An Annoying bug regarding PBE Credentials on the PBE Forum.

Well this is not a Critical bug, but is still a big problem with the forum. Since a few months Happened to me that PBE Forum clash with Other regions LOL Forums. I always could have both Forums, PBE one and Any other,NA/LAS/LAN/EUW/ETC open at the same time, But since a few Months one or the other tend to appear first, and If I log out from one, I the other activates itself until both are logged out. A month ago this problem got fixed somehow, but this Week It came back. So now, for posting here, I must log out from other LOL forums, and to use those I must Log out from PBE... So maybe is the Site, or could be my Cookies? EDIT: I Delete LOL Cookies, but the problem still Persist. EDIT2: The user "pbeDrakari" post a way how to fix this, and it works: **log out on both Boards in separate tabs, then log into each Forums in separate tabs. **
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