: I think most of your questions get answered in [this thread and the accompanied Rioter Rundown](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/eBgYNeNn-how-to-give-pbe-feedback-skins-edition?show=rundown). For example, model changes are generally no longer possible once a skin hits PBE, because there is no time for that (this would mean less time for skins further down the pipeline).
But most people didn't ask for completely new model parts. For example, what I'm proposing it's just moving the existing parts and maybe a tweak in the horn and hair shape doesn't look like its an impossible task (I think), and If it is not possible I would like to know why :). Also, Dragonslayer Trundle's and Aphelio's models were both changed (the hair in both cases), why those models but not Blood Moon Katarina or Nightbringer Lee sin (which had terrible feedback on the neck part) ??. I just wanna know. Still grateful for the skin, and the feedback we got, just think a little more would be great.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Chromas!
Blood Moon Katarina (Obsidian) - Lot of purple-ish tones trough out and then red on the bottom of her hair looks a bit weird. What about making her hair straight up black or giving it the same purple-ish ends the whole chroma has ?
: Woah the meeting was sooner than I thought! We talked about all Blood Moon Skin feedback and came up with these actionables: **Katarina**-- •Giving VFX darker/deeper blues (and a more cohesive pass) including blue ring on R and maybe more depth to R (we're gonna make her R look badass dw) •Increasing audio on R, totally agree with you guys on that one, thanks for the feedback! •Giving Kat her scar back, we will need to talk to the splash team as well on this one. **Master Yi**-- No plans at this time **Tryndamere**-- No plans at this time These changes will not show until next week as a heads up! Why we couldn't add a toggle for the mask--I'll just be upfront on why we haven't been doing toggles as much in general: Toggles not only double QA work/costs but we have inside data that less than 10% of players actually use toggles. And of those 10%, it's only toggled ONCE. This makes me think the idea of a toggle is cool (I mean, it is), but in practicality nobody really remembers to use it. We're gonna be re-investigating toggles on how they can actually provide more value to you guys <3. Skin tone color -- Blood Moon Katarina is themed around being half-demon so we think her skin-color is apt to keep the narrative. I know some of you really want it lighter like BM akali's or even BM Elise's but there are many that like the current skin tone, I'm sorry T_T -Kiwi If you've additional feedback shoot it out yo
Is touching up her horns and hair really out of the question :(? The horns and hair are ruining it for a lot of people.´ Ty for keeping us updated.
: I didn't like the model either, I think it would be better to her wear the mask like in recall, or fix her horns.
Yeah, the horns and mask look very odd. just noticed now :C. I'm pretty sad about this skin.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Katarina, Tryndamere, and Master Yi!
(Blood moon katarina) I am a Katarina main myself and have been looking forward to a skin this year. I am very sad that it doesn’t seem she is gonna get her legendary this year but oh well. 1. Her hair seems to be the biggest problem. It looks very strange and the running animation just makes it weird. Have you thought about a ponytail or something ? The hair is literally RUINING the skin for me. It takes over the whole skin and its really really awkward. Her hair is always so clunky, big and looks like clay. why not something more "realistic" like lunar eclipse Leona's hair? 2. Her shoes grab too much attention, they just seem too big. I personally think heels would look great. But a smaller version of the current ones would also work. 3. The Horns are very lopsided. make it symetrical on her head. 4. The ult SFX is too quiet, just like deatsworn was and nothing was done about it ( when the community complained). 5. Overall the skins does NOT seem smooth at all. Battle academia was very very smooth and I was so happy thinking that going forward Katarina skins would just be as smooth. 6. Amazing VFX and SFX ( except ult being quiet) 7. I like the splash art, the only thing I would change would be less hair covering her face. Looks a bit emo. The model is just a complete disappointment. I think the outfit is VERY generic and it’s a waste of te blood moon concept for kata, which had great potential. I’m just pointing out what I believe can still be changed ( hair and shoes) I doubt anyone will address these issues but oh boy do I hope I’m wrong. Long story short: disappointing model. But if I have to point out the WORST part of it I would say fix the hair and the shoes.


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