Riot why do we need to check Surrenderat20 after every PBE patch? Why not have those changes here?

Some players say that Surrenderat20 is convenient. But, there were many chat apps before Riot released its own official chat app. > For any balance changes, skin releases or new champs or game modes, we test it on PBE, we leave feedback here on PBE boards not on surrenderat20 then why should PBE players be forced to check 3rd party websites. I have nothing against their site but when everything is tested here, players should be able to know the changes from PBE. There are a few dedicated players like Amy Sery (with 7.6K votes), SKT T1 Poro, Lunar Revel & others on PBE who are active on boards , public chat each and every day including holidays who test, disseminate information, answer questions, reply to posts on Boards etc. If they are interested (full time /part time) & given access to information on first hand about changes they can update PBE site officially or "Riot should consider buying sites" like surrenderat20 & merge it with its own PBE website. This doesn't have to be looked at as bad news for 3rd party websites. It goes same as there were chat apps but Riot made its own official app. Overall its Riot's game, Riot's testers, Riot's platform to test and any information about its changes should be officially updated here than any other site. To put it in simple terms we need Riot updates on Riot website. What do you guys think? PS: Riot please consider this take some of the active & positive players from PBE. One or two Riot employees gathering a team of few interns/trainees or you may end up paying huge money eventually to buy 3rd party sites, but I guess the former is cost effective & you get players who already love their job. This need not happen overnight but a first step towards the right direction would be good for Riot as well as the community.
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