: Match Accepted Bug
just got this too. on mac. whats up with riot the last few weeks @.@ there are a lot more problems introduced recently
: I saw them in worlds loot but without the missions you need 15k RP for ONE egg, so not worth it :/ > if you keep buying and hatching them, they will end up in loot. once you see them in loot, you can forge them into little legend eggs that can hatch all little legends care to elaborate?
Step 1: Buy all of series 4 legends Step 2: Keep on buying/hatching them Step 3: Open Loot UI, you'll notice the series 4 little legends in the loot UI Step 4: Right Click/Double Click on these series 4 little legends, it'll prompt you a UI to trade it for a Little Legends egg. Step 5: Open the new eggs. These little legends eggs will grant you any little legend
: Are series 1-3 Little Legends ever comming back?
i think they've been added to world's orbs so if you buy those you can get them another trick that i found is if you bought all of series 4 little legends, if you keep buying and hatching them, they will end up in loot. once you see them in loot, you can forge them into little legend eggs that can hatch all little legends
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: Things take time to get it fixed, don't worry too much! It will get fixed soon enough! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
right but the alarming thing is that it's been almost a week and its not been fixed. if its not fixed by tomorrow/this weekend then there's a chance this will go to live and that would suck not just for pbe players
: [MAC] Game crashes on boot
its quite alarming that this is not fixed and its towards the end of the cycle...
: Kaisa My Jam is on it! Yup we reenabled ARURF... a couple hours ago I think? It will stay enabled until Thursday PST after maintenance! After that maintenance we will be disabling it for the rest of the time that 9.19 is on PBE, and it will return a short time after 9.20 hits PBE. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
any new updates on the mac bug? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: > [{quoted}](name=7 Ebola patients,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=MKEKWPvv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-16T21:46:22.696+0000) > > that's nice of you to help devs achieve a good work/life balance. with that said, do you have any estimation on when this issue will be resolved? Hopefully by tomorrow's maintenance!... But I can't promise that. Ideally the team investigates and they find the core problem immediately. If that doesn't happen though and it requires more detailed investigation, it may take more time.
: Sorry about the bad timing with the introduction of the mac stability issue! Definitely a critical bug that needs fixing, and we are already trying to get a fix in hand so we can get it out asap. Amy is right, since 9.19 won't be going out for another week, the urgency on the fix was lower because we aren't near the end of the patch cycle. So while it very clearly is a stability issue, I made the call to try and give the devs a restful weekend rather than calling them back in just after they had gone home to fix an issue without a clear and immediate solve.
that's nice of you to help devs achieve a good work/life balance. with that said, do you have any estimation on when this issue will be resolved?
: Runes are currently buggy, so if you try to change your runepage in the champselect, it will display an Error Message.
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: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
i think you guys forgot renektoy and moo cow alistar since theyre toy themed
: Hmm...I'm looking into some metrics for this. How often does this happen for you vs. successfully getting into game?
been happening to me every game. it was fine before the maintenance. im using the same network
: PBE white screen problem
happened to me as well. before the maintainance it was fine. now cant get into any game
: White Screen During Load In
press enter a bunch of time when it happens and that should fix the bug
: The Gauntlet
try pressing enter a bunch of times when you get the black loading screen
: [MAC Client] - Computer freeze after Champion Select
So far the only hack that seems to fix it is press enter a bunch of times when this happen and it worked o.O
: Hi, Try doing this. Close the game. Go to Finder > Application > PBE(right click) > Show package content > Contents LoL > Config > open the "game.cfg" file with Text Edit and then find "WindowMode" under [General]. Change WindowMode from 0 to 1 or 2. Save it and Open the game. You can change to fullscreen in-game when the game starts. If it freezes again, do the same thing. It should work {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Tried it and worked everytime. It is a common issue on Macs. If it happen on a Windows, same method after finding the game.cfg file on where PBE client folder is located.
Hi, I tried this and couldnt find WindowMode in game.cfg. I tried adding WindowMode=1, saved it, and opened the game. It still didnt work =\
: Unable to connect to ARAM game
Getting this too. Seems like a bug with mac clients?
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: Server Issues
yup client crashed almost every game now and this screen has been appearing each time
: Hey :D Long post so I'll try to hit everything. Yasuo is very aggressive on purpose! We thought this was pretty fun :) We are still working to make sure he more appropriately uses his skills when he's supposed to, though, so hopefully he'll dive you and then actually kill you and not get rekt himself. Fiddle should still drain multiple targets at once -- Is that what you meant? Also Morgana does not do her bindings around her pool, but we added more abilities to compensate that we thought were more fun :) Devil Teemo is not supposed to be immune to CC, this is working as intended. We thought it would feel really bad to take a champion with a specific purpose and not actually be able to use your abilities against him, especially since unlike other monsters (dragon, baron) he actually moves towards you and advances forward to destroy your base. We did add mechanics to him so that he has increased tenacity, and he "runs back fast" if displaced to the place where he was supposed to be :) Realm Warp has been nerfed :D so it should be frequent, but not AS frequent. Aurelion Sol thing is working as intended! We didn't think a lot of these curses were very fun, especially with the new idea of trying to survive against the bots instead of just killing them and pushing to win. It made it impossible to make good progress. Hopefully next time it's up we will add even more crazy curses, though! Also yes! Tristana and Morg will use the Bewitching skins :D A lot of skins for the newer bots are missing. We're working on that :)
Thanks for the response! In regards to fiddle, I remember he was only draining 1 target. gonna check and ss if its a bug. same with aurelion sol. i thought it was weird that there were only 2 stars. will check and post ss if it's a bug and devil teemo shrooms too? XD another bug i found. when i was taking down mountain drake at his base in a game with udyr. he was targetting....a wall. maybe some bug with udyr's interaction
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
don't know if this was intentioned but i find it weird that the shrooms used are not devil shrooms (the shroom when the devil teemo summons it and the shrooms at the enemy jungle). i expected them all to be the devil shrooms to match with the theme and the devil himself also not sure if it was intentioned but man yasuo bot is very suicidal. he's aggressive but up to the point that he runs into the turret pretty often and i think someone mentioned it, but i dont think the bot's difficulty are on par with each other. galio is pretty challenging (and fun) to go against, but yasuo, tristana, fidd, heimer are pretty easy to go against. i noticed that fidd doesnt do his triple heal and morgana's tormented soil doesnt have circling bindings anymore. also i think the jungle monsters udyr brings to the lane should be buffed somewhat. i feel like that mechanism just helps us since we're getting more cs and the constant red/blue buff/dragon without jungling. is the devil teemo supposed to be immune to cc? was a bit disappointed at how easy he can be with us being able to bind/stun/poppy r him and such. in regards to the constant realm warp. i could see the frequency that we have now on a more difficult mode. for now i think that curse is annoying, especially if you solo the lane for just a min. not sure if it's a bug but i noticed that there're only 2 stars orbiting for the celestial expansion curse. and i kinda missed some of the crazy curses the last doom bots have, including rebirth, shadow walk, judgment, howling gale, ravenous flock, etc. it's also more fun imo to go against bots with multiple different curses and not knowing when it'll change unless you pay close attention lastly, shouldnt tristana and morgana doombot have the bewitching skin?

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