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: Lux Q Buff Feedback
Sounds Great. I don't play lux often but this might just change that fact. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Client Updating is failing.
Same here and it gets honestly frustrating , we never had problems like these with the old client. New client is so buggy and it isn't really a big change from the old client except for graphics and visuals. Edit: Still no answer. Great support.
: ARURF enabled soon on PBE for testing
You forgot to include Ivern to the list :c FeelsBadMan.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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: Sooo... is no one going to talk about how Rengar is the most disgusting rework I have ever seen?
They just need to fix numbers on bonetooth thats all. Make killing kha give u 30% and on 5th instead of having an increase from 4th stack , you get 2 ferocity from 1st jump or something that fits his kit like this. Give riot a break with your bitching.It's PBE they're testing things and bitching instead of criticizing won't help.Please explain with ARGUMENTS what you don't like about rengar. Do not simply say OMFG BROKEN NERF PLS NERF PLS. That's not how civilized people talk and afaik Riot is a bunch of civilized people. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: People downvote because it's not the answer they want to hear. They don't take into account whether if it is the right answer.
I Totally Agree, didn't think my post would get much attention. I saw blind pick as an option but thought we would be getting weeks of focused ranked testing. Thanks for the fast answers guys! Blind pick is back ^U^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Taliyah feels bad to play
Calm down it's a bug. It's not intended that her consecutive q's deal 0.45% of the initial damage. It's just spagetti code striking with a 0.45% instead of 45%
: WE WILL BUFF HIM STRAIGHT AWAY!!!!!! o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7 We did actually make some optimizations to his chimes and their spawn, however it does seem like we need to make some additional changes (they spawn really well on 1 side, but not the other ... T_T) I love Bard though <3
Glad I could make you hear my opinion.Bard is an overall strong champion and he is really fun to play but this time when i was defending it was a little lackluster. Thanks for answering <3 P.S: About the balista balance , are you guys gonna try to change it? Seems pretty op right now.
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: From what i heard riot said they would like it on pbe this week, but no guarantees.
: S/he is.
: Hello, You can start a game, if it doesn't work just wait and it will.
i mean it does an error stating that the game either cannot launch or that everybody quit NVM: Add bots and it will start.
: We are looking into this now. Bear with us :)
Nice meme , why do I have the strange impression you're not an actual Red? xD
: Custom Game Not Starting
If only riot could allocate more time to champion selects so that we can actually wait for the champ select to finish instead of getting the error , would be great. I understand that a lot of ppl come in but if we all come in to do nothing , then we should just not be able to come in.{{item:3070}}
: It just takes a while to get in game. Don't worry. It's because so many people are trying to get into a game~ Don't dodge and it will start.
Been 3 times where we wait it out and it doesn't start , says error message:Game(game name):impossible to launch game or every player left.Please try to find another game.
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: Soraka: Heal Bug
I found the same bug on Normal servers though , dont know if it will be reproduceable in pbe but with Vladimir if you e when low enough you will do death animation and ignore dmg and then revive with around 100 hp.
: Vladimir [W]
Not a bug , like last shadow said ; when they have nothing to attack in range jg monsters regenarate because they dont know youre there.
: I think that would be Fiora and not Yi ;-; I main Yi too and this breaks my heart but the descriptions perfectly addresses Fiora and not Yi ;-;
The skins are already confirmed go check surr@20 , yi ,zed , fiora,lucian ,leona
: Unable to login
Same here , everytime we're hyped something happens with the servers ..
: Custom/Normal Games not working
: It's definitely a "better" version of weekly stipend that we had up to 2014 fabuary. That's not a good thing, as I mentioned before. It is even worse than old weekly stipend. Players treat Mystery Gifting as a way to collect all the content which is not available in the store. Now RP is infinite.. I think that granted RP amount should be reduced from 3 000 to 100, and it should only be received when player has less than 50 RP. This will allow to make all the content that can be purchased for RP (like chromas, they can't be made for IP for some reason) available for everyone. With 100 RP you can buy 100 chroma packs!! So far we only have a few -.- I am really confused because this change negates weekly ~~IP~~ and RP removal that was made in 2014 for a really good reasons.
Chroma Packs are back to being 590 rp tho , so you can't get only 100 rp , and anyways we can now mystery gift spam and get rare skins and play them and who knows maybe find a bug from a new update. Especially since they are doing lots of vfx updates which could mess up some rare skins up a lot since rare skins usually have old textures and vfx. I concluded that riot made it intentional to do so , because they keep updating vfx and textures these days.
: Randomly gained 3000 RP?
It is most likely a new fonction that riot instaured in pbe to get 3k rp if under around 500 rp or like 100 rp each minute , it refills you with 3k more , but you gotta be like around 0-499 I think since i tested with ip boosts (hmm-hmm , def didn't buy 700 wins ip boosts , of course not). But yeah probably a new fonction since chroma packs are back to 590 rp and that with gifting we can get rare skins and test them to see if bugs come with the vfx updates. This is actually a nice surprise. Riot should bring back self mystery skin gifting in pbe , since it would basically make us be able to get every single skin through self mystery skin gifting, Therefore giving us more testing access and enjoyability of playing the rare skins we always strived to have.
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: Can't log in
Hopefully It Will Be Fixed Later On With A Maintenance Aiming At Enlarging Server Space And Stability As Well As Login Responses. {{item:3070}} Wanted To Try Ekko So Bad And Wanted To Report Whichever Bug With Him & Skins But Meh 24h of login queue stops me of doing this.


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