: [Closed] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Quinn!
I was okay with the first changes. I Thought it look better darker and the hair is not as bright. But the last change kinda get me. Especially with her hair. I understand you want it to look like it belong to the other heartseeker skins, but i feel like the color is a little bit too dark instead of a white pastel wash unlike the other one. Plus the color somewhat matches her tight, in turn making it looks muted/does not pop out, especially now that her tight are completely solid. I think i'm okay with the removal of the accent on the tights, as it does look a bit awkward with them on. Although without any other accents on her legs she looks just kinda meh as her clothes is super simple unlike the other heartseeker skins (which i understand considering their designs, capes, dresses etc. give more space for artists to unleash their hearts rage). Not my favorite heartseeker skin but it's still very pretty. Thank you for working hard to give us great cosmetics so we feel bad ass in game!
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: Global Splash Update Incoming!
My thought about the new update: Why cottontail teemo? It was nice before and now it just look completely terrifying. Goth annie is just looking way too happy and friendly for her skin concept. And i couldn't tell that was zombie ryze until i looked it up. Please rito... Some of these are nice but some of these are just plain bad...

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