: Hey all, Hopping in to let you all know we're looking into what's causing this. It's probably something on our end. We've taken a first step by reversing a hardware change we recently made. Please let us know if you keep experiencing connection and crashing issues!
Earlier I had about 6 games fail to start. I just tried again after reading your comment and I got into a matchmade 5s game successfully. Thanks for the fix!
: Customs don't work for me...do you have to have a full 5v5?
No, I can just start a custom game by myself (and with bots) without any problems.
: [Game Loading Screen] Completely black and redirected me to home after a phew minutes.
Happens to me too. Custom games work fine but 3 blind picks in a row have failed to start. I talked to my teammates in the lobby and they had been having the same issue.
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