: Though I think people are generally undervaluing the low cost of Randuin's, as well as it still being the strongest for pure defense, it does read really poorly and could probably use something. Edits: > Abyssal, Banshees and GA look OP for certain champs or roles. Every AD champ will take GA earlier or later (kills every AD assassin) and Vlad and others will abuse the other 2. I'm pretty okay with some of these items feeling like great additions to certain champions. It's a problem, however, if it is more that they are too good for an entire role/class. What makes you believe every AD will take GA?
Well since its the only AD + Armor item, its the only way to deal with AD assassins like Talon and Zed if you are ADC without building a tankier item. There's really no armor equivalent to the MR AD items like Maw, Scimitar or Edge of Night.
: > Repertoir, about the guardian angel changes, are we going to see a AP version of that? We actually tested an AP version of the item as well (literally had an item named AD GA in the shop for testing at the same time as AP GA) because my gut told me that was fair as well. However, after a few weeks of testing, people almost always preferred to just have Zhonya's, and fighting against champions that had both AP GA and Zhonya's wasn't particularly fun (and it was very possible), and so I came to the conclusion it's not something that AP champions need, despite how appealing it sounds. > Stoneplate looks cheap enough for support tanks to get. I'm sure someone like Leona would love it. It would be cool if some support tanks could pick it up in games where they had the money to afford it. > The Helm looks good, but I think it might be a little too strong against spell spammers. This is pretty much what the item is supposed to be good for. Might to _too_ strong against them, as you've suggested, but it's also possible it's instead too strong against non spammers. > I don't think you buffed cinderhulk enough. Needs something else. Very possible. Will definitely be wanting to see how Cinderhulk users are performing upon release (especially relative to their pre-patch performance and their lane tank counterparts), if nothing else.
Any chance on buffing Titanic Hydra to compensate for the HP changes?
: Midseason Durability Feedback
Ok so lowering health and raising armor/mr values across the board makes tank itemization more strategic based on the enemy, but Its not that much of a difference, and it doesn't solve tanks big problem. Right now if you get tanky enough you just beat everyone, because of the ability to stretch fights out for so long that Sunfire + Spirit Visage + Battle Trance + high base damages gets you kills. These changes either need to be accompanied by the tank rework that's supposed to be coming, or a more extreme HP to resistances shift so that itemization is more important. I like the shift on the actives side of creating items that are made for specific situations, which creates periods of strength and weakness, which is badly needed in this class. this also is a buff to healers, which could be interesting (Lower HP means that a 200 health heal from Soraka will do more, and each point of health is worth more because of increased resistances) This also nerfs Titanic Hydra and Stoneborn Pact, since they both have scaling with max health This could change a couple of balance issues, because skills that scale off max health are getting nerfed, and skills that scale off of resistances get a buff. It isnt a big shift, but it could upset the meta a liiitttle bit. AD carries/assassins also will almost always build GA now, since it has armor. Right now they get items like Scimitar, edge of Night, and Maw for AP, but no armor options (all tanky options). Even making this less efficient than the previous GA leaves it as the only good option against AD heavy comps.
: SKT skins will be reworked/remade but RIOT won't even touch Diana skin after getting feedback?
: SKT skins will be reworked/remade but RIOT won't even touch Diana skin after getting feedback?
bump bump bump. I feel like this whole thing looks like minecraft lava rather than the other infernal skins. (also glad my comment on the main thread made the cut)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Diana!
Ok as a Diana main this skin is really important to me, however it feels lackluster in many ways Model- Looks like that Zyra skin, feels way too similar. too much red and orange, needs more black to feel like the other infernal skins. Recall-Love it, looks amazing Passive-Love it, really good animation, could be brighter though Q-looks like minecraft lava rather that fire. needs less straight up red and orange, but more glow. As a side note the way it fades before the animation is finished is kind of weird from a game play viewpoint. W-actually looks pretty good, doesnt seem cheesy and too much red/orange like the others E-The black in it works, the fire with it is too much solid color, not enough glow, feels kind of thin for the "ring of fire" fantasy that that creates R-Really awkward with her turning into the fireball. The transition from the body to the fireball is awkward because that doesn't happen in any other skin, so there isn't really an animation for it. I would leave it like the others with her becoming more fiery (maybe just amp up the glow on the current model, and make the model more black/muted) Overall-Color scheme seems off. too much reds and oranges, not enough glow, not enough black. based on the other skins the fire should be breaking up from hell, which i dont really see here. with infernal Nasus specifically, it has much more of a darker, hell-based skin. this seems way too cheesy and based on fire.
: Thaaaat was definitely some of the inspiration. :]
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Zed
Im really not sure about the navy blue in this skin. For someone who thematically is black and red, and from the color particles seems to mostly reflect that, the blue seems out of place. It would look alot better with black to complete the black white and red techy-thing, rather than a weird color mashup.
: Hello everyone, I have played over a thousand games with the Wuju Bladesman (pre and post-rework) since season 2 and I have some things to say about his glorious new skin. Disclaimer: I know that legendary skins are supposed to "completely change the look and feel of a champion." The feedback that follows will be a comparison of this skin with all the other skins that Master Yi has (MOSTLY considering gameplay mechanics). If needed, a video segment will be presented after each point for extra clarification. Autoattacks (AA's): In the hearing aspect, PROJECT Yi's auto attacks do not feel very DISTINCT when striking an enemy. In all other skins, his auto attack would begin with a "shing" sound (before hitting the enemy) followed by a slashing sound to confirm the hit. PROJECT Yi's AA's have both of those but the "slash hit" isn't as noticeable (or loud) as the other skins. With this skin, I sometimes think my auto canceled when it actually hits. Visually, the AA's are clear when SEEING a hit but fail when in a cluttered teamfight (when particles are flying everywhere). In that situation, sound is needed to let players know if they are hitting the target amongst all the chaos. PROJECT Yi AA's: https://youtu.be/hZhLmC7ehJg?t=51 All other Yi skin AA's (distinct hit confirmation): https://youtu.be/54tfowdQehg?t=37 Alpha Strike (Q): Perfect as it is Meditate (W): Wouldn't change a thing Wuju Style (E): Visually, the E is easy to see against the orange color scheme and when attacking (great job on that!). However, I will say the E activation is kind of "quiet" because Master Yi also made a grunting sound to activate E (old skins) which is something this skin lacks. The E also doesn't make a signature sound when a hit is made on an enemy. Basically, PROJECT Yi's autoattacks sound the same, with or without E active. Old Master Yi E (hissing sound): https://youtu.be/54tfowdQehg?t=58 PROJECT Yi E (same across the board): https://youtu.be/hZhLmC7ehJg?t=78 Highlander (R): I love it! Makes me feel like I'm playing Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance TLDR: PROJECT Yi's Q, W and R are perfect. Yi's autoattack "confirmation-hit" sound sometimes feels misleading (esp. in a teamfight). His AA hits need to feel like he hit something. E active needs to have a distinct "hit" sound so we know Yi is doing true damage.
dang thats detailed. props to you
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Yi
First thing i think of when I see this is cerberus from Mass effect. Would be cool if there was some kind of a reference to that, even if that wasn't the original intent. the sword even gives a Kai Leng sorta vibe, and the futuristic theme goes really well with it. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120322151133/masseffect/images/1/1c/ME3_Cerberus_Assault_Trooper.png
: You guys should make it change color dependent on what PROJECT skin you're using :D
Dang it i clicked this link to say the same thing. {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} It would be cool to change the color to match the Project skin your using, and have a color used by none of them as the default for non-project and default skins.
: New HUD Feedback
A swap option where the HUD moves to the top so you can still hit skillshots on red side (I think its red side). If its not red then whatever side has you aim down. Optimally the camera should rotate so its the same from both sides, but this could be a temporary fix
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
I love this skin, but as a Karma player and an avatar far, I just have one thing... Please call it the white lotus... pretty please... I don't think its copyrighted, so my idea at least has a shot Also maybe change the joke to a reference of flying bison or such? I feel that Karma embodies an airbender so this skin being so close is pretty cool. {{champion:43}} forever

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