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: Hey, let me in on what you're smoking, bro! Seriously tho you should upload a replay of this if the bug's still present in it ;)
Yep, I wanted to do that, but the replay is normal sadly enough.
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: Ya but only if she is at least 2000 units away, in other words, she has to almost as far away to get more than a 2.5 seconds than a rank 1 nocturne ult. its also not an AoE stun
Well, yea obviously Veigars stun is a better ability. It's far more reliable aswell.
: You say that, but she has an objectively shorter cooldown on champions that are in the thick of a fight.
I'd take the extra damage any day. The faster you kill them, the better.
: Nasus is balanced around his stacking mechanic, same with veigar, giving every single champion an ability that allows them to stack infinitely is not the same. If they try to re balance champions around this new rune it would mean they wouldnt be good enough with other runes, if they try to balance this rune around the most powerful users of this rune, then it wont be good on champions that could be good with it just not as good. On top of that Nasus (and Veigar) are not feast or famine characters, even with 0 stacks Nasus still has the most powerful slow in the game, as well as the ability to lower enemy MR and Armor for his team, letting him be useful even when behind in stacks. Veigar has literally the longest stun in the game at 2.5 seconds AND it can stun multiple targets, meaning even with no stacks he can still be useful. Also Veigars abilities have great scaling and do a large amount of damage even with just AP items and no stacks.
Technically Ashe has the longest stun in the game :P
: well aery works a lot with snowbolling champions
Electrocute or dark harvest is far better for snowballing, Aerie is designed for enchanters.
: It's because of the Rune that refunds the cost of the next ability. When the mana bar appears "empty" it's because the next ability is free. It's a poor indicator, but has been reported already
I've played a game today and my mana bar was constantly empty -doesn't matter whether the rune was off cd or not. That was definetely a bug.
: Bugsplat every game i start?
Same. Luckily I reconnected in less as 30 seconds both games -still before minions spawned- so it didn't really affect the game, but it's still annoying.
: Aery feedback and opinion
Agreed. However, I think riot should be wary of changing it too much, as it could potentionally become too strong -even with minor changes to it's reliability. The shield/damage combo is rather strong, and I wouldn't want it overbuffed either. You're completely right about it being unreliable though. It's too random.
: I'm not even sure how to adequately describe it. They're too big while simultaneously not standing out enough. Instead of this crisp, bright gradient they're this muted flat color. The change as a whole feels unnecessary and regressive.
: New healthbars are less concise and less satisfying
It feels atrocious. I know riot is trying to keep the game fresh, and I truly apreciate all the effort they put into it, but I feel like they hould keep the old healthbars. There's no real reason to update them... It's not clear how much damage you're doing (I barely see it), when someone enters stasis I can't see at what health they're at (I'm not colorblind it's just nearly invisible for me) and some other small things that make me just absolutely dislike the new healthbars. It's such a pain... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I hope we're revoking PBE access for players with who often AFK
Only 2 afks in 2 games? Try and match me. Over the last few days I've had 4 4v4s in a row, 3 4v5's, then a game where 5 people left in a single match. It's ridiculous rn.
: You start with 2 runepages just like you normally do on live, but we all buy more runespages for convenience. You can do the same thing on PBE, just look for runepages under the gameplay tab in the store.
Can you buy them now? A few days ago I bought 6 runepages and got 0. That's amazing news {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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: New runes need balancing
I'm doing just fine playing mages. Lux is borderline broken with comet and ultimate hat (SO much stronger compared to live). Ahri feels okay, Syndra does too. I'm finally oneshotting people again. It's incredibly frustrating to go 4/0 on Ahri and still not being able to kill squishies, even when hitting every ability... I'm not having issues at all. Some parts of the sorcery tree feel a bit weak, but that's balanced out by other options feeling rather strong. Many mages will take electrocute anyway, and the ones that don't make good use out of comet. There's some exceptions of course (I'm thinking Aurelion sol for example) but I'm guessing they'll get a slight buff as compensation. And by the way, twitch was threeshotting before the new runes hit the servers too. I've been twoshot, oneshot, everything. Just gotta shut him down and keep him useless, or buy a LOT of pinks and pink all spots he might be using to flank.
: Sorcery and Destruction Keystones are not good enough!
Look, comet is a good option for mages, as is electrocute. Phase rush seems situational though. Burst mages like Syndra, Annie, Ahri, (not sure about Anivia), Brand (he could take comet or phase rush aswell, that's playstyle dependant), Twisted fate,... would take electrocute, while more poke based mages would go for comet (Ziggs, Xerath, Lux,...). How are the new runes bad? Of course there's a few champions who have no synergy with any of the new runes whatsoever, but that's not only mages. For example, GP. Comet is outright bad on him, and the best keystone would be (just my opinon) kleptomancy. Illaoi is also suffering. They'll nerf and buff certain champions if they synergize poorly/too well with certain keystones. Keystones will NEVER add the same level of power to different champions. They all have different combo's, playstyle's etc. I am a mage player myself, and I feel like all options are pretty strong... We can't complain at all. Heck, where did that rant of yours come from...
: >The thing is Taliyah procs Stormraider's with just Q, because the damage it does is enough to give her the movespeed. true... But she can still use it... most good talyah user are able to cast Qw along E fastly. > but now she has no abilities up. Don't change so much... yeah its a nerf... mainly for bad players
Wow. In what universe do people regularly get hit by Taliyah w... I don't get hit by it more than once in an entire game (unless there's setup). Stormraider's is plain bad on Taliyah, it's so hard to proc now... Let's be real, having to work this hard for temporary movementspeed is uhm... not worth it all? Electrocute would be a better option, allthough not optimal. Comet also seems good on her, it's free damage and amplifies her poke slightly. In all honesty, imo comet would be best, since it's garantueed to hit if you get your full combo off.
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: When are we going to be able to hide/delete the Rune Presets?
If I could change the presets I'd be fine with them, but rn they're annoying. I prefer slightly different pages as the presets and I just want to change them... But I can't. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Illaoi has been stealth nerfed on PBE and now has no functional keystones for damage
She'll probably get some compensation buffs. Or she should. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Riot seems to have forgotten about her.
: Hunter's Machete Attackspeed Problem
I used to run 3 attack speed reds on Ahri {{champion:103}} (it makes a huge difference, it also enables her to lasthit the ranged creeps twice under turret) and I also really notice the difference. Her autos feel so clunky now...
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: The client shows me having 6000 RP (can't use it) after I spent all my RP.
Had the same thing happening to me a few times, it's just a visual bug -sadly enough-.
: About champion cost and skin costs
They changed it because the store was going insane. They're not changing it back anytime soon.{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Morellonomicon
Completely agree on your post, but while they're at it they should change Zhonya's. It hurts to build -seekers is just so inefficient for most mages, it leaves them out of mana very fast (I know you can't just add mana to it, champions like Katarina would suffer greatly), gives no cdr and is overall just not something you ever want to get on your first back. Compared to it's counterpart -hexdrinker- it's very weak. When Zhonya's is finished it has a really nice active -but in Zhonya vs Maw lanes the person with Maw will win. The shield and added mr allows them to live through any burst thrown at them- and after that they are able to retaliate freely. It's cooldown isn't low enough to be able to abuse it either (you need ults to capitalize on it being on cd). I don't think that's fair. If they removed the armor from Zhonya's and introduced a new ap armor item that would be awesome -just keep an eye on how Zed is doing. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: jana kata ults too visually similar
I noticed - also her shield is very similar to poolparty tarics shield (imo). However, that shouldn't really be a problem.

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