: Heyyy. I noticed a bug with the hextech amumu skin. When his w is on and he starts crying the gem on the side of his head glows but as you zoom in on amumu you can see that the glow stops working on half the gem. This is a small detail but fixing it will easily make the skin much nicer
> [{quoted}](name=Project Ashe PBE,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=kpNZXOpT,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-16T04:40:04.882+0000) > > Heyyy. I noticed a bug with the hextech amumu skin. When his w is on and he starts crying the gem on the side of his head glows but as you zoom in on amumu you can see that the glow stops working on half the gem. This is a small detail but fixing it will easily make the skin much nicer Hey Project Ashe PBE! Wanted to let you know that the gem issue has been addressed and should be fixed shortly. :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Amumu
Hey Dblokillo and Project Ashe PBE! Thanks for pointing the gem issue out. I'll have a look and see what can be done. Hope you both enjoy the skin!
: This is the least disappointing skin of the new ones. It's actually really, really good!! Great job honestly. To note: His basic attack is a bit clunky, but i'd understand if it's a champion thing. One Other thing I was hoping for a distinctive death animation, like him falling apart into pieces or something, it's not that big of a deal tho.
> [{quoted}](name=Hillary Chillton,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=kpNZXOpT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-11T23:07:57.910+0000) > > This is the least disappointing skin of the new ones. It's actually really, really good!! Great job honestly. To note: His basic attack is a bit clunky, but i'd understand if it's a champion thing. One Other thing I was hoping for a distinctive death animation, like him falling apart into pieces or something, it's not that big of a deal tho. Thank you Hillary Chillton! It's great to hear you like it! I will pass on the feedback. Thank you!
: This is a super cute skin! The symbol beneath his despair looks rather phallic, it'd be nice if that could be fixed XD My only other feedback is could his eyes flicker and turn dark when he dies? I don't think he needs a new death animation, just something cute like that. It would give such an expensive skin more quality.
> [{quoted}](name=RainbowWeaver,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=kpNZXOpT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-11T13:14:18.519+0000) > > This is a super cute skin! > > The symbol beneath his despair looks rather phallic, it'd be nice if that could be fixed XD > > My only other feedback is could his eyes flicker and turn dark when he dies? > > I don't think he needs a new death animation, just something cute like that. It would give such an expensive skin more quality. Hi RainbowWeaver! Thank you for the feedback. The eyes flickering off is super great! I'll pass everything on to the Dev team. Thank you again! Cheers!
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Warwick
Hey everyone! Thank you for all the Warwick feedback! We love hearing from you. Glhf!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Jinx
Hey all! Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. Jinx fans are some of the most outspoken in all of League and we love hearing from you. We know that the hair and mask were a point of contention for many, and we made the changes we could. Hopefully you all will enjoy the skin. Thanks again. Glhf!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Pyke
Thank you all for the feedback! There were quite a few discussion and we made the changes we were able to. Hopefully you all enjoy the skin. Thanks again! Cheers!
: There has been great and detailed feedback on this thread about this skin and all its aspects. I agree with most of the points here so I do not feel the need to repeat what other players have said. However one aspect that has not been discussed much is the icons and emote that are coming with the skin. Icons are important feature in LoL. With icons players can express themselves and their fondness off specific themes, lore, champions and even esport teams. Icons are only cosmetic that is visible in every match regardless of which champion you are currently playing. Icons are not only collectibles but ways to show your personality. Personally, I am really excited for these new icons and will use them for a long time after they ship to live. That is why I wanted to give some feedback on the new PROJECT: Pyke icons coming our way. In my mind there is only one big gripe with the icons and emote. There is apparent discrepancy between his appearance in the trailer/splash and the icons/emote. That difference is his left eye. In the trailer and splash art he has empty eye socket but in the icons he does not. Currently on the icons it looks like Pyke has closed his other eye or it has suffered some kind of wound. It does not look and feel like the Pyke we see in the trailer and splash. This is a small detail but really apparent on the icons that naturally only showcase his face. Empty eye socket really promotes PROJECT: Pykes lore. The polarity between the bright glowing eye and empty socket showcased his unstable character and served as a focal point in the trailer. Pyke is highly functioning killing machine but he is also insane and his code is incomplete. The polar opposites of the eyes really delivered this theme. Empty eye socket also helped hone in the idea that Pyke was discarded and that he built himself up again. Currently the icon feels like some kind of futuristic mercenary that has lost his eye. The contrast between the bright eye and the empty socket help portray him as the self-built lunatic that is out for revenge. Again I know this is a small detail, but in my mind that also makes it easier to change. I understand completely if there is some kind of censoring reason that I am not aware of. Currently it just seems that the artists working on the trailer and splash art had different direction on how to portray Pykes face than the artists working on icons/emote and the 3D model. Passionate players like me notice these details and we truly care. I love Pyke and I love this skin. I appreciate all the work that has gone to make this awesome skin and these accessories. I just want them to be the best they can be when they ship to live.
Thank you HalloweenPyke! It's really helpful to hear the positive and the negative. We do our best to make sure everything aligns. Hope you enjoy the skin. Cheers!
: Overall, as an M7 Pyke main(disgusting, I know,) I am quite satisfied with the skin. **Pros: ** - Looks cool. - Amazing effects. - Awesome emotes. - Snakes! **Cons:** - The pants look pretty bad, it's like they invested all of the design budget to his upper half and left the bottom to just rags. - No fancy running animation. - Chromas. Don't get me wrong, I really like some of the chromas. My only issue with that is that chromas don't change the effect colors, and it gets on my nerves quite a bit. For example, when he throws out his hook while using his Pearl chroma, he throws out an orange hook instead of a white one. I'd honestly like to see a different running animation and have the effects change color according to each different chroma.
Hey Yukina! Thank you for the input! Glad you enjoy the skin. The run animations do shift slightly depending on his movement speed. Three run tiers so three slightly different animations. Glhf!
: Heya, Just wanted to ask if there's still a bug I noticed: When pyke kills someone there is a chance that he stops talking until he dies (animation VO doesn't work either) Thank you for your time!
Hey there Soykos! Thank you for the bug. I believe it has been addressed. Cheers!
: After latest patch, 07/18/2019, Project Pyke does not use his recall voicelines anymore.
Hi Ceai! Thank youf or the heads up. We are on it! Cheers!
: PROJECT Pyke running animation- a suggestion So today I just want to talk about the coming out skin PROJECT Pyke. As you guys already know the PROJECT Vayne has a very cool running animation, which is she riding a motorcycle and many other skins too such as Eternal Sword Yi riding his blade or even base skin Irelia. PROJECT Pyke is a legendary tier skin, so I feel like he should have a unique running movement instead of holding his harpoon up and naruto run with it LOL. -Suggestion: He should ride his cool ass robotic serpent or transform into the actual serpent (something like his w). ALso, Ctrl + 5 on Pyke should change his harpoon to a solid-state instead of a weird black glitch animation. Thank you for reading my small suggestion <3 TLDR: PROJECT Pyke running animation should be him riding his robotic serpent. Pyke's harpoon ctrl + 5 should be better. ( I ALSO POSTED ON REDDIT )
Hey ItsJustaSylas! Thank you for this. Very helpful. I will pass it along. Cheers!
: Hello 6armedrobot! I'm a Pyke main and I really like the skin, but I think some things could be added to make it really worth the Legendary tier. 1. **Animations.** This is the main thing that's worrying me. The skin has very few new animations for a 1820 skin. -You can maybe make Pyke ride (or surf, that would be great) a mecha snake in his homeguard animation, just like Taliyah's passive. -I don't know if he has a spawn animation, but he really should. -His idle animation could be he standing like he does in the trailer when he stares the PROJECT building. -After he recalls to base, he should get off his mecha snake. -When he uses his E, he could do a forward twirl in the air (not like his classic one, I mean like Scorpion's twirl in his X-Ray in Mortal Kombat X for example). -His normal walking animation needs to be different, more threatening maybe? He is the most badass PROJECT member after all. 2. **Sounds.** I'll just ask (even beg) you one thing here because I would **REALLY** love this: when the match starts, Pyke's music (the PROJECT version from the trailer) could be played (just like Swain's theme). 3. **VFX and abilities.** -A PROJECT border after he gets a reset with his ult. -In his Q, his harpoon should spin faster as the range of his pull increases. -In his W, mecha snakes would be much more fitting than mecha sharks. -You can make his hologram shoulder pads activate when he spawns (like in the trailer) And that is all! I really hope that some of my suggestions are taken into account. I also want to thank you guys for giving my main the skin he deserves, his VO and his joke/taunt/dance/laugh animations are beautiful.
Hey VDP. Thank you for the feedback! Being so concise is very helpful. It's all very good stuff. I'll send it along to the team. Cheers!
: At this point I know it's too late for anything really to be changed, but I figured all I can do is leave feedback at least. The visual effects/sounds and overall color scheme I like. But the mask and the hair...I just can't get over it. She doesn't look like PROJECT she looks like some cyberpunk masquerade bird fusion between the mask and rakan hair. The mask either needs to be less bird like/batman like or just full face like jhin. And the hair...I don't know, maybe like the splash or like her actual hair. I'm a 400k plus mastery point jinx main but I really don't think I'll be getting this skin. I just don't see myself ever playing it. It's just so clunky and totally misses the sleek futuristic thematic of the other project ADCs.
Hi Prismarina! Thank you for the feedback. I will pass everything along. Cheers!
: A bug with any chroma is that his recall will have his base project skin color when he opens his mouth to reveal his face. Here is an image with one of the chromas https://i.imgur.com/qOqw0r6.jpg
Hi Nuxar! Thank you for this. I will look into it and pass things along. Cheers!
: Current bug on PBE, Passive W does not work (bloodtrails do not form). I hope this is due to people working on fixing it!
Hi Schaddenfreude! We are working on fixing this ASAP. Cheers!
: I noticed in the splash art that Warwick only has 4 claws but in game he has 5. Would this be able to be remedied?
Hi Big Bad Dragon! We are on it! Thank you for the feedback. Cheers!
: I think custom W blood trail VFX would go a long way to make the thematic more cohesive (Likely those little data trails he gets when he activates it), and I think with that small exception everything else has been executed wonderfully.
Hi Damiekinz! Thank you the feedback. I'll definitely pass this along. Cheers!
: Warwick's W still bugs out whenever someone is standing in the path to the marked/low HP target. Sometimes when Warwick is running towards his target, his W fizzles and the trail disappears and then reappears. https://youtu.be/Wg7qK9QtgWY see 1:50 when he's by baron pit and he has to move down, then the trail appears again. This is one of Warwick's most critical bugs because it also affects his Ult range. If his W fizzles it can be the difference between falling short or catching someone.
Hey Woobie! Thank you so much for pointing this out! We are aware of it. It'll be fixed! Cheers!
: **PROJECT: Jinx Overview** Hello! I've spent sometime on the PBE to check out the new Jinx skin + chromas. >Positives: * Brand new concept for Jinx! This gives jinx a more serious look without losing the maniac we all know and love. * Marvelous effects and abilities! The abilities and effects help relieve a lot of Jinx's chunkiness while also providing clarity to her kit. >Negatives: * Her hair looks nothing like her Splash art. Her splash shows an obvious mohawk that falls to the left of her head while also some what being held up by her mask. In game her hair looks scattered in every direction while also overtaking said mask. * In the splash her 'wires' on her back (her braids) are shown to be a clear pinkish/purple while the in game is black and purple. It doesn't match the rest of her hair. * While we see lots of vibrant colors such as Purples, Pinks, Neon blues, the in game only really shows black and purple making the whole skin look generic as a result. * Her skin color looks grey making her stomach appear weird. * Her mask could use some sort of glowing light similar to Jhins! >Bugs: * Whenever Jinx stops moving, after a few seconds her hair awkwardly flairs up. Thank you for reading! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Thank you PROJECT: Jihyo! We very much appreciate the positives and the negatives, and the bug! I know that particular bug was being addressed, so I'm sure it'll be fixed soon. Cheers!
: This image really sums up the problems I have with this skin: https://i.redd.it/15wvdn0p4ka31.jpg As some other people already pointed out, she looks way too organic, which both makes her look too little like a PROJECT skin, but also makes her look too much like Odyssey. Making her stomach/midriff more clearly synthetic/robotic would do a lot to fix those issues without requiring any major redesign. Secondly, her batman mask, it just has to change. Either make it a full mask with a face painted on or neon patterns like the others suggested, a hood similar to Irelia's, or just reverse the mask so it covers her mouth instead of her eyes. Now, I understand the reasoning behind it, they wanted to keep her smile and all, but I think most Jinx fans will agree with me when I say, the most iconic part of her character is her eyes. The crazy stare. Yes, the smile is a big part of it, but the eyes are much more important in conveying emotion than the mouth is. Jinx's eyes should never have been covered. It might seem like I'm making too much fuzz about nothing here but Jinx without her crazy stare just isn't Jinx.
Hey Jinxy. Thank you for the LOL pic. I'll definitely pass all the feedback along. Cheers!
: so i agree with the general consensus of "change her mask", yes absolutely something needs to be done about the face mask. it doesn't fit with the theme as well as other visors. and i personally believe it's because she doesn't look as robotic, and it's throwing off the theme of the whole skin for me. take katarina, who has a similar visor, but doesn't feel out of place in the project skin line. i feel as if you took the skin in that direction, it would fit more. make the mask purple instead of black, and either make the hair match that purple or the classic project white. i know jinx as a character would have colored hair, but the uniformity is what makes the project skins well... project skins. also adjust her skin, and make it appear more like ashes or katarina's. not necessarily lighter, but like make it have panels. maybe take away the midriff too, and give her a full bodysuit. alternatively, you go the jhin route, and do a full face mask, which would not only fit jinx but would also look SO cool. i personally believe that if you do this you should keep to one color for whatever's on the mask, or at least match the colors to her hair. then it'd at least look more like jhins type of project skin, and not just a random addition. my only other gripe is her twin braids, they look unfinished, like when slayer jinx was first on pbe. they need something at the bottom to tie them off or just to be removed. no complaints about vfx or sfx, they look and sound fantastic tldr; make her look more like a classic project skin or more like jhin's project skin. she sticks out like a sore thumb right now, id probably always pick playing odyssey jinx over this one
Hi Maalcrom! Thank you for the feedback. The comparisons are super useful. I'll take it to the team Cheers!
: i have some points on her art and in game. On art - I don't like the mask ( no mask i'll be better) - Change her tattoo colors ( some more eye catching color) In game - Fix her hair, her hairstyle is different in the game ( just do it the same as art) - Her tatoo are missing in game - The mask i dont like so much in art but in game it's worse ( its look like Azir) -Please at least correct her hair in the game and add the tattoo if I us disrespectful, I'm sorry I don't speak English
Thank you HR Jinx. Very concise and super helpful. I'll pass it along. Cheers!
: Speaking as a Jinx player since release, ~360k mastery points, fellow game developer, and overall optimist -- the skin is pretty good but it's falling short in just a couple of areas. I understand how close this skin is to release in the grand scheme of its timeline and at this point all you guys can really do are texture changes so all I'd ask is: 1. Add something to the visor to make it feel more like Jinx. Her crazy eyes are a big part of her personality and, IMO, a focal point of her original splash and character design artistically speaking. If Jinx were to have some sort of visor like this for any reason (loss of sight, cybernetic enhancement, whatever), she'd totally have doodled on that thing and given it something wacky-cute, emphasis on wacky. Each chroma could have a different little design for the eyes! 2. Her stomach. Getting rid of the belly button while keeping it skin toned just makes it look sorta blurred, like some details were scrubbed off. It's distracting in a bad way. I get why the belly button isn't there so maybe just some tattoo-like designs painted onto her "belly panels"? Again could look like something she put on there herself, maybe more spray painted than properly designed onto her. Overall, I'm pretty happy, but right now it's more of a B+ "the VFX make it solid" skin while with these changes it'd be an S- "really damn good" skin, i.e. as good as I could hope for a PROJECT skin and anything past that is unrealistic at this point and more subjective than anything (e.g. I agree with some others that a hood would have fit her). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thank you Thottish! This is fantastic feedback. I will definitely pass it along. Cheers!
: When I heard that Jinx was getting a PROJECT skin I already had my wallet set to use. But seeing how it actually looks I am quite underwhelmed. Perhaps the fan concepts sold me an impossible dream, but even then this skin is subpar to its kin. As a Jinx main I'm pretty disappointed with the lost opportunity, and I'm not going to buy it unless some major changes happen. There are already plenty comments in this thread asking for the changes I believe would benefit this skin, so I won't repeat them. As a side note, props to whoever was in charge of the visual effects for the abilities, that's the only saving grace for this skin to me right now.
Hi Mari481! Thank you for the feedback. We love hearing the good and the bad. I'll be passing everything along. Cheers!
: I've seen a lot of discontent with the mask and I fully agree. The partial thing doesn't really suit her imo. An artist on twitter make a mock-up that I think works way better, though I understand a model change like this is pretty huge, especially with all the chromas, I don't think I've seen anyone say they like her mask as it is. And even as a jinx main, skin collector and lover of Project, I don't see myself getting it unless a change is made. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520789923758866462/600792454505168916/D_l0WAqX4AAAJoE.png
Hey Damiekinz! Thank you for the feedback. I'll definitely be mentioning the mask to the team. Cheers!
: Alright Jinx main here, finally got a chance to test out the Jinx skin to give my full opinion. Her whole head model looks off and would look better with a hood, either something like: * The psion flayer cloak from Destiny https://i.imgur.com/8KCgV1G.jpg - * or an extension of her coat. * or something similar to the fan art by lingerftc - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DuyhWi_UwAEs21a.jpg this also gives her a more unique top compared to the same sleeveless style cloak to her odyssey and jhin, though I do like it. Also, the mask model just looks bad. It would be nice if we got a visor like Irelia or Akali, but if you want it to be more unique: * Extend her mask similar to master yi's project skin. An artist, crownsforkings, made a good rendition of this - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_ir6LPXsAArmkv.jpg * Another possibility is giving her a metal jaw and visor that look similar to the traps. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-A36jyuEEHJ4/XS5gP4fh67I/AAAAAAAARUg/cUeQ1BvEVvAG5mugZVIUe_f4r2QQHaRRACLcBGAs/s1600/Jinx06.jpg Her robotic right arm also looks off and I think should just be plain like the left. It also gives too much of an Odyssey Jinx vibe. * Instead give her florescent or neon tattoo on her arm and stomach. This would add a nice needed color and also give jinx the tattoos shes missing. Also it's the perfect skin to add neon tattoos. Also I wish the gun had more of an impact sound than a thud. Her weapons remind me of the graviton lance from destiny but dont have that same nice impact sound. Not saying to make it identical or copy, but I would like that same satisfaction.
Hey Mashyu! Thank you for the amazing feedback here! The visual references are so helpful. I'll pass things along. Cheers!
: Her face mask or rather PC block from what it looks like is imo awful addition to the skin. Really silences her personaility. I'd like her to have a change to have a Jhin like mask with a psychostic smile on it. Her Torso is also out of place, generaly with all project skins is that their whole bodies should look robotic cyborn esk. Which this skin dosent deliver on either. I love the particales on the skin, but her model imo needs some work. I despretly want to love this skin, since it's been on my wish list for a long time, but the face mask is what heavly kills it for me and lack of neon all around. Heres two examples of what I wish her face mask would look like. Since it fits Jinx way more and gives her that more psychotic theme. link: https://i.redd.it/8fmrzmndtoa31.jpg Link: https://twitter.com/crownsforkings/status/1150858730105270273?s=19
Hey Jinkuzu! Thanks for the feedback and the visuals! Super helpful for the team. I'll pass things along. Cheers!
: Feedback 1. Please give the skin a walk animation. Something of a similar walk to Jhin's. Something to make the player instantly tell he's a powerful person amongst the Project Universe. 2. Some possible cybernetic noises while he's in idle. 3. Could've used more intimidating taunt animation. Something like him holding the blade out that's transformed into the snake hissing at the other player. 4. Possibly a project coin icon for his "Your Cut" pop up image? 5. Perhaps a little more of a slithering animation from the snake on E before it returns back to Pyke? 6. Same idea that EquyNox had. Project border around the screen if Pyke gets a reset. 7. If at all possible (if it isn't implemented already with the chromas), please change the color accordingly to the chroma for the E snake and lashes from his R? 8. More fluorescent coloring on the tubing (Maybe just me nitpicking)
Hi ForFunRegionNA! Thank you for all the feedback. It's getting sent to the team. In regard to #4, there is a unique icon for "Your Cut". It should be in game soon! Thanks again!
: The Q and ult sounds feel a bit underwhelming, they're missing some of the strong bass seen in the Project Jhin ult for example. Disappointed at the lack of an interesting run and homeguard. W and E are really cool and the 'your cut' icon could do with a change to fit Project more.
Hi Nintendo625! Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass things along to the team. There is a unique "Your Cut" icon. It should be updated soon! :)
: I'm main pyke since its release and my major issue with the skin is the sounds. It feels really good to q someone and hear that stabbing sound that you just hit them, and that's missing in this skin. It seems similar with the ult but not so much. In general I feel a bit disappointed with the skin, other project skins have so amazing effects and particles and this one seems to be a bit lacking. I'll buy it but it would be better if it can be improved!
Hi P3PI! Thank you for the input! I'll pass the feedback along. Cheers!
: I love the skin! I hope you add a different "Your Cut" coin pop up for him, since a lower price skin like Blood Moon features it.
Hey Pokemario! Thank you for the positivity! There is a different coin. It should be updated soon. :)
: Although most of the base animations are fine as is for Pyke, his W feels very lackluster compared to his other skins. I think it would be really cool if he turned into an orange hologram (or whatever color depending on the chroma) as he dives into the abyss with his mecha snake. Also, as a legendary skin, I think Pyke should at least get a unique homeguard animation. Him just running feels kind of stale compared to other skins of the same price point. Maybe he surfs on his mecha snake? My last complaint I have to make is that his recall doesn't flow well together alongside the finished base animation as he returns to base. It's as if he jumps from absolutely nowhere. If possible, can you include the giant mecha snake in the recall finisher as he jumps out of it? Other than these 3 points, I'm absolutely satisfied with the new Pyke skin! Keep up the good work! **P.S: **I'm not sure if I'm also supposed to be nitpicky about the icons/emote here, but is it possible to black out Pyke's closed eye? It's blacked out in his splash art and the promotional teaser, and the eyelid just reminds me of a sleeping iguana.
Thanks Boosted Oranges! I'll pass the feedback along. Cheers!
: I play Pyke a lot, but this skin is not worth the price point right now. There's a level of detail and polish that we saw in DC Jhin that is just not demonstrated with Pyke's legendary. I'm going to sound really whiny here, but it's my honest feeling about how this skin turned out. Riot’s skins team is a group of extremely talented creators, and I respect their work and acknowledge the fact that sometimes riot might push them too hard before a deadline, or veto their ideas for the sake of money. But, either way, this skin just doesn't hold up to the standard Riot has upheld for the last year of legendary skins, and that should change between now and when this is shipped to live. #Animations: -The homeguard is... boring. I can't tell if it's the same as base, but either way, it is not 1820 quality. -The recall's animation looks off in general, and its thematic idea with the snake robot and him riding it just doesn't work in such a short span of time. His overall recall just doesn't read well and comes off as unfinished, there's no weight to his character model when he jumps around, and the snake just appears, instead of creating a hole when it exits from burrowing through the ground. The worst part of it by far is the fact that the snake becomes transparent for the last few frames as he returns to base. I'm assuming that this decision was made to preserve clarity, but why didn't they just animate it so that Pyke remained in front of the robot at all times? There's just so much that doesn't seem well thought out. -His respawn animation is boring, and there are no fun particles like there are with Eclipse Leona and DC Jhin. -His joke or taunt when his dagger turns into a claw-like weapon is REALLY cool. I wish that his dagger had this much detailed animation when it changes during his Q animation. Instead, his dagger is basically just “replaced” with a longer version for his Q. #VFX/abilities: -This is the best part of the skin, his E, W, and R are near perfect. His Q is lacking though. The projectile doesn't feel dynamic enough. It should look like his hook is extending, morphing, and transforming, like it does in the trailer, but instead it just looks like a moving triangle. This would be perfectly fine (great, even) if this wasn't a 15 dollar skin, but it is, so I'd expect his Q to push the limits a bit more. #SFX: -I was going to go ability by ability and say what I thought, but I came to the same conclusions for each one: The sfx do not do base Pyke justice. Base Pyke's sound palette does two things very well (imo): It references horror movie tropes, and also has a very musical quality to it. His base Q has a rising note that sounds like a horror soundtrack, and the visceral sound it makes when it hits someone is straight out of a slasher film. It’s stylised, not just filtered. His Base E sounds almost like a bell tolling from far away, lending to his pirate/ocean aesthetic. His R music upon executing someone references both horror and pirate aesthetics. Blood moon does a great job of retaining these influences, while expanding upon them. The BM Q SFX utilizes traditional east asian instruments to build up suspense. The W does the same thing. By amping up the musicality of Pykes SFX with traditional instruments, BM Pyke successfully makes the player feel like they are a part of an old fable, or horror story. -The problem with the project versions of all of these sounds is that they lose their depth, and feel like digital versions of base without the character. The project universe is cyberpunk, yet Pyke's new sounds fail to pay homage to the source material. Dystopia is about emptiness, yet all of his sounds are closer to a mecha skin than anything else. Cyberpunk is very different, especially the more rugged version of cyberpunk that P:Pyke is supposed to represent. Go listen the song "Hijack" in the Bladerunner:2049 soundtrack. This song uses electronic sounds and a fast pace to create tension, but it's not all machinery. It delivers on the cyberpunk aesthetic because it uses a lot of reverb to capture the vastness of the movie's world, and the protagonist's confusion with his own identity, both of which are applicable to P:Pyke's lore. He is a broken man, back from the dead, unsure of who he was before, yet his psychotic side isn't shown through any of his abilities. Why don't we hear the muffled voices of his past while in his W? Why does the music after executing someone sound like 80's synthwave and not the adrenaline fueled soundtrack of a fight scene? Pyke’s sounds have lost their edge in this skin, which is odd considering his character is even more insane. -Just take DC jhin as an example. His fourth shot idle sfx references the orchestral music of stuff like space odyssey. Connecting his skin to the genre of space movies (Where sustained symphonic pieces reign supreme), emphasizes the character's obsession with the beauty of space. I realize just how negative this feedback is, but I really do like what’s being done here. All of the design choices are solid, and they work for a decent project skin. All of my issues just come from the fact that players who buy this skin are essentially buying a 1350 skin with new voicelines. I don’t want players to feel ripped-off, honestly, and I also worry about what this skin’s quality means for future legendary skins. Was the epicness that we saw in BA Ezreal, Eclipse Leona(s) and DC Jhin just temporary?
Hey InterChange! Thanks so much for all the input. We love to hear the good and the bad so we can level up! I will definitely pass it along to the team. Cheers!
: It’s kind of upsetting how this is one of the few legendary skins without a new walking animation but I’ll let it slide. I do have a suggestion though! With Vayne’s skin whenever she ults she gets a purple project border on the corners of the screen. Would love if something like that was added to Pyke’s ult. If Pyke executes someone ( gets reset ), a red project border appears on the screen. It would also be really cool if the border got more complex with each reset he got and maybe glitch out if he gets a penta idk, just a suggestion.
Hey all! Thanks for the input here. The penta situation would be pretty great. I'll pass the feedback along.
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