[Feedback] Xerath

glad to see xerath again on the pbe, disappointed for his lack of progress in his kit design passive: too strong, you can stay in lane forever if you play passive, if you play aggro you can outsustain your opponent when of mana we speak Arcanopulse: very nice skill, but it reachs its max range too much time before reaching it's max channeling time, with 0 real reward when reaching max channel time, cuz your passive do that for you. Its like if you were punished for not unleashing arcanopulse at once when reaching max range. Locus of Destruction: nice skill. its slow feels a bit too strong knowing that he already have a damage stun skillshot. Stasis Orb: good skill, i think its fine how it is atm. Ascension: I dont like this skill, it have that rapid fire with 0 counterplay and that vision boost, i like the vision boost, but not the long range rapid fire, and its lack of synergy with the other abilities, it feels like someone designed the pasive and the QWE abilities, and someone different designed this ult. i recommend: passive: nerf it arcanopulse: buff it, the mov speed slow at certain point is just too much, decrease the mov slow cap locus of destruction: nerf it, decrease its slow. Ascension: change it, atm xerath feels like 2 champions in one, one for his QWE, and one for his R, it have 0 counterplay and 0 synergy with the rest of the kit. Atm, xeraths ult doesnt feel like the good thing xerath have: range on his abilities. I preffer an ult like the live W, something that give your skills a range boost and the vision boost, but letting your opponents know they are in the ascension area, and granting bonus damage to these skills.

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