: when is the new champ being released on the pbe?
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: YO wat the **** it was perfect why do u take criticism on the dumbest things CHANGE IT BACK
IMO, it looks better with the armored shoes due to it matching better with the theme of the skin.
: I'm gonna say it; This pantheon rework needs a buff or be scrapped.
He's in a fine state where he is right now. He has the mostly the same weaknesses that old panth had in falling off lategame. Your complaints are basically aimed at new pantheon not being as broken as other reworked champions upon their release. See Mordekaiser and Akali for exmaples.
: Runes bug
Yeah, it does it for every rune page and every champion, even if the page is complete and has no errors. Great Game, 11/0, Beautiful Game Design :)
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: PBE Maintence Time (17/06/2019
During this 7 hours of maintenance, I have managed to burn myself in three different ways along with "accidentally" putting a fork into my microwave while preparing some cup ramen. Suffice to say, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Good day Riot. I love you. (Edit:) Nevermind, this wait was worth it. See you back on the rift lads.

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