: TFT Champion Skins
The chances of champ skins is actually very low, Mostly because of the fact they would have to re-skin EACH skin to have the level armors (silver and gold for lv 2 and 3). Though i believe there was mention of tests of it. The skins likely to show are the ones that are easy to add that specific armor/color changes to for sake of showing. But at the same time, this could be quite confusing to the player base because it can change a champ to look different and can mess up your counter play against a specific comp because you missed that that was a different champ.
: Duplicate Little Legends drops
Are you sure it was a dupe? And not just the next level up of that specific LL? When you buy a legend it starts at lv 1, and you can GET it again which levels it to lv 2 and again to lv 3. Once Lv3 you wont see this LL in your rolls again.
: I have a cheat sheet for building items as well but the problem isn't knowing what the classes do so much as knowing which individual champions can utilize which items. Like, what items do you want on a Kassadin vs a Morgana. They're both sorcerers but you can't build the same items on them because Kass doesn't use mana, so putting say a spear of shojin on him does nothing at all. The other thing is when is spell damage useful? Some casters cast frequently like Ahri or Asol, so it's obvious, but are spell damage items useful on champions like Lulu? She casts frequently but is she doing any magic damage? It's very unclear. Basically I want to know what items are dead items on what champions, it's easy to make trap items that do nothing and items are so important in this game that it's very easy to lose just by building inefficient items, (assuming you get any to drop to begin with.)
Being as this is PBE, its just like when league 1st started. You had no idea what items went where, what was good etc. So its bound to happen you will make mistakes etc. Like you however, I do wish they would list however if a champions ability/skill whatever will do ap damage, or ad damage. Obvious on most, but not on others.
: [Feedback] Items don't translate well from SR/Item opacity in general
There actually is a very nice build cheat sheet made by Scarra that I have been using as of late. Tells you everything you need to know about all combos [https://i.imgur.com/kL0sOoB.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/kL0sOoB.jpg) And if your looking for what each type of class dose [https://i.imgur.com/u2o7hTv.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/u2o7hTv.jpg) shout out to Scarra for doing an amazing job


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