PBE Forum Switchover

Hey Summoners, As you may have noticed, we’ve closed down the regional PBE forums and have moved to a single PBE community. In combination with the recent update to PBE applications and access, this step will benefit the overall PBE effort through better collection of feedback & bug reporting by: - Connecting the single worldwide PBE game platform to a single worldwide PBE discussion hub - Better raising visibility of the biggest tester concerns through the community platform - Allowing Rioters to concentrate their efforts and more quickly identify widespread issues Going forward, players from all regions will be able look through PBE community discussions, but **only PBE accounts with currently enabled PBE access will be able to post.** We want the PBE community to maintain a razor-sharp focus on feedback & reporting by testers with hands-on experience of current PBE content. There are plenty of spaces where players actively discuss PBE content previews without the burden of providing exhaustive feedback, bug repro steps, etc. and we’re NOT abandoning those discussions. We just want to disentangle them from the feedback loops we specifically charge PBE testers with contributing to. The PBE community is ultimately an extension of the PBE itself, and we’re confident these changes will facilitate better PBE bug & feedback reporting and community collaboration.
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