: Taliyah feedback thread
Worked Ground circles are MUCH clearer when playing with shadows off. http://i.imgur.com/OamX4ws.png A lot of the feedback about their visibility is probably due to this issue.
: Pemanent Grievous Wounds Intended?
I definitely feel like Morello is hands-down the best choice for a lot of the champions I play. {{champion:99}} It's a little weird that an effect like that is on an integral item in my opinion and it kind of feels wasteful when I'm up against a team without any real health regeneration.
: Her passive doesn't feel like a significant part of her kit. It only ever shows up when you're traveling and it feels a bit awkward to keep getting on and off the board while your moving to another wall. edit: I might as well post my thread. Yay for gloryhoring. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Tg4c8ZMV-feedback-on-taliyah
I agree completely. I feel like her passive has so much potential but if I actually try pay attention to it, it's always disabled because I'm fighting. Having to wait 5 seconds to get my movement speed back after destroying a blue ward feels like a hassle. If her passive only went down for 5 seconds when being injured, she would be able to find a lot more use in it during fights and positioning rather than just using it as a gimmick to get to lane quicker. Basic attacking and her W shouldn't break the passive, and if her Q and E disabled it for a lower period of time such as around 3 seconds, she wouldn't be punished as hard for poking or clearing wards. W doesn't look like it would break her surfing animation, and allowing her to use it while having the passive remain up allows her a lot more options for controlling the positioning of both herself and enemies during a fight. This kind of buff is also healthy for people playing against Taliyah because it very clearly defines where she is strongest: next to walls. Forcing her into open areas or lightly damaging her (especially with damage over time) would take away what strength she has from this, so both her and her enemies would need to plan accordingly.
: Taliyah's W should be able to work on herself
I feel like a mobility buff would be better suited for her passive rather than her W. Taliyah actually has a lot of counterplay against Kindred. Her W can very easily knock Kindred out of her ultimate so she loses the invulnerability, and since Kindred's dash is so short W can be used to knock her back over the wall she jumps if you can predict where she is going to dash. The only issue Taliyah would have catching Kindred is catching up and positioning herself so she is in range to cast W to stop Kindred from jumping the wall. This is why her passive should be buffed so that it works better during / after combat. If her passive was disabled for 3 seconds only when she took damage instead of entering combat, she would be able to catch up to Kindred after small fights, especially if she only poked and was able to dodge any attacks that the enemy threw at her. Kindred wouldn't be hopelessly outclassed either, all she has to do is use Wolf to damage Taliyah so that her passive doesn't come up. This way, both champions have a way to deal with each other and neither outright beats the other like rock paper scissors.
: Taliyah is amazing, but her Q zones stagnate laning very quickly
Part of the reason her Q does this is to force her out of lane after a while. Just like mana-hungry champions need to be careful not to use too many abilities, Taliyah needs to be careful with her resources (namely ground, and to some extent mana). She also has a passive and ultimate that allows her to leave lane much more often than a mid laner normally would, so if you roam and gank often you won't have to worry as much about using up all your ground. If you continue to have this problem more as you get better at her, try to adjust your play style and find ways to overcome this problem. Her kit gives her so many options for dealing with this.
: The problem is that she'd still need to be near a wall to gain that speed making it easier for the enemy to cut her off. It might help to also give her passive a decay when you leave the wall so that she can make better use of it.
This is why this type of buff would be healthy for Taliyah. Giving her passive more strength will make her more dependent on it for mobility and give her a huge advantage, but at the same time enemies wouldn't be helpless against it because there are plenty of ways to stop it.
: [Taliyah] Possible QoL buffs for Threaded Volley
I personally enjoy the counterplay and thought I have to put into how I position myself that comes from her Q's limitation when cast on worked ground. The ability feels a lot more important when you have limited use of it, and it encourages her to use her passive and visit other lanes frequently so as to not use up too much ground in any one area.
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: buff timers change is a super unfun change
Personally, I think it adds needless clutter to the map and removes an aspect of counter-jungling that was really important. Warding somebody's camps to get the timer as well as checking your own camp for wards before taking it were both important things a jungler could do to stay on top of their game.
: Regarding Taliyah's Q and Worked Ground
I haven't had a single problem with her Q. Part of Taliyah's counterplay is choosing where to engage her based on where her worked ground is, and with Taliyah's movement passive and frequent ganks you really shouldn't have so little ground to work with. If you're using her Q again and again to cs, of course you're going to run out of worked ground. If you're using it only to poke, you'll either kill your opponent or force them out of lane long before you need to worry about not having any ground to work with, as long as you're actually hitting every rock.
: Taliyah E Visuals
Her E definitely needs some sort of touch-up. It looks really goofy how it is now, which is kind of off-putting based on how pretty the rest of her kit is.
: New super Galaxy skins
I'd have to agree with you there. I've seen quite a few people in-game referring to the Kindred skin as Star Guardian Kindred because they thought that's what it was. I'd say that the Shyvana and Kindred skins are closer to Neon Vi than anything else.
: Taliyah's w should also throw Taliyah like zigg's W.
Personally, I feel like giving her more mobility would take away from the utility that her passive provides. Taliyah excels at being able to walk around walls because of her passive. If her W could do this, her passive wouldn't be as useful.
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted
I personally really like the aura changes because it forces Sona to play more of a support role rather than her current state. Currently, she can be extremely oppressive in lane with her ADC only being there to clear out minions. Smaller auras will force her to consider where her allies are and how to position herself instead of just focusing on poking. The buff to her E works very well with this because the selfish movement speed means she can always position herself where she needs to be, while in most cases her ADC cannot outrun her. The buff to the E is also a little dangerous to her counterplay though, because it means she'll be able to poke hard and escape without any real consequences. I feel like moving some of the power on her Q active to her Q aura would fit very well with this change because it would increase the synergy between Sona and her ADC. It would also make her a LOT less frustrating to play against, because it is a lot easier to accept that an ADC with an empowered basic as well Sona's Q active brought you to half health instantly, rather than the current state where just the Q active does so. tl;dr: more powerful auras would fit really well with the nerf to their size because it would encourage good synergy with her ADC rather annihilating her enemies all by herself.
: Taliyah's Worked Ground is very difficult to see ingame.
I'm playing on lowest quaity and it's quite obvious where they are. Anyone got a screenshot?
: Taliyah Bug Thread
My E had Freljord particle effects when I was playing against an opposing Freljord Taliyah using the base skin. http://i.imgur.com/stQrzaf.png
: [Gameplay] Taliyah Feedback
I feel like you should be able to hold down W to change the direction it launches people, but other than that I love it.
: Taliyah First impression
I really agree that the ult is lackluster. I see that they wanted to make her a "control mage" but she really needs so much planning, time, and luck in order to pull cool stuff off. It also has the same problems that Azir ultimate has, trapping both enemies and teammates in awkward situations where it looks like they have room to move but they don't. Even though she has a really good passive for getting to lane faster, they gave her an ultimate that also does the same thing which is kind of strange. The wall is also too thick to reliably interact with it using her W. I'd honestly prefer if her ult was some sort of long lasting ability, perhaps a wall or large boulder that can be destroyed by enemies but lasts indefinitely.


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