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: ARURF the Yuumi problem
Everytime i play yuumi enemy is inting kills, jump us under tower etc,feeding us ao hard,and then spam"yuumi broken" he is not broken! Your skills are just low play vs him, i have win and lost aganist yuumi,it all deptends how your team works and what cc you have on team
: Every game has one afk because of this issue and riot is jerking off to themselves and how good TFT is doing, well done on driving ur game to the grave.
cant say that anybetter... we dint need TFT chessgame into league.. we needed bugfixses... seems more cost of the skin and gamemodes.. please riot games think about people :/ ... you cant buy a new car when the old car is broken .. you should fix the car before that :) {{champion:74}} we love league becose of league

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