: Hey 5cope, Sorry, I totally misunderstood your original comment. Thanks for correcting me! If the issue is still occurring once PBE comes back up, I'll notify a dev. Cheers, - Ari
Hello Ari, Unfortunately, the issue still occurs. I've just checked it on the PBE and nothing has changed. Please let the devs know.
: Hey 5cope, Did you try this against Practice Dummies or vs champions? Vs champions I was getting both the SFX and the VFX while vs dummies, I wasn't able to get the heal to proc. Cheers, - Ari
Hi Ari, It's not about the proc. Everything works just fine when I proc it no matter the target. The problem is that when the 100th stack kicks in, there should be a sound effect and Lamb's model should glow for like half a second (watch the video for reference) informing me that the next auto will proc the heal. It's missing and thus, the only way to know when the heal is up is to look at the buffs bar and check the number which is not something I'd call convenient. I hope you understand now. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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