: New champion select "LOCK IN"
Riot has to realize most players are too stupid to use the lock mechanics in the new queue. By implementing this stupid lock-dodge-thing they create longer queues, stealing TONS OF LIFETIME for us. It's not acceptable. I demand to get a queue with autolock. It's not acceptable to have continuous dodges because some dude forgot to press the lock button in time - again and again and again... Riot: If you don't remove the lock, be prepared for a giant flamewar in the boards once this hits the live servers for real.
: Meanwhile in the dark corners of normal draft queue
Don't play Jhin. Just play someone who counters him. Have fun every single game :)
: yep, they really made him "more unique"...
Not only this. Shen has to maneuver a lot more to get his Q right, and with the new minion block mechanics, it's a nightmare to pull this off.
: The explanation as to why Shen's Rework is so utterly disappointing.
"three auto attacks....percentage health" - stopped reading the champ rework text at this point.
: What do you think of Hextech crafting?
Looks like another gimmick which obstructs the view instead of improving the gameplay.
: First phase of new draft feedback.
Select a fake champ (like Teemo or Urgot) ➜ one of your own team dodges you because you "troll picked" (which you didn't) Yes, the preselected champs must not be revealed! That's an important change they'll have to do.
: 2016 Ranked Season Start PBE Testing
**GET RID OF LOCK IN!** I cannot emphasize enough that the LOCK IN is the most stupid idea ever. So many players don't know they have to lock in in the first hand - even if the little pop up window reminds them. And then you have waited for like half an hour to get into a game that might last for the same time. That's a **NO GO** . I know this is PBE and queue times are crazy - but once this is forced onto the live servers, get ready for the shitstorm. I have warned you :)
: 3 times in a row now I almost ended up not banning
: Hecarim's Passive
The minion block problem has been up for over 5 months now. Don't know when it started. Hope they will fix the pathfinding + minion block. It would be a first step to reestablish the old behaviour. It was good if not perfect.
: Mac Client Pinging
Mac User here. I have assigned all smart pings to dedicated keys to have a fast pinging option.
: About objects of S1 and S2
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
Too lazy to read the WOT down there :) Here's my 0,02$ List: 1st: Clarity: If we have 2 Illaois, it's damn hard to see which tentacles belong to which team. You have to change the color, make it more bright, whatever. But the current light inking isn't enough to quickly see in the heat of the battle. 2nd: It's too easy to set up a nest. Maybe increase the passive cooldown but give the tentacles 1 more hitpoint? So far.
: Year of "Meaningful Choices" - How can I choose to use my gold advantage to gain a vision advantage?
Though i can understand your intention, the number of wards placable by one team is immense - depending on trinkets, but still immense. However, if you want a vision advantage, you may opt to buy multiple pink wards and de-ward in addition to your jungler's or support's sweeper/oracle. You'll lose the last pink you placed when placing another one, but you gained vision advantage by knowing there are no enemy wards in the area you just had pinked. Playing a support main, i often buy more than one pink when i have the impression that the enemy is warding very intense.
: PBE Server Location?
No, the PBE Server - as far as i know - has been moved to the Chikago area as well. My ping was over 200 before and is now about 180 from EUW.
: > [{quoted}](name=A funny Event,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=JoIhFWam,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-08T12:19:56.031+0000) > > You basically nailed it. Unless you desperately need the 6th item slot, there's no way i would change the normal support item for the sightstone version. I love the actives of the support items and use them often. > Add to this the fact i ward a lot and love to have the Ruby sightstone for those 2 extra wards - then the new sightstone items fall off even more IMHO. > > So, yeah, nice to have them if you really get fed with your support and want to build a full tank / full AP path. But again then there should be a better switching option if you already have the ruby sightstone. I would rather an alternative to Ruby sight stone personally.
Hm then you should be rather happy with the changes, aren't you? Or did you mean something other? Again: I'd love to have this extra ward. I place like 40-60 wards per game, and it's annoying to be forced to recall to refill the stone. A great upgrade/crossgrade for the ruby would be a ward cornucopia which replenishes your wards after a little cooldown so you never have to recall for wards again. Basically like the trinket, but with more wards and the health the ruby sightstone gives you.
: New Sightstone Upgrades Comparison to Support Versions
You basically nailed it. Unless you desperately need the 6th item slot, there's no way i would change the normal support item for the sightstone version. I love the actives of the support items and use them often. Add to this the fact i ward a lot and love to have the Ruby sightstone for those 2 extra wards - then the new sightstone items fall off even more IMHO. So, yeah, nice to have them if you really get fed with your support and want to build a full tank / full AP path. But again then there should be a better switching option if you already have the ruby sightstone.
: You can get a scaling mana return on an AD using Essence Reaver, especially now that they gave it much more favorable combat stats to compliment.
Yepp, the AD champs have their items. Now we need some updated stuff for the AP casters. Will probably be the next bigger update they throw at us - with supports last, as usual ;)
: Graves is a little bit op
'tis a little bit of an understatement.
: List of bugs found.
Man, this isn't just a single bug - 'tis a whole swarm of cockroaches already! ;)
: Draft chat keeps moving
Yeah, it's annoying to have to manually scroll around.
: So you won#t be able to switch when your champ is up and its your turn to pick? You should be able to still pick so you dont counter your self or give up a good oppertunity.
nonono - you misunderstood me. The client should lock your preselect choice if you don't take further action instead of kicking you out of the queue. You should still be able to select any champ you want / change your preselection. It's just to prevent queues from ending due to people not "able" to push the lock button in time (because they expect the program to have the same behaviour as the live servers where a champ you preselected is locked when the timer ends)
: Frustration with new pick mode
> [{quoted}](name=PBE Teindo,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=T23bUmsX,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-05T09:48:14.890+0000) > > There is so much going on I find my self communicating with my team less. > > Also I wish I could view a champion selection screen at all times because for on reason it helps me prepare my picks in relation to my team's preferred picks and enemy team picks. Exactly. The new UI is distracting from the most important things: Getting your team to think together. I suggested to make the chat bigger and in a more prominent location on the screen, and make the champ overview bigger.
: What is the difference between spell damage and ability damage?
Very good question. They should strictly be clear about wether the mastery buffs the ability **power** (AP only) or the ability **damage** (be it ad or ap). This applies to all AD casters. Usually, i think that "spell" = ability damage, no matter what.
: AP Champs need some kind of more reliable sustain now.
Hi, yeah, it's a problem if you have to lane against an AD caster or some of them types. But later in the game, the sustain of AP casters is the Mana pool rather than the hitpoints. And you don't get that type of mana regen on ADC's either. But: It's like they should make them safer in some situations. Let me explain: While AP champs aren't designed to brawl into the fray head on, getting the occasional hit should not instakill them. That's where Zhonyas is a double edged sword right now. You can mitigate all damage, but you are stuck - and if you get lucky, you have your team to get you out. If you made a bad play, you are 100% dead when Zhonyas ends. Some AP champs can play around this - like the LBlanc, Fizz or the ones with a reliable stun mechanic. Some of the supports also have great disengages to prevent taking too much damage (think Nami, Lulu or Janna). But the typical AP laner or AP jungler has to build strange things if his name is not Ryze. Usually you end up with a Warmogs at Sejuani, or Will of the Ancients in some strange cases, but the most common midlaners that build lifesteal might go for the Hextech Gunblade like Akali or Katarina. It still doesn't feel very natural to me, and you still want to prefer that Rabadon's or the Luden's Echo over the WOTA, because you already get sufficient CDR from Morellonomicon or Athenes. TL;DR: Yeah, we are missing an item that goes straight AP + Spellvamp without any additional Fuzz.
Rioter Comments
: New Draft Pick (TBD) Suggestion/Issues [Disconnects/Dodges]
The Client should also automatically lock the preselected champs if no further action is taken by the player. Currently, many queue dodges happen because people don't know that they MUST lock.
: New champ select NOT auto locking if you already have a champ picked
It didn't happen to myself but to tons of players i tried to play with ➜ got thrown into the next queue and the next and the next...
Rioter Comments
: About New Team Builder
: I said a lot of people, not all. The reason there are very few games is a combination of the connection issues and the fact that this is a new system and not a lot of people know how it works yet. Give people some time to get to know the new system and give Riot some time to fix some of the issues. I did not down vote you, and it's still not the place to complain. In your title, you refer to people who fail to get through the queue. In this post, you say a lot is testers are not here to test. This is the same group of people and they do not read this boards, so it's useless to address a post to them here.
Understood. Nevertheless don't like how people downvote without comment. Nasty behaviour. I say what i stand for and show my flag.
: [img]http://i.imgur.com/H6LUyxp.png?1[/img]About New Team Builder
Hey lucky you - you got through until Summoner 5 picked? Wow!
: Taking FOREVER to find games right now
Last game was shorter than the queue. Fail.
: CAN not start a game
There are three possible reasons: 1st: Bug - then use the bug report tool. 2nd: Bad connection so people get thrown out. This is unlikely. 3rd: People aren't able to lock, ban an press buttons in the correct order for the game to start. Most probable version.
: New champ select
The complexity of the actions each player has to perform includes the risk that one will fail hitting a button at the right time - and then you are thrown back into the search queue. That's not very convincing. The game should start in one way or the other even if people failed to lock in their champ. This has to be optimized. Currently, it's too much of a waste of time for me to test this.
: This is not the place to complain about this. Also, please note that there are some connection issues going on.
So you think it's completely a bug? Else: There are testers that don't concentrate on testing but keep failing to lock in in the correct way so the client starts over with the queue wasting other people's time. Both is not very convincing, and there's no reason to downvote this. And yes - here is the place to complain. If it was a bug, i'd use the bug report tool.
: New game lobby
Yepp, same here. Super annoying. I'm done for today.
: Amazing New Draft
Amazing wait times and i waited 30 minutes to play a game. Sorry, my time for today is up. Seek yourself another tester.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Suggestion to fix the current crit chance overload.
Yeah the crit overload is a real issue, and it's hard to counter it in a reasonable way once the enemy is ahead. As i said many times before: Too many changes too fast. They might even call it League of Legends 2 It's great to have more diversity in build paths, but it's bad to lose clarity (cough, cough) and create confusion by continuously altering things. The Juggernaut update was problematic as well. They should have introduced 1 new item at a time and not throw 3 or 4 new items at us that create a huge disbalance.
: Please return and rework Scrying Orb instead of removing it
: Mortal Reminder - Is it a bit too much?
: Vison feedback
Even though i like the new vision upgrades, they are even more confusing now with the many new items. Please Riot: We love this game. We love builds variety. But don't make it overly complicated. I have the feeling the new patch is sending the whole game over the top somehow. Well, basically the juggernaut patch did, but you get the idea.
: Player behaviour on PBE and Queue times
Rioter Comments
: To be honest, I think if we want to make swifties good we have to not be afraid to do something a little broken for them. Like an effect that caps slow effectiveness at like a mere 33% or even better. If swifties are to be good with their current design they have to **defeat** slows, not merely mitigate them. That way they're powerful in a certain situation. Not some other random tweak. Sounds op, but honestly tho nobody is gonna drop other boots because you add a hard to appreciate effect like ghosting. It's too situational an effect for any class to spend their gold & boot upgrade for it, especially classes that might see overlap with other ghosting effect (like someone that may buy PD) Do we want another good boot upgrade anyway? I don't really care for them. In before I make suggestions to powercreep all boots to make them "unique"
So maybe, remove the little extra speed from {{item:3009}}, and make them the same speed as all tier 2 boots, BUT: Give them like a "little master YI effect" (or give them an active to defeat slows altogether).
: You should post this on the Live Boards~~
Actually, it has been posted there, but on the EUW boards, where Riot rarely takes a deeper look at the topics. I know they study the PBE boards better. Maybe Reddit would be another realm to post it to, but i have no account there yet. Feel free to forward it and put a link there if you like this thread.
: To be completely honest with you, I think it'd be really cool if they had that phantom dancer passive on them, but I feel this would be just a tad bit OP and would require them to either cost more or they'd have to lose some MS on them.
Yepp, that's about what i suggested: Buff them, and adjust their niche within the boots range by lowering / raising the cost.
Rioter Comments
: Whenever Spirit Guard Udyr changed form, game froze for ~1 sec
Riot has severe problems programming the game in a way that certain older graphic cards don't produce lags under high load or under certain circumstances. I have a 2011 Macbook Pro - the biggest possible configuration way back then graphic-wise, and i must run LOL at second lowest detail level to get going smooth. It's one of the biggest errors Game developers make all the time when they develop ONLINE games that require smooth performance on all sides, to make compromises.
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