Removing PBE Sign/up from League of Legends. And adding "bans".

I think it is time to remove PBE sign-ups, a lot of them using PBE account to get RP and buy skins, I am not judging them skins are cool, and it's good type of testing out new skins, but use that skin create some spotlight for us, don't flame, afk, and other...I see a lot of them going AFK just because they will not get banned...Please add some bans like 10 minute if you are AFK just like on live servers. Because lot of them going AFK if they get autofilled or troll(then afk). **I HOPE YOU WILL READ THIS!!!** People are insulting other people that they're not welcome here on public beta just because they are having bad game/day I know some of them are trolls and men are so stressed in their games, but go on live servers. On PBE we DON'T flame each other we relax in our games in attemps to find some bug. GL&HF {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{champion:16}}

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