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Hi guys. It's been a while since I started to read all the articles about league development and try to participate on them, try to share some ideas on the gameplay since I have played league since 2014 and I have got a good understanding of the game. Sadly my first opinion I sent to Riot Games on the LAN boards and by email, was about a posible change on Garen (Reworked Garen). I got a response from a Riot employer who agreed with some of the proposals I made but told me that he couldn't even share the ideas because the development team was on Riot headquarters. At this moment I discovered the dev corner, where Meddlers share his ideas and actually get feedback from the players, just when I was about to share my thoughts a message appeared on the top of the page with the message "Your region does not support this function". So okay, again I wanted my opinion to be shared and create a NA account, login again and ... My account must be level 13 (I don't remember the specific level). There's when I got frustrated. I have around 200 ping to NA servers (I live in México, which is very close to US compared to other regions), leveling up an account without ruining other players experience is very hard. What I want to change with this post is open to all regions these kind of post where the actual developers of the game listen to different ideas, not just only NA, EU, EUW. All regions have different play style, a change can affect the game in a lot of ways we don't perceive, and so many players have some great ideas. All league players that want to participate on the development of the game because it's their passion to support the game must have easy access to share their opinions (Even language barriers had been broken since a player who wants his opinion to be listen may do it on a way which can be understood by everyone). Thanks for reading! Upvote if you think the same and want Riot to make a step on the right direction.

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