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: Can you try again?
I have twice :\ The same person keeps saying gifting is not enabled, but I sent screenshots of my friend gifting me :( They still haven;t replied
: I'd wait a few days if i were you. What you could also try is toggle on/off "Show offline friends" and see if it fixes itself.
It's been a week ;; but I guess i'll wait for riot to respond again
: Then your problem is with the friendlist and not with the gifting :P My gifting center works fine. Have you two/three tried restarting the client or readding each other?
Yes :( both of us did :((( I tried adding other players as well on every game i played, still not working :\
: Mystery gifting and stuff? Sure.
I sent a ticket about the problem im having with the gifting feature. But Riot replies 4 days after saying there's no gifting feature when I have been gifting others on pbe. My original ticket was "Helloo, today I got a pbe account. I played a game with my friends. I noticed that in the gifting center I cant gift no one? Its not restricting me but It says i have no one available to gift- its blank no ones on my friend list, but I added 2 of my friends? Its the same thing for my friends, they don't see my name in the gifting option. Help please and thanks". Makes no sense at all.
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