: I tried every solutions and now the problem solved automatically. thanks for everything.
lol same here the problem solved automatically thanks amy :D
: Does live server open?
: Force close all League programs and/or reboot your pc?
Rioter Comments
: I hope, you will not forget about Irelia splash)
: Right? More splashes tomorrow with PBE, but I didn't want to spoil everything. :)
: Right? More splashes tomorrow with PBE, but I didn't want to spoil everything. :)
i think its time for new irelia splash
: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
: Store : Page not found
: Keybinding issue
yeah i can confirm that
: Sorry everyone, we are investigating the issue right now. Please be patient for a bit longer.
FINALLY {{item:3070}}
: what do you mean??
i mean you can find the arcad menu on your game files not o your client
: Anyone still have the GangPlank Login theme
: Where are the new summoner icons?
the icons was avaliable for short time on store
: How to get new summoner icons?
the icon was available for short time
: I bought to many rune bundles on my pbe account
you should ask riot support to reset your runes and you better read this boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players
: Not being able to buy icons in store
you tried getting them on other accs ??
: Login Error
i logged on normally as always maybe it's fixed
: Add a "VS" between Riven and Blitzcrank in the arcade/battleboss splash
: Public Chat is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.
: Making a Skype PBE group
i think players use public beta chatroom to talk ans share thoughts
: Riot should make some Rainbow Skins for Gay people.
: Your name is very distasteful.
: lux ult
its reported milion times
: PBE on EU
the pbe is small server and he is down for maintenece everyday so its not easy to work on both servers at same time and pbe have small community and you want half of it on a new server that will encarse queues i think its okay playing with 200 ping its not that much lag
: Ward selection in champ select
i think thats better well played :)
: Fiora Feedback Thread
i think she is bit ugly on splash ._.
: From a 2 to an 8 (Less eww, less cartoon, less repulsion in general)
: [Champion Update: Fiora] Can you guys revert the VU?
what have been done cannot be undone i think fiora need more vu update
: Champion Update: Fiora is awesome!
btw her splash looks bit ugly ._.
: LEAGUE OF MOBILITY: Mobile Boards get Buffed 2.0!
: About the hate that players give the new Fiora rework
: too many runes
you might get runes bundle too many times to fix this ask riot support they will remove your runes
: What happens when i buy a mystery champion with all champions?
you will get the new league if legends champ that we dont know about jk as amy said 'Your gift pool is too small to be gifted'
: [Bug] Seeing other people's chat in team builder lobby
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cottontail Fizz!
i like his splash art i mean i like watching teemo crying {{champion:17}} {{item:3070}}
: how am i supposed to get the july bundles?
cause not all skins need testing
: the chat
thats happned to me when i change my name but after 1 or 2 hours it will be okay
: How can i send a support ticket to PBE?
use your live acc and tell them you are talking about your pbe acc
its already reported and its not only on butcher's bridge
: Hey guys! Sorry to hear you're experiencing this. :( What game modes are you getting this issue on?
: No reconnect after leaving game
thats mean that all the players on your team and enemy team get disconnected and the game is gone
: [Client] Champion select music continues to play when you re-open the client in the middle of a game
: Need Runes Reset
send ticket to riot support they will fix it for you and tell them that the problem is in the pbe account
: BOT GAME ???
bots queue buged you can find a game even with 5 premade
maybe you get runes bundle many times ask riot support to fix it for you
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