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: Irelia: So 100% damage Reduction for ~2s every 6.6s is ok?
its a very off build for her itemizing to get the 100%. Rageblade changes and build paths from new items makes it impractical in a normal game. She would get dominated if she tried going ap in lane
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: I agree but i guess my post wasn't 100% clear. Even though I wasn't fed in OFA, my death timer were still up to 80 seconds. I'm fine with it scaling, Better KDA = Longer deathtimer. but when people who are doing bad still get 80 seconds, it just doesn't seem fair.
It kind of has to be in place though. I hear you on the whole if they're doing bad why get punished, but the long death timers are necessary else some teams would be borderline unbeatable. Just imagine getting a good teamfight only to have the 3 veigars that took 4 ahris to kill just pop back in with one dude just waveclearing and stalling. Its to help out in case a team is being dominated and force a smarter game sense not just running in like apes because you feel you can't lose with your comp.
: A Request for one for all
While this would make it a bit more fair, that kind of is the point of OFA. Running the risk of getting a bad or good matchup. Hence trying to vote for a champ that can work or is a "hidden" op {{champion:44}} or just a good all rounder. I think personally a better way to make it less of a insta-loss would be being able to see who your enemy team is. It isnt much but at least you can modify your runes accordingly and sums as well. In game you have the option to tweak your build and such. Also keep in mind there are ten bans, so if you dont want nightmare morgana binds, just ban her or whatever champs you dont want to face.
: This kind of atitude i what is killing the game modes. Just add the 10 champ bans. People will always cry about something and riot keeps feeding this atitude by trying to balance game mode like URF. It is a game mode for fun, it isnt ranked, just freaking chill about. They are banning Teemo and Karthus, this is so dumb. Add the oracle drink to the mode, we have zhonyas for Karthus, and besides, it is just like ARAM, you will have trash matches and great matches. This game is slowly dying because riot keeps giving attetion to cry babies.
wanting to actually enter a game with a champ you have never tried only to have 4 dodges in a row is crying? No one is asking balance of the game mode, just that you dont waste 10 minutes every qeue by dodges.
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: Loading Into Game - Bug
For me you cant tab out or do anything just sit until the game starts. And the post game screen also wont show after, just a spiral loading icon after the honor a teammate pop-up. Have to exit client and reload to get it to show the home screen or be able to start a new game.
: Practice Tool Dummy model change
probably a third party skin changer or just a private game with kat buying tank items. wooxy is one i know of thats a texture changer.
: PBE Rengar Is Too Strong
So after about 17 games with him and against him in mainly top and jungle i have to say. His lane pressure is not that great in reality. Him top lane is very annoying at first especially as a immobile bruiser or just weak early game damage. His empowered q's are rather strong, and with his crit dmg, dusk-blade on top, and empowered dmg from ult leap, he is a terror to the back line even in mid game. I have to say his jg clears are good, not too quick or slow so that feels about right, and his ganks are pretty okay pre six so nothing new there. His damage outburst is really high, even with one item vs anyone who's not a natural tank or has items. His passive scaling makes it very hard to stop the angry kitty from scaling, even if hes behind, and thrusts him forward if he gets early kills. He is just too hard to put down and keep down, and with the speed boost of empowered abilities, any cc that isn't point and click is far too hard to land. I feel his burst damage and scaling definitely need some tweaks, and the armor shred on his ult is really unnecessary since his build has armor pen already, so itemizing against him is null as anyone but a tank. He is not unplayable, but really is not fun to play against regardless of what lane you are in. He has too much early game damage and scales ludicrously easily{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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