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: MY PBE client still looks the same is where you can get started! Goodluck :)
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: Attacking wards give full lifesteal bonuses
Yea just a little bit, I do not believe that it should ever give any life steal effects when clearing wards and lees bonus has no reason to be procd on it :P
: Teemo's Mushrooms
Hmm just an idea but what about mixing the original oracle and the one they just removed from last season, so you have something that has a limit on time but also disappears on death? I do not know if this is a good idea at all but what does everyone else think? On the other hand Teemo does not need a nerf I do not think :P
: As said before. Once you learn to level up abilities with Hotkeys and not by clicking them. All your problems are solved.
I agree with you here. I have z x c v as my leveling keys.
: [DOMINION] A way to probably make the map more popular.
I have wanted this to happen for a long long time, but I think the reason that is will not happen is that it pulls people away from the core game mode of 5s on summoners rift where they really want a lot of people to focus. I have also really wanted a soloQ in 3s but I believe that would cause the same issue, because games would go faster and easier to get LP why play a long 5s match. I would love to hear some other players input on this as well?
: [Question] Yasuo's Ult and Airborne Champions
I think this is because that would cause their own abilities to be used against them is the problem. If i think about it a majority of the champions can be considered air born at some point and if {{champion:157}} can ult them then what good are they to pick in a game. His ult is meant to rely on his ability to hit skill shots and his team comp not the other teams. Trist rely on her jump the same as kha but I do not think we should punish people for playing them. That is just my thought on that but I have another thing I sometimes see as issue with. Sometimes I will see enemies get hit with abilities that are not labeled as knock ups and see the marker for my ult. I have not played Yasuo in a while but what things are considered a knock up for his ult?
: Dragonblade Riven Skin Feedback
I agree that the skin is really nice and my favorite thing about it is the particle effects on all of the attacks and I like how the ult looks but it was a little hard to see when I used it. I do not know if anyone else thought that or if it was just me haha.
: [Feedback] New Icons
See I agree with ToastBoy here they really did need a rework and I like the art but the old art is just classic. However I am more interested in what other items art people think should be remade too.
: Yasuo support ?
Just a question before I give my input, what items are you building on him because once you get static, if you are building it, I feel like you would take too many minions. But if you have away around getting minions, I believe that it would be perfect with the ability to block attacks and stun so often.


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