: I had a really bad game with the lag in my first game of the night. I went into training mode and it seemed fine so decided to try another game. This second game had the "normal" amount of lag spikes (or packet loss?) so it was definitely playable. However, in the game after that the lag spikes were once again back with a few people from the enemy team even AFKing. In the lag free game I don't recall anyone complaining about the lag either.
i really hope that someone from riot will address this issue
: Totally awful! Can't even move for 3 seconds at a time throughout the game.
whenever someone uses an ability i freeze for like 2 seconds
: Yeah, it wasn't as bad earlier today but right now it is really bad.
: Had the worst urf game of my life just now Couldn't even cs properly :(
agreed the game is literally unplayable
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