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: The one sided objective spawns need to stop
I'm not even upset about the leaving, but having people be spoon fed a win is just wrong. not to mention getting the "BF Sheild" is an instant win in most cases and completely kills gameplay.
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: Autofill is on so that queues don't take even longer than they already do. If you don't like that, you can always play on Live servers.
when all modes have autofill
: All the problems wrong with Blitz from a gameplay perspective
Gotta agree with the jungle times and loot teemo. Just got out of a karthus game where it spawned, walked into the enemy base while we were already behind giving a shield buff and we just lost. on top of that jungle just starts to lane after clearing camps. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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i am concerned for how a bug like this happens : l
: Circle? Plz no (Personal opinions)
TBH they can just make a button allowing you to use old version or new version of the bars like they did with the arcade thing and everyone (for the most part) will be happy.
: well atleast someone here have facts and can raise hands up with me that the report system is not working, in pbe aswell as in live or to be precise, riot is more into forgiving
The report system works on neither live nor PBE, and if they want it to actually work the team needs to inspect games then have a crappy bot do it. Ive found people who use inting strats in live ranked games to lower mmr. if their score isn't bad its not inting, is basically how the bot sees it and if someone is "Feeding" then it will usually put that into account and say it was just a bad game. An account :StopReadingThisY has a ~33% wlr the last i checked.
: I agree. I literally met more toxic, vulgar people during my short time on PBE (since the sign-ups were opened) than during the last half year playing on normal servers. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
can we have teemo buff i beg. he so bad need rework (side note) PLEASE ADD A CRYING TEEMO ON BOARDS.
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: So Urfwick skin doesn't need testing?
Think the rioter who is in charge of pricing forgot to take sticky keys off with that urfwick skin
: So Urfwick skin doesn't need testing?
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: Urfwick Pricing Problem
i got 10.3k BE and i was like "wow im almost there" then rechecked the price 150k 0-0
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: Teemo is busted in Ascension, and also, Warmogs is a problem not just in Ascension but in Aram too, it just has too much power in '5v5 fighting' game modes, even in twisted treeline, I say, disable that item in these game modes or replace it with a weaker version.
there is legit an item that shows you all shrooms and boxes for 3 minutes and it costs 500 gold
: Enormous amount of bugsplats since the newest patch on the PBE
I've had the same mini map problem in ascension, Just appears as a black square.
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: > [{quoted}](name=RedlinkPBE,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=TttMwj3u,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-26T04:16:51.284+0000) > > Yasuo, lucian, kindred use it well. No they don't.
auto q auto sets it off for lucian and his abilities reset his autos, so imma call bullshit. yasuo can use it well in lane. Kindred uses it for early on. or just take atk speed for later.
: I love this! Thank you so much for your idea. I'm going to look into whether this is feasible with how many tech changes and manpower it would take.
Ok dont kill me for this. But my friend and i have tested an INT strat. and sadly, it works flawlessly to dodge a bot. we do this primarily in low levels and bot games to not harm LP but still it scares me how easy it is. i wanna push for a better bot for reports and toxic behavior. But a big thing is, you dont want to tell people how it works specifically or really at all, giving people info allows them to create strats like this one. here it is by the way: Int 3 kills in a lane that wont really be able to effect you (feed bot when your top ect) Powerfarm, and then just dont die. basically it :l and again, im sorry for what i may have done, but here it is i hope this helps, here are my adv stats for shaco 5.4 / 7.1 / 4.4 KDA: 1.37:1 G: 10,407 CS: 77.6 Cant really tell if im inting without the info can you :l
: True damage is never increased or decreased by damage modifiers. So yeah, it's probably working as intended. This rune has bigger problems though. It's not really worth it on any champ as far as I can tell from testing. The damage amp is only useful if you can proc it before everyone blows their load in a focus fire situation, but that's pretty much impossible most of the time. It's pretty weak in a solo situation since the numbers are tuned with the assumption that you'll combo with allies.
: Dear player, Riot have been working as hard as they can to provide us with the spicy content and booty poses on the new skin for katarina...With the revert of runes riot has given the players 20000 BE to buy back all the runes i mean no big deal ? RP and BE are reset every day their time so you can buy things daily and you shouldnt be here showing them hate you are a tester its a test server to make the game better if your going to come angry and etc then you just shouldnt play on the test servers... show feed back be positive not negative and write in anger... Have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
No criticism is bad criticism, these are just think i feel, and the be and rp thing annoys me because i cannot test things when im flat broke, the rp is fine, but i legit have like 0 blue essence 24/7
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: The new runes have completely reverted back to the old runes/masteries system. I cannot get the new system to re-appear. Is this happening for anyone else?
Why are you giving everyone 5 BE? along with that the runes thing is happening to everyone, from what i saw a patch was pushed earlier that caused this.
: You should have recieved 20k BE and that's enough for runes, also preety sure you'll get 20k tomorow as well. 8k RP is enough. I'm preety sure there are champion bundles in the "bundle" section of the store that sell you the champs for reduced price from A to .. -> from .. to Z
i have 5 BE, along with 8k rp enough to buy basically all the deathsworn skins and the champs for it. 5 be gives nothing.
: Getting into games without Runes
Why are you giving everyone 5 BE? along with that the runes thing is happening to everyone, from what i saw a patch was pushed earlier that caused this.
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