: ... Umm... What? EDIT: Nevermind, hadn't looked at the teaser. I'm going to leave now since this is outside of my limits.
Blood types are the equivalent of horoscopes in Japanese culture and supposedly correlate to personality. http://www.issendai.com/rpgs/takemywings/bloodtypes.htm * As are the introverts, essentially. Shy/withdrawn, but very aware of how others feel and often hide their own horrors. * Bs are the hardworking, steadfast and driven, often stubborn. Poppy in a nutshell. * Os are the extroverts: energic and social. * ABs are the hard to categorise. Hard to work with. Rebellious. For Lulu, the fact she's more concerned with fantasy than reality.
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: Is the "vintage skin" going to be picked like a chroma, or just a new skin?
Based on the description, it will be two separate skins in champion select - similar to Traditional Trundle and the new Classic Trundle. There will be "Traditional Championship Riven" and "Championship Riven".
: Will previous owners get also 975RP compensation for losing the "limited" feel, as was with other "vintage" skins.
Limited Edition skins had already been discontinued at the time of Championship Riven's release, and she should not have been held back these last 3 years. The whole "We concede we weren't clear in her announcement" shouldn't have needed saying, since it had already been announced they wouldn't be releasing future Limited skins. Heck, after 4 years Riot _still_ has to specify whether or not a new temporary skin is limited or legacy - because people still ask, even though there hasn't been a Limited Edition skin since Riven (and she wasn't suppose to be the last one). This is the kind of logic that has forced McDonald's to put "Caution: Hot" on their cups.
: Mana refunds can exceed 100%
While it would make sense for things that refund a part of the cost to only "add up" to a maximum of 100%, I respectfully disagree with this needing fixing. At most, reword it to "restores mana equal to 25% of the ability's cost". Tear of the Goddess has a hard time competing with other items due to its poor early game stats, and the fact I can regenerate 125% of Annie's Q cost or Cassiopeia's E cost was the only reason I'd consider buying the item - since it means last-hitting slowly regenerates mana, rather than just off-setting the cost.
: regardless of what they do zac needs buffs, i miss using his great engage early for jungle ganks while still feeling substantial in team fights. the problem with your idea is that if zac got up when he was down to one blob then characters without powerful aoes could never kill him out right, and it also means you could shorten in duration he has to wait to get back up again leading to inconsistency. he is the revival tank and as with all the other revival type passives the duration should be as consistent as possible. and while there are not many champs who can do 48% of zacs hp in 4 seconds they do exist and its mostly in the form of marksman like kog,vayne ect as bursting down zac period is kinda out of realistic veiws unless he is super far behind and fighting that 12/2 fizz we have all come accross as one time or another. frankly i dont know if there is a single not ultimate aoe ability that can deal the required 12% of full build zacs hp to all the blobs out side of a hand full of mages who frankly can burst them away instantly anyway. while say a darius mixing both aoe and single target might be able to kill the 4 second zac blobs he might not be able to q for enough to stop zacs revival. the reduced duration means other tanks , supports, and a hand full of meh brawlers are the only ones that are out right not gonna be able to stop him. while marksman mages and assasins are still gonna be able to deal with the 4 second timer. your ideas not a bad out but it ends up shrinking the number of people who can kill him more then the reduced reassembly time. plus there is a simple point here, zacs supposed to be hard to kill, its part of his gig, right up there with naut and the other super tanks. he is meant to be a mobile pseudo unmovable object. and part of that is the idea that as you smash him apart he just comes back together heance the healing and passive. and a shorter reconstitution time resembles that fluidity that makes him so hard to put down. he isnt growing back parts so much as he is just clumping back into one thing.
Should he be guaranteed-killable, though, as a more general question? Aatrox, for example, is guaranteed to always get up after "dying". The thing that varies is how health he is when he gets up. Should it not be that Zac is more guaranteed to get up, than the opposite? Especially if that's his thing.
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: About Dragon rune colors
Maybe Air toward White and Fire _slightly_ toward Red? White, Brown, Red and Blue seem distinctive enough. Plus, is it Purple for Elder?
: Its implementation includes Nearsight. It should remove those effects, though I imagine Graves' just reapplies because it's in a zone.
Does that mean Cleanse, Tenacity, Ragnarok, Black Shield, etc, will all affect it too?
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: Apologies, I was unclear -- the same way that autoattacks always deal 2 damage, procs, DoT ticks and so forth always deal a set amount of damage -- so BoTRK for example always deals 0.5 damage.
Then why do ranks in her W only grant 0.4? Why not 0.5? Heck, why not double everything. Plants have 8 + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 health. On-hit now does 1 damage; Champion attacks now do 4; etc. The segmented health bar could be changed to 4 health per chunk, for readability, but at least everything would parse without rounding errors. I mean, I still feel like the passive only achieves to off-set the change to have things deal 0.5 damage and it would be overall better if plant health didn't improve and the 0.5 damage classification was removed (at least for on-hit effects) - but at least with double health it's readable.
: The fractional health actually does matter quite a bit, even though it doesn't show when you click on the plant and see the 5/5 or etc on its card. Things like damage over time, proc damage (so Blade of the Ruined King, certain character passives, etc) all do fractional damage to Zyra plants.
Sorry, my last response was all complaint and no constructive. My main concern is it just feels like the passive only exists to convince me that there _is_ a rank-up incentive, when it doesn't ever actually _feel_ like her plants are tougher. Her W never felt that good to upgrade before, either. If your issue is trying to make her W attractive - why not go for the completely far-out route and make her W unrankable (and available at level 1) and instead more her innate a rankable ability. By all means keep the 0.5 damage classification (although personally I would only add it for DOTs, so Cassiopeia can damage plants, as I see no reason why BORK should make you kill a plant faster...) That is to say: * Garden of Thorns (I) * NEW EFFECT: Zyra's Rampant Growth is considered to be Zyra's innate ability, which is available from the start of the game. Garden of Thorns is, instead, a passive ability that must be ranked before it becomes active and improves up to 5 ranks. * REVISED PASSIVE: Zyra spawns a seed nearby every 11 / 10.5 / 10 / 9.5 / 9 seconds (static cooldown), up to 8 at a time. Seeds will prioritize brushes and choke points, but will not spawn too close together. Garden of Thorns will hold onto its next seed if Zyra's is concealed within a brush and the brush has no room for additional seeds. * SECOND PASSIVE: Zyra's plants deal 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 bonus magic damage. * Rampant Growth (W) * Ability is available at level 1 and cannot be ranked. * INNATE ACTIVE: Zyra plants a seed at the target location. Seeds last for 45 seconds. If one of Zyra's basic abilities strikes nearby to a seed, a plant will bloom for 7 seconds that has 4 health. Plants deal 15 + (5 x level) magic damage on their attacks. * Recharge time changed to 18 - (0.5 x level) from 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13, affected by CDR. Or, * Plants now have 3 health. * Stranglethorns (R) * NEW PASSIVE: Plant health is increased by 1 / 2 / 3, for a total of 4 / 5 / 6. _It now takes level 11 for Zyra's plants to tank two abilities/dragon attacks, instead of rank-1 W (as early a level 2)._
: The fractional health actually does matter quite a bit, even though it doesn't show when you click on the plant and see the 5/5 or etc on its card. Things like damage over time, proc damage (so Blade of the Ruined King, certain character passives, etc) all do fractional damage to Zyra plants.
Those examples seem awful specific to qualify as "actually does matter quite a bit". Those examples don't actually change my argument, either. Whether or not a champion's attacks are dealing 2 damage or 2.264 damage with BORK (6% of 4.4 health) doesn't change the number of attacks a champion has to perform to kill the plant. It's 2 attacks versus 4 health and 3 attacks versus 4.4/4.8/5.2/5.6/6 health. Because a champion's attack deals _at least_ 2 damage, it doesn't matter about the fraction unless it actually manages to become 3 damage. And even if the attacker somehow increases the damage dealt by their attacks to 3 (BORK on Teemo, maybe?) - this doesn't benefit Zyra. Now they kill her plants in 2 attacks, despite the fact she's invested in giving her plants more health. On live, damage over times and proc damage do not affect plants - so Draven, Teemo and Tristana all deal 2 damage per attack and require 3 attacks to kill a plant. I fail to see how making damage over times and proc damage affect plants, to a minuscule degree, and have Zyra's plant health also increase by a minuscule degree has any net gain to be worth bothering making either change. The two sets of changes just cancel each other out and have no gameplay effect at all on other non-niche/super-specific scenarios. EDIT: Sorry, my maths failed. At 2 damage per attack it takes 2 attacks to deal 4 health. At 2.2 damage per attack with BORK (versus 4 health), it still takes 2 attacks. At 2 damage per attack it now takes 3 attacks to deal 4.4 health. At 2.264 damage per attack with BORK (versus 4.4 health), it's back to taking 2 attacks. The implementation of minuscule (unreadable) damage values only serves to cancel out the changes in her health. So the passive does nothing versus the non-edge-case-champions (i.e. people not using BORK or dots) and only serves to cancel out BORK and DOTs for people who are using them. So to summarize: the passive on Zyra's W has zero output that Zyra players will notice. I apologize for saying "functionally useless", but the only function is to counter an undocumented new feature.
: The new passive on Rampant Growth doesn't functionally do anything.
As a former Zyra main (I found other loves who outclassed her), based on the objectives you've set and balance concerns I've observed personally and on the boards - here's my list of changes: * Garden of Thorns * Plant damage reduced to 10 + (5 x level) from 24 + (5 x level)/ * Plant base health reduced to 3 from 4. * Plant duration no longer scales with Zyra's level. (5 seconds) * Rampant Growth * NEW PASSIVE: Plants deal 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 bonus magic damage and their duration is increased to 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 seconds. * Recharge time reduced to 17 / 15.5 / 14 / 12.5 / 11 seconds from 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13. * Stranglethorns * NEW PASSIVE: Plant health increased to 4 / 5 / 6. _This change is intended to nerf Jungle Zyra, which is obnoxious with 5 health at rank 1 in Rampant Growth._ * REMOVED: Bonus damage/attack speed. * One of the following: * NEW EFFECT: Plants within the thicket gain invulnerability. The thicket now lingers for a total of 8 seconds, but does not deal damage after the initial expansion+knockup. * NEW EFFECT: Seeds hit by Stranglethorns will now bloom a unique plant. The following are possible plants: * VENGEFUL THORNSPITTER: This plant spits pass-through missiles, at reduced attack speed. * STRANGLETHORNS: This thicket of thorns deals plant damage to enemies standing within its reach. * Some other caster effect. * NEW EFFECT: The thicket now lingers for a total of 8 seconds, but does not deal damage after the initial expansion. It also no longer knocks up enemies after 2 seconds. Instead, seeds hit by Stranglethorns bloom a DEADLY BLOOM, a lilly-pad like plant that repeatedly snaps shut, knocking up enemies within its radius.
: MYMU Annie, Fiddle, Veigar Discussion
Does Terrify now use Edge Range instead of Center Range? He has to get scary close to someone like Cho'Gath to spook them. Q_Q
: They have said that the tool tip HP is rounded but the actual HP of the plants is increased with W ranks. So when you have rank 4 you have 6.5 hps or what ever +40% is
Whether or not their health is only "visually rounded" doesn't make a difference. +40% is 5.6. That isn't functionally different from 6. Minions have to attack it a sixth time to deal that final .6 damage. 4 / 4.4 / 4.8 / 5.2 / 5.6 / 6 is functionally the same as 4 / 5 / 5 / 6 / 6 / 6. The plants also show as having 4 / 5 / 5 / 6 / 6 / 6 health when you click on them, so their health bar reflects how many times minions have to deal 1 damage to kill them.
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: MYMU - Zyra discussion
[The new passive on Rampant Growth doesn't functionally do anything.](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/mNxqTAgj-the-new-passive-on-rampant-growth-doesnt-functionally-do-anything) tl:dr; PASSIVE: At rank 1, plants require an extra attack from champions, dragon and minions/monsters to kill (5 health). At rank 3, minions/monsters require a further attack to kill (6 health)." Issues 1. The amount of health they have rounds up. 4 + 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50% equates to 5 / 5 / 6 / 6 / 6. There is no reason to improve the ability after rank 3. 2. The passive is worded in an unreadable way. Can't it just say "Increases the health of Zyra's plant by 1 / 1 / 2 / 2 / 2, for a total of 5 / 5 / 6 / 6 / 6"? 3. The full value of the passive is achieved at rank 1. Champion basic attacks deal 2 and abilities deal 3 damage, meaning it takes 2 hits to kill a plant at rank 0. At rank 1 this increases to 3 basic attacks and dragon must now attack twice. Rank 3 only serves to add 1 extra health versus minions and requires dragon to attack twice. Possible solutions: * Change the base health to 3 and make the passive grant + 1 / 1 / 2 / 2 / 3. This solves the max-rank incentive, and also nerfs the amount of health she has available at level 1. It also requires rank 2 to for her plants to start tanking multiple dragon attacks. (Did you intend for her to be jungle so easily?) This does not address the fact the passive is only useful versus minions. * Change their health to 3 + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 or 4 + 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (she probably doesn't need the rank-1 improvement given it already grants her on-demand seeds), for a maximum of 8 health at rank 5. This solves the max-rank incentive, as well as the incentive versus champions. 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 attacks or 2 / 2 / 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 abilities to kill. There's no max-rank incentive versus champions, but it's an improvement to the current passive. * Change the base health to 3 and make Stranglethorns passively grants + 1 / 2 / 3 bonus plant health, for a maximum of 6. For Rampant Growth, it now grants the passive: "Zyra's plants last for an additional 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 seconds.", or whatever scaling you like, and adjust the base duration to your taste. The passive could also reduce the cooldown on Garden of Thorns, instead of it scaling with level. That said, tying an increase in plant health that only really impacts minions to her ultimate seems weird, the above solution is probably better. * Flatten her plant's health or have it scale with ranks in Stranglethorns. The damage of Zyra's plants now scales with ranks in W. This allows Zyra players to choose if they would like higher burst or higher DPS, at least early-mid game. As with Cassiopeia, you could keep the per-level and have ranks in W simply add a bonus value. * If W grants bonus damage, Stranglethorns could instead empower plants with invulnerability. * Stranglethorns could leave behind a thicket for an extended duration beyond the 2 seconds, retaining Zyra's zone control power by giving her a persistent zone that she's strong in for a while. (Her innate and W promote far too much of a strong pusher - constantly moving her pieces forward, which isn't a bad theme, but her theme has always been "this land is mine".) P.S. As a complete aside, can you disable her ability to take W at level 1? Now that her seeds do not grant sight, there is no reason for her to have access at level 1.
: and here's proof you cant please everyone, i loved the skin and its execution, he's badass, and it fits really well with the new direction the whole taric rework had i miss some skulls but we all know skulls cant be a thing... i would like more of a "blood" on the gems and mace, more purple-ish but i totally get your idea
Don't get me wrong - I love Full Metal Alchemist Taric. The name "Bloodstone" definitely suits the skin because he looks like he has philosopher's stone in his chest. But... it doesn't match the theme of the previous skin, which was more of a "Ruby for Vigor" skin. I'd rather have both options, to be honest, since I think he would also pull off a Red Armor Taric skin. ^_^
: [Planned - 6.9] Mana x MP/5 x AP x MR Item Pass [Updated - 4/11/2016]
I still feel like Abyssal Scepter suffers from the really bad combination of stats/passives that if it's ever "strong enough to be viable", everyone will need to buy it because its only counter is itself. It'll become the new Flash, or the way-old Executioner's Calling, or the Watmog's meta, etc. AP, MR and MR Shred is such an oxymoronic combination of stuff. ... it also doesn't really feel all that powerful to actually compete with Zhonya's and Rocket Belt. Like, at all. I was kinda hoping for that iceboxed version that was on the PBE last year to have its recipe changed to Bami's + Needlessly, or Bami's + Fiendfish if you'd prefer... but I guess that would compete with the new Rocket Belt. Also, I feel like Hextech Revolver could have been made more appealing to all classes if it worked on a reservoir system - so all champions had access to the same total healing, with their damage paradigms (DOT, AOE, burst, persistent, etc) only affecting how fast they emptied the reservoir.
: "We're killing Spell Vamp from the item system. We've been unable to get this statistic to be purchased on anyone but Vladimir." I must have missed in the notes where Akali was removed as a champion. The only reason it might even seem as though she's not tied to that item is because currently you guys have itemized tank items to the point people play Tank Akali and people can win with that. Once you guys finally fix those tanky items though, everyone who actually plays Akali as an assassin tends to stick to Revolver because her early game is so bad that it's basically required. Her passive alone tends not to save her from the miserable laning experience she has against competent players that don't provide her the mistakes she needs to thrive on an enemy.
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: Global Splash Update Incoming!
tl;dr: Revert both of Annie's changes, and seriously consider how unhelpful the Dragonfist artwork is from a would-be purchaser. I also love the new Crimson Akali and wish you wouldn't revert it, but I'm guessing it's considered too gory for a PG13 game... Feedback on the 6.8 splash changes: * Akali * Stinger - I think just removing the mouth from her mask on the Chinese art would work. * Crimson - Awwh. The new Crimson Akali splash was actually one of the few that have been updated in this project that I could have been convinced was a new NA art. * Annie * Goth - NO. REVERT IT NOW. * Frostfire - NO. * Cho'Gath * Gentleman - Inevitable * Garen * Commando - Umm. Not sure it's an improvement but the old one was bad too. * Lee Sin * Dragonfist - **The new splash artwork does not show what you are purchasing, despite being good art.** * Riven * Crimson Elite - No preference. * Rumble * Rumble in the Jungle - Face needs touching up. * Bilgerat - Face needs touching up. * Ryze * Tribal - Not an improvement. * Uncle - Something really weird with his face. * Championship - Not sure. * Zombie - Improvement. * Shaco * Mad Hatter - Improvement but an odd style. * Royal - Improvement but an odd style. * Nutcracker - Good. * Workshop - Improvement, but a really odd style. * Asylum - **Downgrade**. * Shyvana * Boneclaw - Improvement. * Sion * Hextech - Improvement but an odd style. * Warmonger - Inevitable. * Sivir * Warrior Princess - Improvement but an odd style. * Spectacular - Improvement but an odd style. * Huntress - Improvement. * Bandit - Improvement. * PAX - The style is so odd I'm not sure it's an upgrade. * Sona * Muse - Improvement. * Soraka * Human - **Downgrade**. * Swain * Bilgewater - Improvement. * Talon * Renegade - Improvement, I guess. * Teemo * Recon - The style is so odd I'm not sure it's an upgrade. * Cottontail - He looks high as f-- * Tryndamere * Highland - Improvement, I guess. * King - The style is so odd I'm not sure it's an upgrade. * Twisted Fate * Musketeer - The style is so odd I'm not sure it's an upgrade. * Twitch * Toxic - Improvement but an odd style. * Whistler Village - Improvement but an odd style. * Gangster Twitch - Improvement but an odd style. * Udyr * Primal - I don't think the original was bad. Both are good pieces - I think the original is better for the Loading slice. * Urgot * Crab - Similar to Primal Udyr, except both are equally poor quality. * Butcher - RIP Urf reference. :( * Vayne * Vindicator - Eww. * Veigar * Greybeard - No preference. * Vladimir * Count - More accurate, I suppose. The skin doesn't feature long hair. * Marquis - I do not like the style to the extent I don't think it's an improvement. * Nosferatu - I do not like the style to the extent I don't think it's an improvement. * Vandal - I like that Brand and Gragas are featured. * Volibear * Thunderlord - His mouth looks really weird. * Warwick * Big Bad - The style is so odd I'm not sure it's an upgrade. * Xin Zhao * Original - Improvement. * Commando - The style is so odd I'm not sure it's an upgrade. * Winged Hussar - Improvement. * Ziggs * Major - Nice clean up. * Zilean * Groovy - Improvement, but a weird style.
: Goth Annie splash change
But why? It's GOTH Annie!
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: Cassiopeia E not reseting
In the rework it doesn't reset at all. The bug if that the cooldown hasn't been reduced to 1 second generally, as it was suppose to.
: i went through the champion images on the PBE http://i.imgur.com/prMdLhW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/u0CSj05.jpg the one at the top is from PBE, the one on the bottom is current version
I'm really not fussed on commenting about artefact changes/clean-up.
: also, Infernal Wukong? i'm sorry but the skin is called Volcanic Frozen Throne sounds stupid, it's called Frozen Terror you're also missing Sinful Succulence Morg and Statue of Karthus, as well as Classic Hecarim as for the Ahri skins: How are you not able to tell face differences?
Gee thanks. Because my ability to remember the names of all these skins just by looking at them is the really the point here... No need to sound so incredulous like I'm actually offending you that I got them wrong. I have not seen nor has S@20 reported Classic Hecarim. And I'm not looking at side-by-sides. At a glance Ahri's skins look the same. Considering how anime a Kitsune's artworks could have been... they look fine. EDIT: Okay, Classic Karthus and Classic Hecarim have been updated minorly, but are still using the NA artwork.
: That's Crimson Akali, not Bloodmoon.
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
tl;dr: The only ones I implore you to revert are Nightraven Fiora, Lord Mordekaiser, Ionian Master Yi and Masquerade Evelynn, with a strong preference to revert Annie's splashes (if only because I really dislike the style) as well as Safari Caitlyn (charm is lost for no real gain) and maybe Sun Goddess Karma. A lot of the new artwork isn't amazing (or is severely the wrong style) - but a lot of the existing ones are worse, so I cannot justify a revert. The ChampUp team has a tall order, and I cannot wait to see the fruits of their labour. Note that the following is entirely personal opinion, although in some cases I've tried to be objective: * Ahri * Midnight - I cannot tell the difference. * Dynasty - I cannot tell the difference. * Akali * Stinger - Update to the original, but the wrong style. I await a modern splash. * Bloodmoon - Improvement. EDIT: Apparently it's Crimson. Blood Moon's is still bad - can you update it? * Silver Fang - Improvement. * Alistar * Long Horn - Update to the original, but still poor. I await a modern splash. * Amumu * Vancoover - Improvement. * Emumu - Improvement and charming, although features old models for other champions. * Regifted - No opinion, although I feel the setting of the original was better. Returns rather than unopened. * Almost Prom King - No opinion, but I'm inclined to say a downgrade. Amumu looks off. * Annie * Annie in Wonderland - I'm really not a fan of Anime-style children. * Prom Queen - Same issue. * Blitzcrank * Boom Boom - Improvement, although I feel the setting could be improved in a modern splash art. * Caitlyn * Safari - I feel this loses too much of the original's charm for something that isn't that interesting. * Arctic Ops - Improvement. * Cho'Gath * Gentleman - Update to the original, but still poor. I await a modern splash. * Corki * Red Baron - Update to the original, but still poor. I await a modern splash. * Dr. Mundo * Toxic - Improvement. * Evelynn * Shadow - Update to the original, but is the wrong style. I await a modern splash. * Masquerade - Not an improvement on the original as well as being the wrong style. I would personally continue to use the existing splash. * Fiddlesticks * Spectral - Update to the original, but still poor. I await a modern splash. * Garen * Sanguine - Update to the original, but still poor. I await a modern splash. * Desert Trooper - Definitely an update the original, I couldn't even tell which skin this was. Not the correct style though - I await a modern splash. * Fiora * Nightraven - **Gross**. The original is fairly high quality as it is and the new artwork looks vampiric. * Irelia * Original - Improvement, although what happened to the new splash art that was used during Worlds? * Infiltrator - Improvement. I always found something off with the NA art. * Janna * Tempest - Update to the original, but is the wrong style. I await a modern splash. * Karma * Sun Goddess - The original isn't bad enough to warrant upgrading to an artwork that isn't an improvement, especially when it's the wrong style. * Sakura - I dislike it because of the style, and cannot tell if it's an upgrade or not (the original is poor quality). I await a modern splash. * Karthus * Grim Reaper - I really like the original splash artwork but I appreciate it features taboo content. The new artwork isn't particularly interesting so I await a modern splash. * Statue - Alien art style but an improvement. * Phantom - Update to the original, but still poor. I await a modern splash. * Lee Sin * Traditional - Improvement. * Master Yi * Ionian - The **original splash artwork is by far superior **and a more appropriate setting/pose for an Ionian themed skin. * Samurai - No opinion. * Headhunter - Improvement no doubt, but I'll miss the original. * Miss Fortune * Cowgirl - Improvement. * Secret Agent - Improvement. * Road Warrior - Improvement. * Mordekaiser * Lord Mordekaiser? - **Gross**. I actually couldn't tell if this was Dragon Knight or Lord, but the horns and mace made me decide upon Lord. This does not look like Mordekaiser. He's so... round. * Morgana * Exiled - Update to the original, but still poor. I await a modern splash. * Singful Succulance - Marginal differences. * Nocturne * Frozen Terror - The original is bad but I dislike the style of the new. I await a modern splash. * Wukong * Volcanic - Improvement, although Chinese-style monkeys look really odd to me. * General - Probably an improvement, but I really adore the original.
: Soraka's Astral Infusion paradox in text
Health costing abilities can always be used but cannot kill you. Any other champion would be able to cast abilities at 1 health for free. The limitation on Soraka is to stop her healing at 1 health.
: No, the passive states that if a minion is at 25 health or lower, it's executed. The damage scaling that you see is not connected to the minion execution. Aside from that, I'm sure that the execution exists at 25 if at all is because it might be difficult to get your minions if you are pushed out early. It could also be because during alpha, no one actually took AP runes and focused on mana regen.
I am fully aware of what the passive says - but it is obsolete. My first instinct was to create scenarios where it isn't obsolete - such as being poorly worded (e.g. Relic Shield's tooltip in the store doesn't mention the AD ratio). However, upon testing, it is just obsolete. The only time it can be triggered is at levels 1 and 2 if you do not rank his W ability and do not have any AP. At level 3, the base damage is 26 so it doesn't even matter what you do beyond that point. Minions have 0 MR so they take true damage any way.
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: ​ ​PBE Bugs (heh.. bug.. Kha'Zix) & Feedback Thread: Death Blossom Kha'Zix​
Not at bug or feedback really, but a general question about Kha'Zix versus ~~other champions~~ Udyr when it comes to creating skins... how does Kha'Zix's model work? Why is it seemingly easier to create skins for Kha'Zix than Udyr? Why does Udyr need four models while Kha'Zix can just change his clothes?
: Shouldn't Death Blossom Kha'Zix Evolved Have Red Claws?
I'm not sure I agree that keeping his blades red is the solution, but I definitely think his R is a downgrade. I'm curious to know if there's any statistics on Kha'Zix's evolutions versus visual preferences, or whether everyone's rational enough to ignore such things.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Leblanc!
I really can't help but feel this skin's silhouette and theme could have easily been a new champion... particularly the recall animation. Awwwh, much flutter, much whimsy, much new Glade champion... Q_Q
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: > [{quoted}](name=3mptylord,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=vceQAHE8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-12T18:30:04.850+0000) > > They stack multiplicatively. > > 75% + 25% = 81.25% > > Or, they should. Boots of Swiftness + Swiftness mastery + Sejuani's passive already stack multiplicatively. Wrong. It stacks up to a 100%.
So Stormraider's stacks additively while all other sources of Slow Resistance stack multiplicatively? Weird.
: Cassiopeia E change
I think you're mistaking "doesn't cancel orders" with "removing the casting time". This is what you get for only reading the change rather than testing it. At the moment casting E causes you to just stand still afterwards. Now, she will continue going to wherever she was going before she hit E. **She still has to stop to cast the spell. ** There's only like 2 or 3 abilities in the game that still cancel orders - virtually all others have been "fixed" over the years. Trundle's Pillar of Ice is another, which can be super annoying if you're chasing someone and you've got your camera slightly ahead. Gangplank's ultimate used to be an example too before his upgrade - I don't know if he still is. Seeing an AFK Gangplank after he ults wasn't uncommon though - since he would often watch his ultimate and not realize he's stopped moving. (Unless I'm mistaken to assume you've made an error - because if you haven't made an error I just disagree with you for bashing this change. Cassiopeia is stupidly click-intensive - removing the need to re-issue movement commands every 0.5 seconds will not make her easier).
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: Stormraider's Surge 75% slow resistance + boots of swiftness 25%
They stack multiplicatively. 75% + 25% = 81.25% Or, they should. Boots of Swiftness + Swiftness mastery + Sejuani's passive already stack multiplicatively.
: Not getting Ambient Gold when minions spawn until a little afterwards.
This was in the patch notes as intentional. They didn't want people waiting for gold like they did last season to buy an extra potion.
: Mordekaiser primary role labeled as marksman
Riot needs to split the Fighter class into the Juggernaut and the Duelist class: for the bruiser/fighter/juggernaut champions and the melee-"marksman".
: I disagree. Both the MS and burst are critical on him. He's an opportunistic champion who needs to make a large impact when he shows himself. It isn't about sustained DPS. Runic Echoes is definitely a lot better than Runeglaive for him.
But the amount of damage is the same - the only difference is how it's applied and it's not difficult to throw out an autoattack on him when all his abilities are the same range his his attacks. Runeglaive offers the same burst as well as boasting DPS for a champion that doesn't move during his damage rotation. But in any event - I'm not asking for the change to be reverted. I'm proposing how to make the item actually better for more mages - because, let's face it, Fiddlesticks can jungle with a Doran's Ring. He's not the target audience.
: It helps other junglers like Fiddlesticks, AP Zac and Karthus. The stats are useful on anyone but this isn't true for Runeglaive. I think it's a great direction.
But... it doesn't help Fiddlesticks. It's worse on Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks has high cost and high cooldown abilities and cannot move while using his primary damage dealing tool - Runeglaive is much better as a jungling item for him. Sure, it's not a good late-game item for him, but it's a superior jungle item. Are mages really that affronted to autoattacking that they'll accept a significantly higher cost/cooldown proc just to be able to trigger the damage on an ability? As for stats, you're gaining 20 AP and 10% MS but losing 10% CDR, 250 mana and up to 62% of missing mana regeneration. Losing that CDR is actually a huge blow to most mage junglers (assassins will still pick up the sheen, so they aren't losing anything).
: Ive personally had no problem are you just spamming your spells off cooldown
... I've had no problem using it. I just fail to see the purpose of the rework when it's a downgrade to the live version, and the live version is already considered sub-par. At most this buffs champions who currently stack Sheen + Echo because the combined burst of Runic + Lich Bane is superior to Luden + Runeglaive - but those champions can already jungle with ease and are generally received as overbearing (Ekko, Diana, Fizz, etc). All the mages who complained about Runeglaive and who struggle to jungle use this item worse. In particular, it's by far inferior on Fiddlesticks and he is the poster child for Runeglaive haters... There's also the legitimate design flaws that feel like a step backwards, like when Quill Coat was reverted to Kindlegem only for it to then be remembered "oh yeah, we added Quill Coat because health alone doesn't help junglers clear" and then they released Bami's. We used to have Spirit Stone which increased damage dealt - it wasn't interesting but it aided in clearing. Then it was converted into Fiendish and we had a drought of AP junglers, which prompted Riot to rework it. Sure, Sheen isn't desirable on everyone but Spellblade at least improves clear time. Going back to a stat-only component is... a step back.
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: Runic Echoes feedback on Evelynn.
Maybe instead of refunding mana at maximum stacks - your next ability cast at 100 stacks is free? I know Warwick isn't the intended user of the item - but 15% of his missing mana is never enough to activate his Q (at any point in the game). I imagine most champions with high costs and low mana pools will actually fall into similar pitfalls - although the same can be said for the current item, but at least Runeglaive doesn't demand spam in order to trigger it (someone like Malzahar who has next to no mana and expensive abilities could space out Runeglaive procs, which he can no longer do). Runic Echoes paradigm only really benefits champions like Evelynn who will regen enough to cast another ability and who aren't that dependent on mana to start with and so can afford to generate charges. Perhaps if damaging monsters with abilities generated extra stacks? So versus monsters you could maybe trigger the damage everyone 2 or 3 abilities instead of every 10.
: Of course I used his E before too but he is now much more dependent on it for his ult. to be meaningful. He no longer has the same ability to siege and poke effectively (the costs are higher too). The E range is much shorter than his ult. range at higher ranks. With the old Kog, I could safely (outside of E range) group mid and launch Luden's empowered Rs at 3-4 people chunking them for 15% or so. I'd gladly take the old R to the new one in almost all scenarios and I think the changes to it are the main reason his winrate tanked for mid. His new W might deal more damage with 400 AP than old Kog but I'm not sure. It is 2% on-hit and .75% AP scaling compared to 6% on-hit with 1% AP scaling. You need a lot of attacks to use it well in a practical scenario and a lot of time to get there. Even if old Kog's AS was lower (although its growth was much higher), the main limiting factor was having to kite back. With animation cancelling, the AS never felt like an issue. Regardless, his W is unequivocally much weaker for the first 20 minutes or so and it costs mana to use too (meaning you can't just use it to CS and avoid confrontation while you're weak).
I don't think you're fully appreciating what "double" means. To compare new Kog'Maw's W to his old you have to double the ratios - 4% (+1.5% per 100 AP) versus 6% (+1% per 100 AP). He's new W also halves his cast times. E and R fire faster.
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