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: Strange Rengar Bug
I jumped into this thread in hopes that I would find a Kha'Zix pun, but I guess there's not one to be found :c
: [Clubs] Bugs and Feedback
My god, why are you so good at formatting? Also, thanks for the bug reporting!
: my pbe acc got stolen and my email got changed too. how fo i get it back
How exactly did you get your PBE account stolen? That's usually only possible if you let other people use it. protip: Don't share your PBE account under any circumstance.
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
IMO I'd love to see a system where you can ***actually*** gain mastery points and levels, and have no cap. Seriously, that guy who got 1 mil points on Thresh really deserves Mastery Level 100.
: Useful information for new PBE players
The markdown in this post is giving me the greatest sense of satisfaction. How much time was put into this? Approximate hours? I created a guide on Yasuo about a week ago and spent a good 10 hours on it, and it has no where near the amount of detail this has (in regards to artwork and the likes).
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: Kindred not what I expected
Dang, I really like the idea of the ult. Actually, instead of a "Transform" ult (It would still be a transform ult, but wouldn't be regarded as one), it more of makes Lamb and Wolf change "spirits", where Wolf becomes the humanoid figure, and Lamb becomes the spirit orbiting around Wolf, and vice versa. The ability set changes from a ranged approach to a melee approach (Wolf being melee, Lamb being ranged) much like Elise or Nidalee (The reason I specified these two was because they're actual transforming champions, unlike Jayce). The two kits would be somewhat similar to each other, except that Wolf's are more focused around melee. --- Here's a few of my ideas for Wolf's kit: **Q:** Wolf dashes forwards, empowering his next 3 basic attacks to deal area-of-effect physical damage to nearby targets *Casting W or going into Lamb's shrine will reduce the cooldown of Q to 2 seconds.* **W:** *Passive:* Wolf gains stacks as he moves around, and consumes the stacks upon basic attacks for bonus physical damage. *Active:* Lamb claims an area as her *shrine*, and gives a small movement speed buff to a selected ally champion, as well as heals them for *x* (+% AP). **E:** Wolf targets an enemy champion, and gains movement speed when **heading towards the marked champion.** Lamb automatically travels to the marked champion and deals *y* (+ % AD) damage to that champion over a course of *z* seconds. The marks may only be consumed if Wolf attacks the marked target, as well.
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: omg the log in is to op
Oh, 52 minutes is *nothing*. Give it just another 10 minutes and soon you'll be in a queue time longer than you'll be alive.
: You just have to put bots, you just won't get any up or exp.
I did that, but it said I required a minimum of 2 players in my custom game to be able to play due to high server request.
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: Ekko doesn't feel like an AP champion.
Katarina is almost exactly the same as Ekko (build and appearance-wise) - An AP melee assassin. Also works with Kassadin. Believe me, sometimes even I forget that Katarina is AP.
: Riot made a mistake
I wish it was so small that you could play a couple games and come across at least one person more than once. You know, like, "Hey! I played game with you two games ago!" kind of thing. It's a small world, after all.
: Just some extra feedback. Didn't get to play in a normal queue because people instalock. But this is in a custome game against bot.
Question: How did you manage to play a custom game by yourself? Wouldn't it only allow you to play a custom game if you had 2 players in the lobby at the minimum?
: So how long do you think it will be until the people that only came to play Ekko will leave?
Give it a day or more. There will still be a lot of people wanting to play Ekko, but the servers won't be overcrowded like the day of his release onto PBE. Most people tend to play one game as the new champion, go off and brag about it, then play Live until the next champion release so they can save up their IP for the new champion.
: Haven't succeeded yet. Let me in, PBE. x'D By the way, this seems like wayyyy more people than Bard. Wtf.
It's because Bard is a support champion, and most LoL players know that support is one of the least common roles for people to pick. However, playing in Draft, Ranked, or Classic, people tend to have to fight over who gets mid or top. Because Ekko is an assassin, he's popular. Everybody likes to play assassins {{champion:55}}. And because Ekko is an AP assassin, of course he's going to be overhyped. Bard was an AP support, nothing too special. There's already what, like, 20 champions viable for support (I can't check because I'm too busy logging into PBE) whereas there's not as many assassins, so the release of an assassin that has a unique playstyle, much like Ekko, is going to be extremely overhyped.
: Let me just say- When you get logged in, DON'T LOG OUT.
Yeah, whatever you do, if you get into Champion Select and somebody picks Ekko before you, ***DO NOT DODGE***. Trust me, waiting 5 minutes before you enter queue is totally worth it, but waiting 2 hours is not. Instead, **don't pick a champion, and wait for the timer to go down.**
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: Where did you hear that it was going to be permanent?
I can't exactly remember where I heard it, but I do know it was from a reliable source.
: Oh what if I have no more refunds... I accidently used them all ;_;
I wouldn't know how to help you if you can't refund them. Perhaps you should send in a support request from Riot saying that you didn't get the DJ Sona icons when you purchased the skin.
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: New Veigar feels like playing with 600+ Ping.
Yeah, I just played Veigar and I have to agree, the .75 second delay is way too long, especially for a stun. Yet I understand why they decided to try this change because I admit that a pentagon of walls that has the potential to stun the entire team in less than half of a second is a bit overpowered. However, I do feel that .75 seconds is a bit much.
: Suggestion for the item to replace DFG
I think Riot is already working on an item much like this. Riot has already explained in the 5.3 Patch Notes ( ) - "a new +120 AP item to replace the gap left in DFG's wake. We're aiming for 5.4 and are expecting to stick the landing (except maybe the new item, as it's a bigger project and might take longer!)." - "One thing we do agree with is that there needs to be another +120 ability power item for endgame mages, and we're investigating that space as we speak."
: [Victory/Defeat Sign] - Only word is showing up, not the splash background
I've seen this as well but I don't think that there's a fix around it (like some other bugs) other than to with it. {{champion:33}}
: Pulsefire Ezreal needs update
As somebody who just played Ezreal in a game on PBE, I can confirm that this is much-needed. While I like the skin, it's a bit like Anivia. Good champ, bad skin. However, Pulsefire Ezreal is not a bad skin, it just...needs a texture update.
: Not getting Dj Sona's icons and banner
This is probably due to buying DJ Sona in the Champion Select menu. For some reason (of which I have no idea why), the icons are not given to you if you buy it in the Champion Select menu. If you are having the same problem by buying DJ Sona directly from the store, I can't help you there. To fix this bug, you have to use one of your refunds. 1. Refund the DJ Sona skin (You cannot be in a queue) 2. Wait a small amount of time for your client to get this "news" 3. Re-buy the DJ Sona skin. 4. Profit (A.K.A. 3 new DJ Sona icons)


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