: This isn't true anyway. If you actually look at the red comments in this thread you'll see that they were posted over several days, only the oldest was five days ago.
soooo my comment is still valid? they havent responded to any feedback for 5 days?
: > dont you love how riot comments the first day and then does not comment on any feedback for 5 days? Could be busy?
it takes 30 secs to write a comment
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
dont you love how riot comments the first day and then does not comment on any feedback for 5 days?
: Sion's Q. Decimating Smash. Is Terrible: here is why
his passive is terrible as well.......make it similar to aatrox's
: This is my first time posting on the PBE forum, so forgive me if this sounds a tad crude. I enjoy the way the new scion plays, but have noticed one possible bug (may just be intentional) and two slight suggestions 1) When using Scion in the jungle, I noticed that if i were auto-attacking monsters in a camp, then charged my q, Scion would not go back to auto-attacking afterwards (I checked that the "auto attack" behavior in the options was enabled). As I said, i'm not sure whether this is intentional or an oversight, but it would be nice not to have to re-click to reacquire a target. As a side note, I had smart cast enabled at the time (don't know if that's needed information or not) 2) I have read peoples comments on the long charge time for the q, and must say i somewhat agree; It does take a significant amount of time, making it infinitely dodgeable as well as nearly useless for chasing. That being said, the damage is excellent, as is the utility. I would recommend that, to fix the charge up time without making the ability too powerful, decrease the charge time to 1 second (still immobile while charging), maintain or ***very*** slightly nerf the damage, and decrease the duration of the knockup. This would, I believe, feel both more fluid and useful, as well as seeming to be more inline with the character's theme. Scion is portrayed as a large and freakishly strong brute, and I feel that his q, an obviously powerful charged attack, should be somewhat more focused on damage than on CC (though not to the complete exclusion of the CC). 3) I agree with some of the other testers in that his passive often feels rather useless. As long as you can stay out of his auto attack range for a very brief duration, the passive really has no effect. I don't want to suggest that you make it imitate another champion (I am a huge fan of unique mechanics and abilities), so I would not recommend giving him a large speed boost and burst like KogMaw, but how about adding on a small slow and extended range during his passive? Maybe a 10% slow, and for added range maybe 30 to 50. However, with that change, I would recommend either doing away with the speed boost entirely, or considerably nerfing the speed it grants. I believe that with this change, not only is his passive more relevant in laning phase, but it also makes him a threat to back line carries during a team fight (though not so powerful that there is no opportunity for outplay). Anyways, those are my two cents. Hope I've been helpful :)
i tihnk it should be a revive type skill that goes on cooldown and doesnt kill you when its done something that like makes you go to full health then lose 3/4 of your health over a period of 5 secs. that was you could really make some big palys and not have to worry about him doing it every time he dies kind of like an atroxx passive but if he goes ham hes gonna regen what he loses.
: Passive: Glory In Death - I feel like is a really cool concept but isn't quite there. The health drain I think is way too fast. Even when I could stick on to someone (which was very rare) I felt like I wasn't even healing enough to keep my self alive. When you used to pop his ult he was unkillable because his lifesteal and attack speed boost. Q: Decimating Smash - I think is good, very good in combination with ult or other teammates cc. W: Soul Furnace - The problem with the passive on this is that it is very underwhelming. I did a custom game and I had no health items, about 62 kills, and 300+ farm and my max health was only like 2.8k. Later today I played the old Sion and I managed to get 3k health with 3 kills and 260 creeps. I've always liked Sion in this regard, that kind of like a Nasus, he should be scary to face late game because of his infinite potential. This is not so with the rework E: Roar of the Slayer - I think is fine. The armor shred and slow is good for closing distances (and it is a skillshot instead of the old on hit) R: Unstoppable Onslaught - I think is pretty unique and interesting. I really like the consequence of crashing into walls to make players use it wisely. The one thing is I'm not sure if the camera is supposed to return to you after collision, because a couple times when I ran into someone my camera kinda stayed in that stampede mode instead of being free or even locked. Overall I think his laning phase will be much improved. His ability to go AP will not be nearly as powerful as in the past (which makes sense because he's a giant warrior monster not a mage). But to me he doesn't feel as terrifying as the old Sion if he could get going. But I love all the animations on his abilities, very nice!
i tihnk it should be a revive type skill that goes on cooldown and doesnt kill you when its done something that like makes you go to full health then lose 3/4 of your health over a period of 5 secs. that was you could really make some big palys and not have to worry about him doing it every time he dies.
: Technically, a great number of abilities are self-stuns that also do damage at the same time; it's called cast time. While this is not the same thing exactly, at its core it is following the same philosophy: tradeoffs. Sion is not the only champion with a large consequence for failing to use his ult in an ideal way. Essentially, Sion is making a tradeoff for missing his ult, yes? He stuns himself, and likely fails to apply damage or cc to the enemy. This is hardly any different than any other champion that misses an ult, for whatever reason. Imagine, if you will, playing Azir as a teamfight starts. You get into position and fire your ult... in completely the wrong direction. Your wall doesn't damage or block even a single enemy champion. You're nearly guaranteed to die now, and all because you didn't use your ult correctly. This is basically the exact same thing as running into a wall while using Sion's ult. Suddenly, the damage and cc you expected isn't happening, and you're badly out of position, a quick death nearly a certainty. "But that's different, I wouldn't miss Azir's ult, it's way too easy to hit!" You may say the same thing about Sion's ult in a couple of weeks; it's too soon to pass judgement yet. Sion's ult is a fresh and extremely interesting ability, bringing new gameplay and mechanics to an already enormous lineup. Give yourself a few weeks to learn how it works and when to use it, and see if you don't change your mind about him. If you're still not happy with it, then there's always 120 other champions to choose from!
Yes but azirs ult does not have a self stun built in so it doesnt stun you if you dont hit anyone with it
: Sion Q brush bug
i think you shouldnt be able to see the indicator i feel it should be like nunus ult
: Sion old taunt why not in rework?
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
I Have a beef with sions ult Sion starts charging in a target direction, building up speed as he moves and trampling enemy minions along his path. He can cancel his charge early, at which point he slams the ground, dealing area of effect damage to all nearby enemies. Otherwise, Sion charges an extremely long distance, only stopping once he hits an enemy champion, wall, or reaches the end of his charge. If Sion charges into an enemy champion, he knocks them up and deals area of effect damage; if he hits a wall, Sion stuns himself briefly and deals area of effect damage around him. Why Does This Ultimate I REPEAT ULTIMATE have a downside like this........he knocks them up and deals area of effect damage; if he hits a wall, Sion stuns himself briefly and deals area of effect damage around him This is really not good.....no one else has a ultimate that has such a negative downside to it. you stun your self if you screw up your ult.....is this really a fair downside to a Ultimate ability?
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
So I have some thoughts on Sion and some bug reports here Passive - I feel you die too fast as the passive activates if your opponent isnt stupid they will just run away from you. however if you do stand to get lucky you do insane amounts of dmg almost too much. Suggestion- Maybe instead of sion acutally dies (isnt he dead already?) nerf his dmg while in this form, he goes back to full health and loses 3/4 of max his health over time, and put the passive on a CD. this will make it rewarding for popping the passive and some clutch plays If used correctly. Q- I have no problems with this mechanically. Bugs- sometimes i seem to have to press Q 3 to 4 times just to get it to activate! Very unresponsive at the moment. and it doesn't register the auto visual right after he slams his axe to the ground. W- I like the functionality on this move (almost makes frozen hammer a must on him) the passive gives you health which increases the damage on the active which a really nice incentive to CS well. E- I like the possibility for a really long range slow with this move ,however I think that the damage is very lackluster. you just use it to slow them enough to get close enough to charge your Q. R- I like the move itself very fun to use, and a good gap closer! decent damage and I feel the stun is appropriate. Bugs- It does not feel responsive sometimes and if you hit a wall you sometimes stun yourself (Was this intended?) Overall I think sion has a very "Darius" feel and I like that and when you go in you know your going to get a kill! overall at this point I feel hes slightly (very slightly) stonger that most top lane picks and think he now has a positive place in the game, Instead of just being a "Troll" pick My pref buys Crystal Flask Brutalizer Sunfire Black cleaver (insert your lifesteal item here) Spirit Visage Frozen Hammer W/E boots you like
: I agree on the passive. It seems useless at the moment,at least in lane. People just will go aways from you and the speed burst is very low. Instead of doing all that damage he could have something that make him do damage instead of wasting this passive: increased base movement speed or a better (and longer) burst of speed from abilities.
I think the passive move speed needs a buff or the passive needs to be changed.
: Maybe then Sion can't move but he can't turn and change direction Imagine he's fighting Tryndamere,when using Q trynda spins and goes on the other side. Sion cn turn and still using his Q
I feel that that is good counterplay though. you should be rewarded for making sion use an ability without thinking about it, dont use Q when the enemy can easily dodge it.
: I mostly agree with you. However, I think his q should work like Vi's or Varus', meaning he could still move while charging it albeit at a reduced speed.
If that happened we would probably lose something on it in a tradeoff because as a stationary move its pretty amazing.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
I have noticed that (during doom bots) that she looks like she isnt on the ground completly she hovers just a few inches above the ground. shadows confirm cause they do not touch her feet.
: That's a heck of a lot of power thrown purely into mana regen instead of combat stats, and that's on top of the initial cost-inefficiency of all the jungle items before you can make use of the conservation passive. If you have to devote that much gold to mana, you're usually going to be significantly weaker than the other jungler for a long period of time.
he did say that it was late game he was having a prblem with mana. i think a late game ice gauntlet would be a tremendous help too. tanky ap, mana and a slow to boot.
: I feel that Scarner runs out of mana to quickly late game, and i find myself having to back out of fight while having almost full hp because im out of mana and cant do anything. I also am unable To hear any of his voicelines, I dont know if this is the audio upgrade or the rework.
would a tear item help this after your intial jungle item? I feel in the jungle with the new items i never run out of mana as much. and im sure the tear item would help out a whole bunch with your mana starved problems.
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