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: > The system that automatically grants RP/IP is having problems. For now, all NEW accounts will get bumped to level 30 and granted a chunk of RP/IP. All EXISTING accounts are going to get a one-time RP/IP bump of a very large number. The daily RP-bumping script has been deactivated. - Riot Koalifier in [New PBE players - Level, RP, and IP]( Can you not get the tokens through the mission system? If anything, the tokens could be changed into an IP price.
Does that mean that existing accounts will get very large amount of IP/RP once again?
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: [In-Game (Urf)][Visual] Strange numbers on champion portrait
It happened to me when i played blitz but it was counting down from like 190 or 180 to 0, and when it counted to 0 it stayed on the champion portrait until i died. {{champion:53}}


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