: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Sooo if Graves doesn't have any bullets he can't auto attack? I'm completely lost reading point 2 of his passive.
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
First of all, I'm very excited for the damage changes, but I do have two concerns. **Special Delivery** Will there be a visual indicator that Corki has received "The Package" it seems like there's a lot of power into what is essentially a new ultimate. **Valkyrie's range is being substantially reduced** Is Valkyrie going to be compensated in other ways? Because it is a great gap closer but the cooldown is pretty significant when compared to Ezreal's E for example, especially at rank 1.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I've been playing Quinn since her release and while I obviously haven't had a chance to play with any of these changes yet, I'm very excited. Vault was always my favourite ability with Quinn. Strategically bouncing off enemies as both engage and disengage is a lot of fun. Not only that, but correctly weaving passive procs and vaults to maximize damage was very enjoyable and fun to catch enemies off guard with. The fact that Vault is not changed makes me happy. Blinding Assault was always my least favourite ability, mainly because it wanted to be so many things. Maxing Blinding Assault was worthless, as the damage AoE was pitifully small, and the cooldown is still 7 seconds at max rank. If you missed landing your blind you were essentially screwed, and the fact that so much of its power budget was in the blind meant she lacked what almost all other AD carries had in the vein of a poke + wave clear ability (Phos Bomb, Piercing Light, Volley, Buckshot, etc.) To see it turning into a more basic %HP damage ability while also making it a better wave clearing tool is something that will help not only in lane, but make her an even better splitpusher which was always one of her big strengths top lane. The ultimate change is something I'm most excited for. Even though I'm a bot lane Quinn player I ended up playing a lot of my games with her as a solo splitpusher. I loved going as deep as I could into enemy territory and using W to scout enemies and fleeing with Tag Team when I had to, only to turn around and pick someone off with Skystrike if possible. To have that ability up 100% of the time is going to be tonnes of fun. The way Valor would soar across the map once the movement speed had peaked was such a liberating feeling; all the fun of homeguarding out of base only in the enemy jungle while several people chase you.
: Ongoing: Mass Texture Rebalancing!
So will we be looking at a larger than normal patch size for this?
: Bot game: You can see bots in Fog of War
Yup, got same bug in a custom game with bots. Happened at random times to random bots. Was not using any of the new skins when it happened.
: [INFO REQUEST] "Unexpected plataform error"
Summoner Name: Charles BarkIey (BarkIey with an I not an L)
: And this thread is another example of exactly why it's important to start restricting PBE accounts; instead of people actually waiting to get into game and see the actual changes for themselves, people are just using PBE accounts to post knee-jerk reactions to a data-mined and obviously inaccurate list of changes. The nerf isn't even that bad, but because the RoG list left out the scaling adjustment, people are abusing the fact that they can post on this forum to flame Riot.
Unfortunately that won't change even once the PBE moves to the restricted access model. Reign Of Gaming will still have access to the PBE client files and be able to download patches. They'll still incorrectly datamine files and people will upvote it on Reddit and everyone will flip out about changes that aren't even real. It's a shame. If only people would use Surrender@20 instead.

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