: why troll?
don't u get it?? when was the last time URF skins were available?? April Fools day
: Full price for PBE content
: Urfwick Pricing Problem
: Example: with 6 bans, the following champions will be banned: Shaco, Evelynn, Ziggs, Jax, Syndra, Alistar. -> People will start complaining about Katarina or Sona (random, but it's still "pick" #7 and #8). Example: adding 4 more bans (which would be the logical next complaint: we need more bans!), the following extra champions are banned: Katarina, Sona, Master Yi, Hecarim -> Everyone will start complain that Riven and Ziggs (#11 and #12) are overpowered and that they cannot ban them. By definition everyone in this game mode is overpowered. You just don't notice it with most champions because they're never picked. Complaints will keep happening, everyone is just gonna complain about other champions.
still better than having more OP CHAMP laying around and being cucked
: There isn't a new URF icon.
damn he just prove u wrong REKT HEHE XD
: That won't really work. It will just make pick #11 and #12 popular instead on #7 and #8, after which the complaining will begin once more.
: There is already a post about this. Please check for similar threads before posting and reply there instead, helps to avoid clutter.
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: Sorry about that will post it in the right section
CatMan is a post catcher man lol
: I always get Bronze V...
just play a lot lol I got place in gold 3 when I first started, maybe luck
: Balance discussions for Live content should be posted on the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content **currently** in testing.
yea balance discussions on PBE content lets go
: And as Catman says, those need to be on the live boards. PBE is *only* meant for bugs and feedback on content that is *currently* in testing. You can get more visibility on the love boards. Also: if you want to give feedback or suggestions, you should provide arguments. "Buff X" or "Nerf Y" won't be heard without reason.
: But Caitlyn doesn't have any changes on PBE. They are not looking for any feedback on her. Caitlyn on PBE is currently the same as on Live, so any discussions regarding her viability should be held on the Live Boards, not PBE.
feedback doesnt mean changes lmfao it can mean suggestion mate
: Caitlyn hasn't had any changes this PBE cycle. Balance suggestions for Live content should be posted on the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content **currently** in testing.
i'm testing caitlyn on PBE and suggest a feedback mate
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: About the Draven changes
this is actually a good buff if he gets gank early game so it's a hit or miss man
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: Queue for ever
use legacy client, the new client does not work with low priority queue
: League Client and Game Client itself
riot made it like that idk if this is going to be change or not
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: Can't say support in champ select
did you try to turn off the language filter? maybe it can be solves
: Fix your placements, it's trash
LOL i lost 3 game and 2 of them i went 1/25 and I got place in plat 4
: I had to re download updated client.
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: I just tested it and the axes seemed to be working fine for me. Could it be ping or performance issues on your computer?
I get 21 ping and solid 150-320 fps, and I was watching tyler1 stream when he spectate other player I see their axe drop when they catch it
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: Why Riot Why??
Lots of people get this because riot want to make room for other people so they deactivated your account
: I just made an account and restarted my computer.. why dont have rp and ip yet?
it doesn't matter if u have 0 IP/RP just buy 1 thing w/ 0 IP/LP
: No RP
why are u crying about RP all u really need RP for is to get mysteries box so why would you need em, plus most item are 1 ip except runes
: Minions bugged !
might be because of u play very low setting
: PBE Ranked
no one is playing rank when a new champ release, give it at least 1-2 months and then people will start spamming rank
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: LeaverBuster doesn't recognize crashes as AFK. I myself have crashed a decent amount of times on PBE and I wasn't penalized for it. It is only counted when you close the client and leave the actual game in progress. Even if it did, That would mean if someone didn't get a lane/Champion they wanted they could just leave the game without any penalty.
how about just put the game mode into draft mode but without ban so people can get their role that they wanted
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: Unable to connect to custom games
this happen to me and got a leavebuster but my alt PBE acc has no problem idk if this the acc or the server
: [CLIENT/SERVER BUG] Unable to connect to network
i got this 3 times in a row and now I have 20 min leave buster for 5 games
: I just wanna know if this is affecting all 10 people and not just me, cause if i keep going through with this im sure im going to get suspended for the amount of afk's I let happen
I got leavebuster 20 min for 5 games cuz of that rip life
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: Two sets of starts circling Aurelion Sol
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: Can't download the pbe
enable seed to seed in the option it should help speeding up
: Leaverbuster'd for Crashing because of Aurelion Sol in the Game
: I got invited. They send me a link to download the client
: [League client update] About ALPHA PBE CLIENT
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