: Hello there, They don't dodge, they crash, its a new champ select, there are still some bugs that make people freeze, crash or bugsplat and thats why this is the PBE, to find those bugs and report them. We are not here just because we want to play before the others, we are here to help and making this get to live server quicker. If you just want to play, you can go to the live server or get a friend and go to a custom game since because of the high sever request the custom game can only start with 2 players. Hope that helps you to understand why some people might miss queue or not locking. :)
This is understandable, but they don't need to be kicked off for not banning or not hitting DONE when they have their champ selected. If the game freezes and crashes for a player during the champ select even if they hover over their champion but want to keep the game from going in for a 4v5 etc. Then the game should have a Room check to see if anyone has left, if anyone is not in room then should redo the Que. But alot of players don't read Surrender@20 and know they have to LOCK IN manually to not be kicked. Since Live server you just hover over your champ and once time runs out, it locks it in for you.
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: Stop banning the champions that got updated/changed
All ADs are pretty much banned and graves is Perma Ban ... idk why they even have Bans open in PBE for normals ..
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: Ranked Que Acceptance not Working
This is what I am getting ... screen shot https://gyazo.com/8b3ec00365fdd7da6c501724f46b29a9
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: "Server Is Currently Busy, Try Again Later"
No unlike the Live servers where they take the servers down for patches and allows players to slowly get offline without cutting people off mid game, in PBE they don't care if you are 50 mins into your game, the moment they want the servers down, they shut the server down and the game you are in is not logged or tracked into your Match History. Personally I have lost alot of wins due to this action but it's PBE ... can't really complain.
: I have a proof, so don't punish me, because you guys kicked me
: Caitlyn's Passive seldom works at double range with the trapped/netted units
I noticed this myself, and hoping Riot will fix it before Preseason hits live.
: Since Season 5 has Ended on PBE
Also on another note, on Live Servers. 5v5 TEAMS rewards like the Boarders should not show up in loading screen for a player in Solo/Duo Que.
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: Why does it matter? Ranked is not priority on PBE until preseason/season 2016 testing comes. > Anyone who played PBE knows you play 1 game and win and get placed in Silver 3. You can also be placed higher or lower :P Last season I got placed in Silver 1 for example, some people in Gold V or IV this season.
It is not about it mattering or not, it is about just understanding it. How you can do series one divison and not do them at all at a higher division ... not looking to make a system out of it ... i think Amy though pretty much just covered it for me. Its random and based on how much you win.
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