New vision system feedback

Greetings, I would like to give my personal opinion about the new vision system that has clearly some flaw, I explain myself better now : generally champions with stealth or traps were easily countered with oracle elixir specially during lane phase that was crucial for determining a succeful lane or a complete fail. Champions like Teemo for example now pre level 9 are really dominant through out the entire lane phase thanks to his mushrooms and the trinklet or a single vision ward doesn't offer much counterplay to them; he can literally roam for mushrooming the enemy jungle or just the lane, allowing unlimited and free vision to your team. Another example could be Akali, pre level 9 she can literally dominate with this new vision system other example could be Shaco, Evelyn and Rengar. In my opinion removing Oracle Elixir was a mistake, cause it offered a reliable counter play to all the champions with a stealth mechanic.

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