Hopefully she'll be back soon. And hopefully ot doesnt take them a month to fix it like with rengar earlier this season. But we just have to play the wait game and see.
: I have yet to actually use my PBE due to this!
I mean at this point i think Re-installing would be your best option
: JHIN and VI
Vayne seems cool for a project skin IMO. But Jhin has already gotten like 3 skins this year excluding this one. I feel like we could've had a project draven or a project urgot instead.
: Shop Champion Costs
Just buy chests with your RP, unbox them for champ shards. You might get the new champ or you can disenchant them to essence. And if zoe is the onlychamp u dont own, you can RR 3 shards and get zoe.
: Game breaking Elementalist Lux bug
: Urfwick Pricing Problem
Riot has honestly been really disappointing to me all season. Theyre making really questionable decisions and this urf warwick thing just proves it even more. Whats the point of even putting urfwick on the PBE if only a couple peoppe will be able to test it? Like... Wat? That is the shadiest shit i have seen in a while. Its on the test server where people test things for riot FOR FREE. we shouldnt have to deal with the BS you're throwing out recently. They opened up the PBE for everyone and now the PBE is full of toxics that shit talk you when youre testing something. Im testing the runes on yasuo to see if they bug him out at all, and admittedly im not great with yasuo. But i get flamed for it despite explaining im testing something out. Did you really not see that kind of thing coming Riot? Honestly if you want to restrict shit on the PBE so your active testers cant test, you might as well just close PBE servers down and pay thousands of dollars to hire testers that are willing to deal with all your BS. Honestly i quit playing the live servers because of the toxicity, me being a former toxic trying to reform. And now the PBE servers are just as bad. I dont understand why riot feels the need to consistently ruin their own game. Ill figure out how to play dota because im done supporting this company.

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