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: Unless the interview information was fake, every player aside from Bang got the champion they wanted(He wanted Kalista)
Ok does anyone know why they wouldn't give him Kalista? This seems fimilar to the rumour that Faker wanted Ahri last time but they changed it to Zed
: So, about those SKT skins...
Just a few questions if I may ask 1. Where the champions chosen by the players themselves? I only ask because the way it's worded it sounds like Riot picked the champions for them. (I am sure I am wrong but I wanted clarification) 2. When designing the original skins did anyone on the team brings up these concerns because I find it hard to believe everyone on the team looked at 5 750RP skins for the 2 time world champions and thought "Yes this will be acceptable" especially since last year they created 2 975RP for Samsung White. 3. Why was EasyHoon left out in the first place when fans had been calling for him to receive a skin all the way back in November last year?. 4. Finally, slightly away from the SKT Skins... when will Fnatic, TPA and SSW get their very own Ward Skin since you guys created one for SKT for their season 3 Worlds win?.
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
I have heard alot about this new PBE thing but as of yet no one has said how you actually sign yourself up to try this out
: Client Keeps Crashing Whenever I'm In Draft TB
Just happened to me twice - First time it crashed when the enemy made their 3rd Ban Pick (Zed) and second time it got to the final pick for the enemy team (Nami) and it just crashed again :/


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