even upvoted you. Either hard proof that they **do** read everything, or crazy spooky coincidence.
: The puffy pieces were done to give him more of a prince-vibe, if that makes sense, so removing them would move him further away from the goal of the skin.
I do get the idea and I want to encourage this, but his current visuals do not match those of a prince. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DTNDNbkWAAAVWYC.jpg What about this? It's been mentioned before but I don't think most people click on the "show more" button. It definitely has that prince vibe, hell, even more. It's just... Perfect. I could 100% see Rakan with this outfit on his white horse and Xayah behind him. Please, PLEAAAAAAAASE make it happen!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ally Skin Previews in Champion Select
I remember seeing this suggestion on the boards and I am greatly pleased to see it happen this fast, good work. I really enjoy how it looks and how anti-spam it is. Maybe make it an option, so people who don't care about it (a lot of people will, they just play in their spot without even talking, that would just disturb what they're used to) could simply turn it off. For such a new feature, it really looks good.
: Hi! The hair color is something we can absolutely discuss! Rakan not being shirtless was a conscious choice we've made because in this set of skins, Xayah and Rakan are meant to be the princess/prince. It wouldn't make too much sense to have a shirtless guy at a ball, would it? ;)
Hi Kate, what about some changes on his shirt then? I don't mind the shirt overall (and Rakan's one of my mains, so to say), but the "puffy" part on the shoulders make him look like a buffoon or jester. Not very romantic. I know it's kind of in his own "mentality theme", but it's hard to have it sticking well with Xayah.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Guardian Warwick!
Why is his nose so flat in game? It makes him looks like a boar and it makes it look bad, despite everything else looking so good. https://imgur.com/xGYqM8W He doesn't look like this at all on the icon. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ppSQ-W8KAKk/WlUmyxIUlYI/AAAAAAAA2co/00SHfK0tvcsD9F_MO-KdmMUq-ng-xul0ACLcBGAs/s200/3224.jpg Also, if I could suggest making his "ring" shine like Nasus'. https://imgur.com/blU2Vqj https://imgur.com/qjMUvj8 I play Warwick a lot and this skin would be an instabuy if these suggestions were heard, I hope they will, right now it has a lot of potential.
: there is a bug when you win the first game of the day the mission is multiplied randomly for me it got multiplied 'bout x40 times plus 4000 Xp pls riot make this bug reach the live servers {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
At first I thought it would take forever to go from level 30 to 31, I was even asking myself if people could reach level 100 for next year, then this bug happened without me knowing it was a bug. I was quite happy with this "upgrade", bummer.


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