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: [Project Vayne] - Issue With HUD Effect When Casting Final Hour
I guess they'd have to change it quite a bit in order for it to not look stretched. Though that shouldn't really pose a problem. But, well, in my opinion they should just remove it to be honest. No more bugs to fix and I honestly find it rather distracting ^^.
Vayne ult is in basically no way like Master Yi's. The only similarities are a movement speed buff (which only empowers the passive in Vayne's case), and the fact that it gets it's duration prolonged on kills, though unlike {{champion:11}} ult, {{champion:67}} can't make her ult duration exceed the starting time, and only gets a four-second extension per kill, which makes that part alot weaker than it is for Yi. Also, since she only gets a four-second extension, the most she can do is extend her ultimate duration by ca. 1.5x the original duration, whereas {{champion:11}} can multiply his original ult duration by 6, ending up with a total 42 second of ult duration compared to a maximum of 32 for {{champion:67}} (if you need 20 seconds for the teamfight, as otherwise the extra duration would just go to waste). Therefore I think your comparison between Yi ult and Vayne ult is rather stupid. Also, starting your baseless rant about a champion with the word "broken" is rather useless too, as it is not really a valid argument for anything.
: Project Vayne - Make the HUD alteration during her ult a(n) (switchable) option
I completely agree. Having the option to disable this would be the best way to go, it's really distracting in my opinion, too.
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