: Gathered LeBlanc Community Feedback
I know I'm in the minority here, but, I absolutely love LB as she is and I hope nothing gets changed except for QOL or bug fixes... The way she works now is perfect in my humble opinion I've played over 20 games of her in the past few days and not in a single one of them have I lost lane or gotten less than 10 kills. IMO Riot hit it out of the park with LB and while I respect everyone else's opinion, mine is that she's great already.
: LeBlanc Bug
To elaborate a bit further on this, she can if you go back to your W before getting hit, I tested it a lot and this is almost 100% of the time when I tried it, I say almost 100% cause sometimes I'd be locked out even if I didn't get hit if I took too long to snap back to it. This is also exclusive to today, I have been playing a ton of LB and this was not around at all prior to today.
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
So lemme just go ahead and say that the whole idea behind the actives and what you want to do overall is really cool, but, I think you're missing something here and that's the idea of AP vs AD. When the marksman update rolled around you made AD items sooooo efficient and soooooo attractive that almost all ADCs were saying forget a defensive item I need more of these. Obviously that was just for a bit, but, I know I felt like 6 slots was very little with all the nice new items we had to choose from. Now for mages you're going in a direction where everything is being retooled to fit a certain specific scenario and that's really cool, but, here's the deal I have played Anivia, Orianna and Syndra for years, I am a loooooonnnggg time mage player and this season I have switched almost exclusively to playing ADCs. The AP items feel weak and you don't do as much with them, I think this is taking the mage items in a direction where they're gonna feel even weaker. If you're gonna go ahead with these changes, please go back and look at the base/rations of EVERY mage and adjust em accordingly we already lost a lot of AP with the last update and we're gonna lose even more now, all these cool actives and interactions will go to waste if you don't give the mages a reason to exist which right now there isn't. Right now the best way to get actual magic damage is from a top lane tank with Sunfire or a jungler such as Nid. I don't know when the last time I saw 2 actual mages in mid lane was, even I who used to main nothing but mages, when I do go mid I just play Varus or Jayce cause AD is so much better than AP. Right now the ONLY reason for mages to be in the game is cause otherwise the opponent will build full Armor and yeah that's a fine reason to exist, but, if the only reason for a mage to ever be picked is, oh there's a Rammus and Malphite and we can't go full AD we need a mage now. That seems really bad IMO. So while I love the direction this is going and I do want to see more creative things like this, please either take a look at the actual damage a mage is doing or increase the AP here because anything with just a spirit visage will just never die to anything I do and kill me, even if I land everything. I've had a top tank Ekko kill me after being stunned by my Anivia Q, E'd, and sitting on top of my R the whole time, that doesn't feel like he outplayed me, that feels like he brute forced his way to me and there was literally nothing I could do. (I know you lowered the MR on SV, but, not sure if it's enough)
: Lol, but isn't having all champs and playing ARAM the true ARAM mode? Otherwise it's defiantly not All Random.
Yeah but there are quite a few champs that are beyond boring in this game, AKA, Annie, yi, most 450s, Trynd, etc. I'd rather not get em.
: @Riot Resetting all purchases was an annoying mistake.
I'm happy with this having all champs made arams annoying.
: unable to purchase champions
same I can't purchase anything =/ at least GP and Vayne are on free rotation.
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: Feedback from a long time Anivia main
just gonna leave a comment here, thanks Riot, for reverting the Q change. now obviously this humble thread that only got very minor attention probably wasn't the reason, but, I am glad w/e reasons you saw, that you reverted it.
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: I havent gotten onto the PBE (PC problems being repaired). But cant you both simply put each others roles as your second (ADC puts support as second role, and vice versa), and regardless of which you 2 get, you would get have the 2 roles between you and be able to pick ADC even though you go in for support?
No, that's the problem and that's what we tried, it says "your team doesn't have enough roles to queue up" and we have to put more than 2 of em.
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: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Are you also increasing her range to the standard 550 of a marskmen? I feel she needs it.

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