: I like to write up action sequences (e.g., Q+W+rest, Q+W+Q, Q+W+E), think about how they would flow together from a mechanics perspective (is it useful to cast these two things together? If the player can cast them together, is it ever worth casting them individually?) and an aesthetics perspective (can the animations blend into one another, does it make any logical sense at all that a champ could perform these two actions back to back?), then make a decision based on the sum of these factors. So, for example E+W+Q in 0.1 seconds sounds great, but it would cause all but one of the animations to get cut off, leaving Akali just a sea of particles shooting out of her. I wasn't excited about that prospect. When we tested it (or something similar), players often reported that they ran out of spells to cast very quickly in fights, but that they were really good at one-shotting a squishy. That lead me to put some small but real delays between spell casts so that it was clearer for all parties what Akali was doing and so that the player didn't feel compelled to use all of their spells instantaneously at the start of a fight.
Thanks for taking the time and answering! When I wrote: >My favorite would be being able to use E>W>Q in like 0.1 seconds. I actually meant that it is great that you CAN do that really fast. (Not a native english speaker but I now realise that I worded that wrong). 0.1 seconds was a bit of a hyperbole but it is pretty fast. This is what I mean: https://gfycat.com/GraciousAgonizingBeagle ~~Sorry for the shitty quality^^~~ Edit: Should be a bit better now I agree that it shouldnt be any quicker, I am happy with it already anyway. ~0.5 seconds from start of E cast to being invisible.
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
First of all I want to say that I really love the rework. It is super fun to play her. I was wondering how you guys decide about things like animation canceling and other combo related things. Like Akali can use Q and R during the second part of E which is awesome. Or other mechanics like canceling the backflip from E with flash or ult (Not sure when that would be useful, but still cool you can do that). Or being able to cast E>W and kind of canceling the cast time of the W (at least feels faster than W>E, you kinda cast W during the backflip by using E>W). My favorite would be being able to use E>W>Q in like 0.1 seconds. And of course the R>Flash for the surprise attack! Were all of those things planned or did some just happen to be that way and you ended up liking it?
: "Unable to connect to server"
Having the same issue currently. Internet connection is fine otherwise.
: It would take too long for them to do it daily, so it's best to rely on S@20's data mining, with Riot chiming in on things they would miss.
Well arguable they could hire someone whose entire job would be creating pbe patch notes but yes I see why that would not be worth it for them as long as S@20 is doing such a good job at it
: PBE Patch Notes?
Saddly we don't get official patch notes from Riot for every PBE change. [Surrenderat20](http://www.surrenderat20.net/search/label/PBE/) is the way to go.
: Sure https://imgur.com/a/LnkZL
I think the problem is that Malph actually should have 45 base armor at lvl 4 not 50. Somehow 5 of the bonus armor was added to the base armor value i guess? Edit: Looks like the % bonus from iron skin is added to the base value number for some reason. So thats explains it i suppose. Edit2: Ok looks like this is intended.
: Minimap bug .
[This is a known issue](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/ixBhZdUJ-health-bar-update-bugs) This is about the tenth thread about it in the last 24 hours. Please try to check if someone else posted about a bug before creating a new post.
: HP bars above the minimap
[This is a known issue](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/ixBhZdUJ-health-bar-update-bugs) This is also the at least the sixth thread about it in the last 24 hours. Please try to check if someone else posted about a bug before creating a new post.
: thank you for bringing draft pick back
It is great, and no bans makes it even better because you can actually test champs that were perma banned before.
: Oh thank you for this report, this is really detailed. I will get someone to look through all of these cases and confirm if all of them are bugs or if any are intended!
Just a little update: It looks like toggling / reactivation abilities are fixed now! (at least the ones I tested). Lux R and Gankplanks Q are still bugged though and Bard W is still not getting the refund either. Azir is still not working correctly, but in a slightly different way now: Neither Q,W or E will even trigger manaflow at all (earlier the bug was that manaflow was consummed but didnt give the refund) and for some reason you can cast W even at zero mana (it costs 40). The Ability to cast W even at zero mana seems to be independent from Manaflow band though. (happens even if you don't take the rune)
: Azir can spam his W even without Mana
This is interesting. I reported a bug about azirs q, w and e not giving the mana refund despite consumming manaflow a week ago (manaflow has quite a few other bugs too). This sounds like they tried to fix things but looks like they didnt quite get it right ^^
: Since 7.21 is not shipping with Runes Reforged, we've flipped PBE back to Runes and Masteries to get patch 7.21 some time in the sun. The new Runes will be back on PBE on Tuesday Oct. 24 (and Runes and Masteries will not be turned on again after that point).
Would be nice if we could actually buy runes, but with 5 BE thats obviously impossible :/ All new pbe accounts that don't already have the old runes have no way to obtain them currently if I dont miss anything? Edit: And masteries are bugged (for me at least). Can't edit them at all outside of champselect and during champselect they dont want to save.
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: People are taking adventage of PBE
While I agree that afk/flaming is kind of a problem I dont think that > Maybe you should be Honor 5 to play on PBE. is a good solution. Lets be honest here, honor levels above 3 for the most part just means playing lots of games. If someone managed to get honor level 3 he will probably also get honor 4 and 5 at some point, just a matter of games played.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
I made a post about Bards W not getting the mana refund of Manaflow Band already but I since found quite a few other bugs/problems with Manaflow Band, so I decided to comment them here: I found a few abilities for which Manaflow Bands effect is consumed but no mana is refunded. Only the 8% missing mana is restored. Azir: Q, W, E Bard: W Edit: Rakan: E --- Gankplank: Q Lux: R For those two the refund actually happens but BEFORE the manacost from the cast is actually drained. Meaning if you cast at full Mana you will not get any back. --- There might be more abilities like this, but I don't have the time to test every single champion. General: Any ability that has some kind of reactivation (Lux E, Anivia Q, Aurelion Sol Q,W and E, etc.) and abilities you can switch on/off (Amumus W, Karthus E, Anivia R, etc.) will consume Manaflow and restore 8% missing mana upon reactivation/deactivation. I don't think deactivating something like Amumus W should count as casting an ability? (It does not count for sheen for example so Manaflow should probably not proc either)
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
General question: Should I post bugs related to new Runes here in the comments of this (pretty old) thread or is making a thread in the bugs section of the board better?
: 10% extra CDR
If your are missing something obvious I can't find it either, I mean the "math" seems correct 10+5+10=25 :D Did you actually have 35% cd reduction or did it only show as 35%? A Screenshot/video would be great!
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: Got kicked/dc'd from a game (Possible Bug)
Also experienced this 2 times in my last 5 games. Sudden DC and no way to reconnect because client shows normal home screen. Those Games also do not show up in the match history. I suppose it could just be the pbe servers having trouble and dropping games? Things don't seem very stable currently.
: Level 30 boost never arrives
It is 3 hours for me now, did not get lvl 30 RP/IP aswell. I suppose things might be a bit slower since there are so many new accounts. :/
: The queue position is over 9000 ! wtf riot
Probably gonna be like this for a day or two. So many people (including me) logging in at once and for the first time. They need to give all those new accounts the IP/RP and stuff, which probably also takes up resources and makes things slower.
: Not sure if what you (Riot) did yesterday is worth
> The PBE game servers were actually upgraded in a big way last week by our infrastructure team, just for this effort. They're new and stable. -RiotBanfhammer [Source](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/75zv5v/pbe_sign_ups_are_back/doal330/) The login queues will only be a problem for like the first few days because EVERYONE logs in for the first time. Give it some time until the hype dies a bit.


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