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: This is exactly what I was thinking and planning to make a thread about. In the reveal they said they wanted him to let his soldiers do everything while he sat back. However his E is horrible for this getting into a thick of the fight (which like you stated would instantly get him killed) does not seem like it belongs and his W is basically melee range while I feel like he should be able to place them out further for the ability to poke without getting super close to the enemy or using Q to reposition the soldiers. His R also feels out of place. It's some small damage and a knockback, it's basically Anivia wall with some damage and longer duration. I feel like his mana costs are ok but his E feels out of place and his W seems to short range. So the changes I would make would be to change the E completely, Increase range of W, And maybe make some kind of change to R I have no idea what that change would be though. E - Protect azir!: All soldiers you control dash to you and knock enemies up for 1 second by sweeping the ground with their weapons. For every enemy knocked up Azir gains a small shield. E - Sweep: Soldiers knock up all enemies in their circles for 1 second E - Guards!: All soldiers dash to a target enemy and stun them for 1 second. Those are just some things I thought of for E W - Range increased from 450-625 (200 less than the Q of Orianna) Idk some people may completely disagree with this but I just think this could help him out a lot if his W was longer range and his E wasn't suicide 50% of the time anymore. The W range may be a bit of overkill maybe it should just stay as is I would have to play atleast 10 matches with this guy to really know his skill set while right now I've only played like 5
I also agree with his W range being buffed. I like your idea for his E but i feel like it should instead be a double cast thing. E - Phalanx/Divide and conquer: All soldiers dash back to Azir and form a wall around him in direction casted,damaging and slowing all enemies hit by X amount. If re-casted within 5 seconds, Azir and his soldiers charge in. Dealing damage and pushing enemies hit to the side. Azir gains a shield based on X% damage done. Of course the first cast would do less damage since it could be potentially hitting the whole enemy team.Also the slow shouldn't be too great either since most people run a rylais on him. I dont know if this seem broken, but i feel it would make Azir feel a lot more comfortable when in teamfights. It would also give him a lot more potential and usefulness in team fights as well Other than his E and maybe buffing his Ult damage, I quite enjoy playing Azir and find him a rather interesting champ with a lot of cool mechanics and possibilities
: Azir Bug Report Thread
Azir's soldiers after Q'ing will not attack but still play the sound of them hitting things
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