: This is a cool thing but i would like a gamemode something like urf all random forever beacuse those gamemodes are actually fun not like normal gamemode that is played over and over
Except that PBE is meant to test things.
: Too much RP crashes the store? ... it's... just a number stored in a database somewhere? How would it possibly crash the store? A BUNCH of transactions I'd understand. Unless each RP is literally it's own transaction but that shouldn't be how banking tech works*. I really feel like there's more you're not telling us. If you're peeved people are coming to PBE and not really **_testing_**, I'd understand, but this kinda... feels like a lie. *~~Unless you're using some blockchain weirdness but that's conspiracy theory territory, though it'd explain why the client is SO SLOW.~~
Do you work at Riot? (No) Then take their word for it fam. We may not know what causes it to crash, but it does crash.
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The point of pbe isn't to get all the skins, it's to test the new skins. and to test gameplay, not to just dick around. If your friend won't play cause he isn't getting free RP, he or she doesnt understand what the point of pbe is. Sure you can play normally, but the point was to test out and try to find bugs. All the new skins cost 1 be so that they can be tested. The reason the RP isnt priority is simply because it's not important atm. Nothing is directly harming the testing, therefore there's no reason to make it the top priority
: > [{quoted}](name=SK Erebus,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=dM75EUEY,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2018-09-15T14:24:57.827+0000) > > So does this mean that you will stop trying to fix the RP thing, or that the BE thing is temporary till you do fix it "We’re looking into a fix for this, however, it’s going to take a while for this to take place." The post implies it's temporary.
"With our adjustment to the Champion Blue Essence price, we will be discontinuing the granting of RP by player support." This makes it sound like they won't give out RP any more.
: PBE and RP
So does this mean that you will stop trying to fix the RP thing, or that the BE thing is temporary till you do fix it
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: Riot so your fix for Tahm over oppressive Eating is to....
Learn to kite. Tahm relies on landing his first tongue to start his combo. Tahm is quite immobile. Abuse his early game mana issues. If Tahm is constantly point blank Q-ing you, try and bait it out. It has a pretty big mana cost for him. Also, if you are a ranged champ, just poke him down. He cant do much against poke.
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: Loading Screen Quotes
: Bitch stfu everyone hates playing against your champs but luckily for you riots dumbass is in your favor
: System error
PBE bugs are buggy. First the Kled invicible, then the entire team invicible after 30 mins, now unable to connect xD
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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Just logged onto PBE, all 14 of my rune pages are gone. Now I only have the starting 2.
: Most Recent Update = Endless Bugs
Kled is invincible, you can't see how many smites you have, your smite cant hit people, your runes do not work, Vi's E says it's a one second CD even though it isn't, makingit so that you don't know when your E is actually up.
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