: They're saying Sona's rework is a buff 0_0?
It's not a large nerf, have you even played her on the PBE
: I agree in that it FEELS useless. It actually helps quite a bit when you have some AP going on, BUT it makes you feel bad when you couldn't apply it to someone that dies because he wasn't fast enough, and aplying it correctly doesn't give you enough satisfaction. As a suggestion, I think that making it have an additional effect, just like the other abilities, could help to make it feel better. Maybe something like giving a MS boost to the furthest away champion in a big area (like her heal). Something to help disengage.
Honestly I hate building AP on her because she has to be in such close range to danger so she dies instantly. Q still feels like a useless ability after level 9 and her E is still unrewarding. The only thing I actually like about this update is the new W and Visual Update.
: Newest Sona Update!
Love everything except E. It feels... so useless. I don't know. It's hard to apply to the allies I want to apply it to because of the limited range and giving a 10% MS buff for 1.5 seconds every 12 seconds doesn't really feel helpful. It also puts her E Power Chord on a longer cooldown now, which is her only form of CC when Crescendo is on cooldown. I wish there was more reward to Power Chord management
: * Sona looks really silly floating around without her auras graphics, I wish they were still there to at least show which power cord is active. * Her poke feels a lot weaker. * 10 sec cooldowns feels way too long. If she's not in AA range, she's literally not doing anything while her spells are on CD. * Most of Sona's cool gameplay involved setting up and using the proper Power Cord. the cooldown on her abilities makes Power Cord really hard to use since it feels like you're waiting on CDs constantly. tl;dr It feels like there's a lot of dead time. A ~43% increase to cooldowns translate to a lot less opportunities to make plays.
The ring around {{champion:37}} 's waist when Power Chord is ready indicates a blue/green/purple color, doesn't it?
: Sona Update Feedback and Bugs Thread
> Are the effects of Sona’s spells more clear? Her shield is definitely noticeable and easy to see what the purpose of the ability is. The only thing I would say is not as noticeable is the W Power Chord. Maybe add -X numbers like you guys have done with Braum's Stand Behind Me and Maokai's Vengeful Maelstrom? > Did you have difficulty using your auras to give allies your buffs? Yes. :| The range feels really, really short. It's about 300, if I recall correctly? This means that my team has to clump up next to me to receive aura buffs. This is really bad because not only does that give the enemy opportunity to easily use their AoE spells on my team, but it also means I have to put myself closer to danger. Even with the new shield and movespeed buff, it's still not enough to compensate for poor positioning. Especially Song of Celerity, that spell is almost impossible to apply to my team if my team splits up or something like that. > Did this become easier late game/during team fighting? It feels difficult because if one of my allies has to flash away because they are caught in a bad position, there's no way to quickly catch up to them and give them a heal+shield nor a movespeed buff. If I have to use E to catch up to them, then my other allies don't receive the movespeed buff. The range is just way too small and does not feel comfortable. > Did you feel more able to support or save your allies? If I can get the aura onto them, then yes. The new heal+shield is much better in clutch situations and the improved movespeed definitely helps. However, if my ally is too far away, I still don't feel very useful because of the short range. Thresh can save someone with Lantern from 950 range, which is fine because he can only save 1 person, but 300 range is still too limiting. > Did you feel more able to survive all-ins during laning? Yes and no. Yes because the new W is just far better. No because I can't pull out my Power Chord as easily as before because of the cooldown nerfs. > Did your spell casts feel more impactful? Yes. > Did you notice any bugs? The range indicators are incorrect, but other than that, no. > What items did you build? Mostly AP (Athene's/Lich Bane/Void Staff, etc), but I probably would not go AP in a ranked game since I prefer to build items that can help my team (Vision items, Mikael's, Zeke's, etc) > What items felt very powerful? Lich Bane > What items felt less effective? Athene's because the mana regen got nerfed, but that's understandable. > Were Sona’s spell effects more enjoyable? Yes, but I can't stress the range deficit enough, lol. It's too smallll!! > Were Sona’s spell effects easier to understand? Definitely. Overall the things I really hated were the 300 range and the increases in mana costs. Even thematically, it doesn't really make sense because songs/sound isn't supposed to reach a tiny range (it's like the size of her Etwahl). It just sucks to not be able to save someone unless you're basically giving them a hug.


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