A Riot-know-this-bug list.

I see quite a lot of bug reports with this type of vague, unhelpful title: "BUG <champion>" "<something> bugged" "wtf rito pls fix" Some are even to the point of minimalism "<A FEATURE IN GAME IN FULL CAPS THAT'S IT>" These kind of titles render the Search function so hard to use as people cannot refer to the titles when searching for potential duplicate posts about the bugs they found. It would be really convenient if Riot can compile a list of bugs that they know and are being addressed with, or at least a list of bugs posted on boards. _not shameless self advertising_ I have an unofficial one, but can't keep it fully up-to-date if I only refer to the Red Tracker. What I have, I use this myself to check if a bug is a duplicate: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/a1hY95Fq-a-list-of-posted-bugs-unofficial
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