: So u want to buff Zed's R
would honestly just like the q damage to be reverted back to 1.0 and 50% damage for secondary rather than .9 and 75% for secondary, would also like to have w placement range lowered but faster projectile speed (can place w faster), could also remove the .5 R back delay, could in general just undo zed nerfs, i think the q revert is a big one though so people cant deal as much damage with w e q auto as it seems that it does too much damage
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: Went 10-0 in placements and got B5
This bug occurred on the KR server where people who were diamond last season were getting placed in bronze 5. The bug was fixed by Riot for affected accounts and the next game they played would give them the proper rank from placements they should have gotten. Hopefully, they can fix it for you as ranked on the PBE is... interesting.


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