: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Splendid Staff Nami!
It's really nice but the last few times I've tried to get RP on the PBE it hasn't given me any so I'm not sure I'll be able to get the RP to look at the skin in-game. :-( Really nice to see an emote as well, though and a new icon! Edit: I guess ARAM works and TFT doesn't count for the RP mission which is kind of silly.
: So Shyvanna stays dragon permantelly in ARURF? If so, fair for Sylas too. If not, unfair... {{champion:102}}
It's just the way Sylas is designed. It's something they most certainly didn't think about when implementing dragon form for Sylas, but since he uses mana normally, how else can they replicate Shyvana's rage bar easily on a mana-based champion? I wouldn't say it's fair, but at least with the current implementation on PBE, it makes sense why it's happening. I wouldn't be surprised if they did indeed change this in the future to not give permanent dragon form for Sylas in URF. Until then, we just have to assume it's an intended quirk of URF mode, a game which is supposed to be fun, whacky and unpredictable.
: Ezreal`s Q no Cooldown in URF
Mystic shot reduces Ezreal's cooldowns by 1.5 seconds if it hits a target IIRC. This is intended. Yeah, this can be somewhat imbalanced in URF but that is what URF is -- a fun game mode where everything is whacky and unpredictable.
: Sylas R On Shyvana
It usually uses his mana bar as the timer, so I guess in URF he can stay in dragon form permanently. With the current design, I guess it's intended but I do agree it's kind of a bad interaction with URF's infinite mana.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Nami!
Hey, As a Nami OTP, I think this skin is pretty cool and definitely different to all the other skins Nami has! I do have a few criticisms, though. :c Firstly, when Nami finishes moving and does the move-stop-transition animation (or whatever it's called), her hair/wires clip through the front part of her mask. [Here's an image showing it!](https://i.imgur.com/s2OWV55.png) (It's quite subtle.) The base skin colour: I'm not a massive fan of the green colour, but I assume that's just part of the program theme, and it looks like 5 chromas will be available so we will be able to choose this anyway! I kind of wish the hair wasn't so think and long, maybe it would look better shorter? I'm not sure if that's outside of the scope of changes that can be made now the skin has hit PBE. We won't be getting any fancy icons or borders with this skin, will we?


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