: Triforce being weak isn't the problem. Triforce is fine. Ezreal is weak because of two reasons: Muramana is weak and we're in a tank meta. Ezreal has no way of dealing with tanks, and therefore he's fallen out of the meta. Not much we can do until the post-worlds rework. I agree with your doubt that the Q buffs will do anything because frankly they won't.
Triforce reference was a joke, they must've learned by now not to touch it shortly before worlds :D Muramana was always weak, unlike Seraph which provides bonus AP, it allows super scaling (I still remember old Kassadin with Seraph's + RoA + Rabadon = 800 AP, give or take) Muramana never had that, you would buy it first and it would never scale as hard as it's AP counterpart As with Ezreal being weak against tanks, that unfortunately was intended, but that added other problems, which i mentioned in the first post about having no alternative build paths, Tear for mana, BotRK for health scalers, LDR/Reminder for heavy tanks At the end of the day I guess we have no real choice but to take this buff, not sure it should be called that but never mind, and wait for worlds to end, see what happens and hope for the best My greatest wish would be bringing Colt Hallam, Ezreal's main designer, who was even nicknamed Ezreal, to help with his signature champion, see what can be done, maybe improve on the problems we mentioned here
: They said that they're giving him a rework with emphasis on his W after worlds but my guess is that these Q buffs are supposed to be a quick solution to his low winrate until his rework.
Yeah, I mentioned that with worlds coming up any real work will be avoided, but I don't see how another Q buff will help with the win rate, it's scaling was rarely behind the success of the ability, it's the passive combined with low cd's and low mana cost that allowed Ezreal to be THE CASTER among the marksman class I guess if this does in fact hit live servers next patch we shall see what will happen with his winrate, but I doubt he will breakthrough to the top of the marksman food chain, unless they buff {{item:3078}} , which has happened before worlds in the past seasons, though usually resulting in Corki dominating the tournament, so we can cross that out It's just feels bad to have to play him like this and see that the next patch will bring a relatively unimportant change, just because worlds is on it's way, and Riot thinks that by being more careful in the patches before worlds, they will have a more balanced meta for the tournament, but in fact, every worlds has had dominant picks in it's years, all the way from Season 1, it is impossible to 100% patch the game so worlds will have 134 played champs...
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: The upgrade should just replace old files with new ones, so there shouldn't be a difference. When client alpha is done, it'll be fully released I'd say. I mean, we're only in open beta now. And the full release won't be for another 3 months I think. I heard someone say that it should be fully released in summer 2017 but don't quote me on that.
if we are in open beta now, then i think it has to be really soon, because this season (S6) they promised us 4 things: loot system (got'em), mage update (got'em), clubs (got'em) and the new client (don't got'em) also open betas never last that long, so i think it's fair to say we aren't looking at summer 2017, because that's the 2nd half of season 7, which is way way far from where we are now i think it's safe to say that there is no more client alpha or alpha in general, now we just have the updated client EDIT: Regardless of everything, i am deleting all pbe files and redownloading, it seems as the best option considering what im trying to achieve
: You can't avoid the process of upgrading. The new client always used files from the old PBE. Basically now you got the same except you have one launcher instead of two.
I understand if the process of upgrading is unavoidable at this very moment, but it's logical that at one point you can download just the updated client because it sounds silly that every time you download league of legends you have to download the legacy client first, then upgrade it to the updated client i would like to know how soon until the only available download becomes the updated client
: "If you're having issues or patched during this time, I'd recommend completely deleting your PBE installation folder, then reinstalling the PBE and then upgrading to the client update from the legacy launcher (just launch as usual and accept the UPGRADE NOW when it appears)." Old client should upgrade to "new" client according to the thread.
Yes, but since you had to put the PBE alpha client in the same folder as the legacy client (when alpha started), now i have mixed files of the alpha client, the updated PBE client and maybe even some files left of the legacy client Since these files aren't labeled to which client they belong, i would like to delete all files, then download the new client, but as i understand, for now you have only the option to download the old client, and then choose to upgrade it. I would like to avoid the process of "Upgrading", just like it's better to uninstall your old windows, then install a new one, instead of simple putting the new one over the old one
: ***
No no, i just want to have 1 pbe client, the new one, freshly installed, not simply upgraded
: if your client is working fine you dont have to. if youre confused about it all i recommend a fresh install to avoid future trouble
No, i want to remove all files associated to PBE and PBE alpha, then redownload and reinstall the pbe, but i want to be downloading only the new updated client, so im wondering if i can do that now, or i have to wait some time for the downloader to be updated
: League client update - Read me if you've patched the alpha since 4pm PDT November 2nd
@Wiot Wittwock http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/XfJWLp7H-legacy-pbe-replaced
: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/6ctwZOEN-league-client-update-read-me-if-youve-patched-the-alpha-since-4pm-pdt-november-2nd should probably answer most of your stuff
If i understood correctly, i should do a clean reinstall, but i have to download the old client, then click upgrade, right ?
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: You sure you downloaded the PBE alpha?
Yep that's it! The PBE alpha download link can't be found/won't show up on google search, only the live download. In order to download PBE alpha you have to find a download link here on the forums, meaning that the old download link i used to download alpha the first time was probably removed
: Ya should be able to and choose your own spot right? In the installation progress of the alpha thing.
No, i have to choose the live folder (Eune in my case)
: Ya should select the files in your PBE folder, not the live folder. That should work. Make sure the PBE folder is NOT in a league of legends-related folder.
It won't allow me to select PBE folder, like alpha thinks i wanted to download the live version, instead of the PBE version PBE and LIVE have their own folders like this http://prntscr.com/ca7enh
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: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
Ever since reading the ChampUp a month ago i have been waiting for this to hit PBE However, i like most of the visual update, especially the Pre - Void But i was really worried when i saw the green skin on Harbinger He looks like he got sick, and now he suffers a symptom by having green skin Harbinger theme was about kassadin going like spiderman in black suit, where the suit changed him The old skin showed that element very well, however i don't feel the case here Harbinger skin needs to remain as a resolution of a dark kassadin....and not a sick kassadin AND Why did you make auto attack animation so so so wide and the postion in which he holds the nether blade when not using basic attack ? Yes i agree that his old animation and postion was a little dull and stiff like his hand had only 3 positions, but this is just too wide, he swings his basic attack like a tennis player....That is extremely unnecesary And one thing that really bugs me for a long time Kassadin lost his silence quite a long time ago, yet kept the quote about silencing his mother (Hue) That's all guys, i hope some changes will be input
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: "1.It feels unrewarding to vote for a champion since you already know it won't matter if you voted for him" Two possibilities : you don't understand how it works, or you're just unwilling to accept it. If you vote for a champion, you will add 10% to his "pick chance". You, and you alone, represent 10% of the Wheel of Champions. You know, now that I've mentioned this idea of "wheel", it makes sense : Imagine a blank wheel divided in ten spaces. You can pick whatever champion you want, and fill one space with this champion. When everybody has filled his space : 1) "Wheel of Champions, turn, turn, turn, tell me the champion we should play" 2) 6 spaces out of 10 are filled with the same champion, it is a CLEAR majority*, and that champion is picked. Do you understand why this mechanic is fair ? The champion has to get a clear majority* in order to be picked, but even if he/she(it {{champion:96}} ?) does not win a clear majority, the champion still has a high chance of being picked. Now, you may be extremely unlucky and your champ may not be picked often, but that's just you. A clear majority is when a choice gets **more than** 50% of the votes, that means (in our case), at least 6 votes out of 10. An example of a clear majority ? Solution 1 gets 40% of the votes, Solution 2 gets 30%, Solution 3 gets 30% as well. There is no CLEAR majority, because no solution has **more than** 50% of the votes. Now, Solution 1 gets 54%, Solution 2 gets 32% and Solution 3 gets 14%. Solution 1 has won a **clear majority**. That's what happens during champ select, and that's the most fair (fairest ?) way of picking a champion.
That is all correct,but now let's look from the other side Example 50% votes taric 20% viktor 20% ashe 10% sejuani yes,taric maybe won't be picked because the majority didn't vote for him,5 players wanted him,5 players wanted someone else BUT,if sejuani wins,9 players didn't want to play her (9 players is a big majority,very big) ...what are those 9 players suppose to do? just accept the fact they are gonna play a champion just one guy voted for? the same goes for viktor and ashe,80% of the players (again big majority) didn't want to play neither viktor nor ashe... Why should those 8/9 players suffer just because the system says you need 60% vote (which is very hard to achieve)
: It is reduced to minimum. He has 10% chance of getting chosen - while others have higher. It's not broken or anything o.o he has the 10% chance. That's the LOWEST it can possibly go. 10 people = 10 votes. 1vote=10% of 10votes.
and yet again,champions who had more votes rarely won,in all of my games on OFA MM i never had the a champion with 60% votes,and the champion i wanted to play never got picked,even tho it had a good 30-40% votes guys i need to point out directly the problem : 1.It feels unrewarding to vote for a champion since you already know it won't matter if you voted for him 2.The number of champions you can vote is too damn high,119 champions means that the 60% vote will almost never be achieved
: This way if you're playing with a 5-man premade you won't force your selection on others, keeping it as fair as possible.
if one team had 5 premades,the other team also MUST have 5 people premade,which means both teams will vote for the champion they wanted...so there will be 50/50 chances of those champions getting picked :)
: yeah i have so swain with the least amount of votes (from my reply above) will PROBABLY be picked...
For some reason i can't reply to your last post lunar so i have to reply here But that means that as long as a champion has less then 60% it counts as 10%.... So darius gets 50%,everyone else gets 10%,the 4 votes darius got mean nothing CAN'T YOU SEE HOW STUPID IT IS
: You missed @MrYosh792's point. I'll make a different one. Have you ever drew a card from a deck of cards after shuffling it? You have a 'chance' of drawing a specific card - and if you were to bet on drawing a certain card you would most likely lose the bet. Because the odds are AGAINST you. However, just because those odds are against you does not make it impossible to draw that card (without force shuffling, ofc). You have a 1.9% chance of drawing the card you bet on. You can get lucky and draw it, or get unlucky and get a different card altogether. But, that 1.9% chance STILL exists, and it is STILL a chance, albeit a small one. Its a matter of Odds. Just because the 10% chance gets chosen doesn't mean it's "wrong". It had a 10% chance and got lucky and won. It's meant to be that way.
I see what you mean,but there is a difference...in your card example you have 1,9% chances of drawing the card you wanted,but you only have one draw (unless you intent to draw until you get the card you bet on) LoL example : At the start of champ select twitch and lux get 1 vote each after a few seconds lux gets 2 more votes after that xin gets 1 vote,pantheon gets 1 vote,xin get the second vote etc etc etc until twitch is the only one left with 1 vote the chances of twitch getting picked SHOULD be reduced to a minimum with every vote that he didn't get
: No, because it does make sense. Have you ever heard about probability theory?
yeah i have so swain with the least amount of votes (from my reply above) will PROBABLY be picked...
: One for All: Mirror Mode - Champion Select
http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Qbb7cLFA-one-for-all-mirror-suggestion I feel you mate,here is the problem,i opened a discussion http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Qbb7cLFA-one-for-all-mirror-suggestion
: I'll have to disagree with you on this one. While yes, this could seem stupid in the first place, it is not. 1) It allows non-premade players to have as much impact as premades. If 40% of the vots were enough to select a champion, then GG premardes would win every single time. This was already a problem with the original OFA, and Riot fixed it. So why would you want to go back to the old days of not having any chance of having your champ picked just because some premades wanted their champ ? Wouldn't you happen to be that kind of player, acutally ? 2) Lunar Revel made a valid point : 40% is just not enough. 4 players picking the same champion means that 6 of them do NOT WANT that champion to be played. And that is the majority. Even though they couldn't agree on one champ to pick, they're sure of one thing : they do NOT WANT the 40% so-called "winner" to be picked. It means that 6 players out of 10 don't want that particular champ to be chosen, which is enough to give a chance to every other champ.
So basically you don't care about those 40%,you just care what the other 60% think,because they disagree with the first 40%... The chances that a champion gets 60% in a non premades game is so small that every time,a random champion will get picked.... You and another player voted for twitch,everyone else voted for 8 different champions....there is clearly a better reason for twitch to get picked.....but no,it doesn't happen,le blanc gets picked You just say to yourself,"meh,i wasn't lucky,it's le blanc" how do yo feel at that moment? happy?disappointed?angry? You can't just simply say "Nvm,let's play"....it would be inhuman to just ignore went something wrong happens
: Those are good champions? For you, yeah, but not for everyone. > Think about it Lunar Revel,put aside "the premades",why shouldn't the champion with the most votes not get picked? Because MAJORITY doesn't want it to be picked. So every nominated champion has a chance higher or lower (depends on the votes) to get picked.
But that doesn't make any sense or logic.... Nocturne got 40% votes,olaf got 30%,orianna got 20%,swain got 10%,swain wins........... Doesn't your brain tell you "Hey lunar revel,something is very wrong here"
: I was thinking, instead of simply whoever has the most votes, it should be more like, a champion has to have at least 2 votes (20%) to be able to be chosen (unless every champ is at 10%, then it just chooses one randomly)
Certainly a better idea then what we have now
: Situation: 4 premades nominates same champion: Braum. So 40% of votes are for Braum. 3 other players nominates Ziggs (30%), everyone else nominates random champions (Lux (10%), Ezreal (10%), Taric (10%)) Congratulations, premades won even when majority didn't vote for Braum. So 60% at this point is majority because nominated champion is from both teams (ex.: Team Blue: 4 votes for Ziggs, 2 from Purple Team for Ziggs). Everything below 60% is randomly assigned but has higher chance to be assigned if nominated more than other champion. Riot made this less one-team dependent game/champion select with "random" selection. So everything is fair.
Two Games in a row a good champion had 40% votes (Ahri and Twisted Fate) neither got chosen,even though they had the biggest amount of votes That system is just stupid,i would really be disappointed if this voting system goes out on live... Think about it Lunar Revel,put aside "the premades",why shouldn't the champion with the most votes not get picked?
: One For All Mirror Suggestion
Where do you see i said "so premades can do better" ? o.O What's the point of nominating someone if the final champ will be chosen randomly? I simply think it's stupid to play zilean who was voted by 1 guy,then to play ziggs who was voted by more then 2 people
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: We've been considering alternatives to letting players know about PBE testing schedules such as Twitter or e-mail. Hopefully we have something in place soon ;)
I also missed the test :( i think you should start sending text messages on mobile phones,because allot of people don't use twitter,or don't visit their emails often
: [End Game Match Screen] Some items don't show on list
Maybe.....but i noticed no recent threads about this problem so i posted :)
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