[Suggestion] Implementing Trades

Hi guys I'm fairly new to the PBE so forgive me if this suggestion has already been asked a ton of times. One thing I'd like to have though in the PBE and then hopefully in the future would be a trade feature. The idea of it would essentially to be that you would pay a certain amount of rp and you can trade a skin (maybe even a champion) for someone else of equal or lesser value. This is like refunds, however you can do this as much as you want- the trade back being that you have to pay rp to do so. I would say maybe around 100-200 rp would be sufficient as all we're doing is trading. I'd personally like this because I have a skin that I have that is good, but I like another skin of the same champion that costs the same. Trading would not only be a cost benefit to Riot, but would also solve any of people's whining about more refunds. I don't think trading runes would be allowed either. I think this solution could solve complaints of more refunds,and create a better experience for players overall. I also think that mostly 100-200 rp would be enough to have a trade because more I feel would be unfair to customers who want to trade. tl;dr trading system
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