: Mid Season Mages Bug thread!
Zyra's plants does not trigger UNIQUE – TRIBUTE: (Spells and basic attacks against champions or buildings deal 15 additional damage and grant 15 Gold. This can occur up to 3 times every 30 seconds. Killing a minion disables this passive for 12 seconds.) Even though they should.
: The script run just a few hours ago, granting level 30 and RP/IP to everyone. If you still don't get level 30, 24 hours after your first log in, let us know!
thanks a lot! You sir are awesome...:D
: Not getting leveled up after 40-50 hours isn't normal and it probably means that the script isn't running at all. We will be fixing it, but I am not sure if it's going to be restored before the end of the holidays. As a temporary measure I leveled up and granted RP to everyone who reported the issue in the forum, so you guys can start playing normally on the PBE. Sorry if I missed anyone, I will check again on Monday. Have a nice holiday!
I would love to be level 30 asap thanks :P


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