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: Remember that cinder hulk bug a few months ago when everyone was abusing the hell out of it?
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: this Bug being abused in normal games ;-;
Yeah I don't understand why people abuse these bugs, they don't let people who actually want to play have fun. It was the same with the Lux and Nami ult bug, people abused it :/
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: Well duh. Lol. They're two different clients.
Well I know that, what I'm saying is I know the problem isn't my internet -.-
: Unable to login
Yeah I can login just fine on my normal client but the PBE won't let me.
: Project Fiora was avaliable for purchase in store
It's bugged, if you try buying it doesn't show up under the "skins tab". It just shows up in store again and you don't get your IP back :/
: PROJECT: Fiora & Zed skins available but...
Same thing is happening to me, I just wanna try the skin ;-;


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